Let me start off by saying.
This tournament was THE tournamentto be at.

Hype to the left and right. MY GAD

On to the mutha fucking results

1 Team Ken I Avatars (Gootecks Edma & Ken I) 2 Team Last Minute (Bobino Calipower & UltraDavid) 3 Team Warren Combo Kai 4 Team Tatsu Paul Eric
5 Team Vinigger (MIke Ross Jal & Nam)
5 Team Steve Balmer & The Developers (Ron Sanchez & Bebop)
7 Team Mikez CSB Shogo
7 Team Holy Focus (Pherai Nothingman & Shoo)
9 Team Samoa (Scott Luka & Lovepig)
9 Team Valley + Beachbums (Dae Ultracarl & Bustabust)
9 Team Dank Nugz 420 (Gasp Tony & DVD)
9 Team Mccain (Phobos Bean & Dentron)
13 Team Video94 (Rickstah Mark & Rip)
13 Team Manilla Sunset (Moval Christian & Ryan)
13 Team Get outta here (Thomas Vincent & Arnel)
13 Team Charles Omar & Rex

*if you want an av with your team picture. let me know

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE shout outs to EVERYONE, no joke i love you all.
Thank you to everyone for showing up even though LA is a fucking mess. With things burning and whatnot.

I hope everyone had fun, got hype and kicked fucking ass.

Again big thanks to everyone who made this a fucking success.

Check again soon for the official video w/ commentary.

Added things:

Tournament Photos:
Sanchez and Jimmy aka Nothingman on the commentary
Mike Ross and gootecks with the most EPIC waiting game ever! vid to come soon

VIDEOS HERE (Updated 12/16)

–Winners Bracket 1:
Team Edma & The Avatars! OCV’n:
Team Ronstoppable & The Developers! OCV’n:
Team Valle’s Bobino (and Ultradavid) OCVing:
Team nOthingMan vs Team Tatsu *bad de-sync at the end(Part 1):

–Top 8 Videos:
6th place brackets:
Team Ronstoppable vs Team ComboFiend, Warren, Kai:
Team Tatsu (Eric, Tatsujinken, Paul) vs Team Team Vinigger (MIke Ross Jal & Nam):
[media=youtube]eA7cecCBujk[/media] (pt 1)
[media=youtube]uWBwT7F92l4[/media] (pt 2)
Team Combofiend vs Team Tatsujinken: (nice HQ video!)
[media=youtube]xRU4E_H7ymE[/media] (pt. 1)
[media=youtube]M_WcA56Ksic[/media] (pt. 2)
Winner’s Final - Team Avatars vs Team Valle:
[media=youtube]ycHzRfZtuP0[/media] (pt. 1)
[media=youtube]fpqy6XxrOr0[/media] (pt. 2)
[media=youtube]WR7vn6ca26I[/media] (pt. 4)
Loser’s Final - Team Combofiend vs Team Valle:
[media=youtube]V8HcE9bRP8k[/media] (pt. 1)

Grand Finals - Team Avatars vs Team Valle: (in 720p HD)
[media=youtube]v5qPKBUQgIQ[/media] (pt. 1)
[media=youtube]KKLbOOJLb4Q[/media] (pt. 2)
[media=youtube]0eIswgrJtU0[/media] (pt. 3)
[media=youtube]PzMy6cZjvoY[/media] (pt. 4)

There’s a lot of video, some of it is usable, some of it needs to be trashed because the computer ran it with errors. But because there is a lot, i’m going to release this in sections:
9th place and beyond, i will run this batch today and put it on the youtube channel,
8th to 5th place, later this week, or the weekend.
Top 4 and Grand Finals, Next week at best.

There are also team post-game interview videos. Gootecks interviewed a lot of people on the handheld, i haven’t looked through these yet, dunno how much there is… Expect them in the final matches or on

California is on fire, literally and figuratively.

48 players! Thanks for making AI and Socal the best sf4 scene in America!

sorry to shglbmx for being the 49th player.

videos are being worked on… theres some issues with the video (audio sounds great). Lets just say not all of them came out, random errors can’t figure out why its happening. Gonna be sifting through 295 gigs (!!!) of video from tonight’s tournament, bound to have good shit in there.

i demand slow motion footage of mike ross vs gootecks final round. the entire round.

was great fun, major props to the people running this and making it happen. will def be around for the next one.

definitely the most hype sf4 tournament. big thanks to shoo and staff for running the tournament and making sure things went smoothly. ggs to everyone, and thank you to matt and matt for being beastly teammates.

Dae’s team has Ultracarl (guy in the white shirt on the left) on it… dunno the other dude.

Good shit to Team Vinegar. we won for best name OBV. thanks for mike and jal for carrying my ass since i was playing real sloppy first couple of games.

also thanks to AI, Gootecks, Scott, Shoo for runnin everything, and Luka for keeping shit hype all the time. I had a lot of fun. Total opposite experience from being at an FFA tournament, where i would want to kill myself.

also shout out to Bill Wellman. You played really well yesterday imvapao.

Shout outs to Ron Stoppable for beasting as usual. Hopefully Mrs. Stoppable was able to lift your spirits post-tourney. :wink:

Things I learned:

  • Get more than 5hrs of sleep the day before
  • UltraDavid is snooty. Yes, I said it. :bgrin:
  • The Ken I stare is the 10th wonder of the world
  • Luka is SF4’s Flava Flav
  • Needs more hype-juice
  • Joe’s gotta dookay bootay
  • Shoo Mighty

Grasping this, I feel, is gonna help me gangbang niggas at the next team tourney; Dr. Manhattan style.

keepin that shit hype is what we do at ai…

GG to everyone that came, GREAT turn out on players and just awesome friendships during the matches. Met so many great people, its times like this, that i love being in the scene.

couple of shout outs:
:woot:Scott: thanx for running this…this thing is your life now. And your always dedicated to the scene at ai. w/o you all this stuff wouldnt be possible

:woot:Shoo mighty: (i came up w/ this name!!! i swear) running this w/ scott and taking care of entry’s. Even though you show up late, your worth the wait. (thanx 2 the juice)

:rofl:Tonycrust: beastin and coming out on top for your team. Just listen to us, and you’ll be a great player. (gj on carrying your team)

:smokin:Gasp: Juice, Juice, Juice…blah blah blah… juice. 2 damn hype, 2 damn fast. slow down next time. (ps. we need more juice next time)

:lovin:<3Pig: for choosing us as your team, i thought you played great. Dont worry next time it’ll be different. (thanks to the juice!)

:wink:Gootecks: keepin the scene alive w/ commentary and video’s. Watch this guy, he’s gonna have his own show on tv some day.

:mad:Ed Ma: for keeping me interested in sf4 while i wasn’t drunk. watching him play ken makes my pants wet…(probably still drunk now…)

:wow:AND team Steve Balmer and the Developers: :mad:Dirty, :mad:Bops, :rolleyes:Ronstoppable for being so god damn hype. I couldnt be hype w/o them.

And GG to all the players that came. really happy to see some old faces and new. hypest tourny EVER? Too bad some of you missed out…bill cough cough:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Best match ever hands down.

ggs, long but fun tourney

shoo took the video with his camera.

tatsu-hype in Top 8!

yaaaay i was hoping his hyped-the-fuck-out match was recorded

<–avatar pwns

i was on Dae’s team, gg’s to everyone! it was a really fun tourny. i wasnt really used to the layout there but it definately is a good one. The screen felt kind of close and i needed to adjust but it sure is a badass setup. also thanks to shoo and everyone that helped make this tourny go really smooth. it was my first time at ai and hopefully not the last. good shit to my partner dae keeping us alive! and Edma… the match against combo’s team, oh man that was the best ken i have ever seen! i will try to attend more tournies here if i can cuz i need as much tourny exp as i can get hah i got so nervous in my first two matches. haha you got my team pic with my eyes closed. i closed after the first flash :slight_smile:

sounds like an awesome tourney, good job to everyone.

sorry I didn’t show up, viscant couldn’t make it cuz the roads were blocked due to fires, and pimp willy had some personal matters to attend to, so i didn’t feel like randomly showing up and hoping someone would have picked me up.

I can’t wait for the vids.

Hopefully see you guys at the next one.

Good games to everyone! Very long, but fun tournament. There were a lot of close epic matches and a good variety of characters being used.

It was my first team tourney & I didn’t expect one of my teammates to be a no-show(thank you shogo for helping us out at the last moment) It was also shocking to find out yesterday that MikeZ has only played the game like 12 times and doesn’t even like it :looney:

It was nice to see so much enthusiasm in the crowd, FFA tourney are very silent and everyone seems pissed off at each other, different locals I guess…?

I need to visit AI and Denjin to get a better feel of what competition is out there, and how to play against the rest of the roster (other than ken, ryu, sagat, zangief all day)

Note to self: Visit an arcade at least once before attending its tournament, It was hard to get used to the extremely close monitors and sticks i’m not used to. (1P stick was also a little funky, saw lots of zangiefs missing the green hand combo ender)

to much fun guys!

good shit to paul eric and tatsu team upsetting everyone :tup:

it was fun watching different players like busta, CSB, ultra david and others, different arcades do breed different styles :woot:

luscious luka yelling out “i want valle!!” was god tier :lovin:

jimmy the Somethingman again killing people in tournaments :tup:

Mike Ross and Gootecks 99 seconds of turtling hype was just too much:rofl: :arazz:

To Sanchez and Bebop, fighting in battle with you two is a honor :karate::karate::nunchuck:

Ed is always an inspiration :pray:

and finally for peter (combofiend)… til the next time we meet my rival :cool:

ggs everyone, and big thanks to the people who made it all possible. there were a lot of great matches and i’m looking forward to watching all of them again.

can’t wait till the next tournament

GGs to everyone!

Luka + Jesus Juice = Too fukn funny :rofl:

Ed beasts whit Ken :amazed:

See you guys at the next AI tournament :wgrin:

GGs, bosses. Amazing tournament.