Amazon Drones

I must admit, as cool as this sounds I’m curious if this is how they’re going to get us used to drones constantly buzzing overhead. In the beginning it sounds like this service will only be available in large cities. But the drone network has to start somewhere. It also seems somewhat counter intuitive into what the future will most likely hold. Most media is going digital, so physical books and discs seem like they’d be on their way out. But the article also makes mention of other companies looking into similar technology, meaning we might also have Pizza Delivery Drones and the like.

Really curious what you guys think of drone delivery services. Is this a great new era or disaster in the making?

Also, I predict roughly half of you will click on this thread thinking it’s about Dragon’s Crown Sex Robots.


First they’ll give us what we buy, then they’ll tell us what to buy, then it’ll tell us to die. Skynet is smart.

But seriously, this is really cool. I hope Amazon can follow through on this, it’s always great to see technology that does nothing but create more of the terrorists we are trying to destroy used for commercial purposes.

With more and more Americans moving to cities and urban areas, this make a ton of sense on Amazon’s part.

It’s almost 2014, we should have teleporters by now!
I’d insist these drones are armed. I’ll be damned if some filthy redneck shoots down and takes my goods.

the drones only carry items that are five pounds in weight, which amounts to 90% of all the items delivered by Amazon. The problem is i know plenty of people who’ll spend the entire day trying to shoot down those drones.

Once they keep getting shot down it will stop.
if this does work out, wow at the unemployment it will cause.
Yippee technology

Some Military Drones are known to fly higher than passenger jet planes. I don’t think some bored people trying to shot them down will be a threat.

So now its military drones that will be delivering our packages. Oh boy.

amazing…mankind ran out of things that wouldn’t go near your vagina Matriarch, so we invented new things that won’t go near your stinky box

double post

It sounds cool, but the trouble is even when we get the technology to do that, we’ll be waiting for quite a while longer whilst we wait for them to come up with ways to stop pricks trying to take them down for shits and giggles or to nick the packages.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


FRANK MILLER WAS RIGHT, Walmart, Target, etc deliver, too. Best bet would be militarizing these drones.

Capitalism (,motherfuckers.)

My cognitive dissonance refuses to accept we could possibly have such a service despite it being 2013.

All I can see is more unemployed Americans with this. How about this instead, how about we finish making renewable energy resources our priority and phase out fossil fuel transportation in it’s entirety before we start working on more ways to satiate our rampant consumerism. Fuck sake, can already see drones launching cheeseburger strikes into the mouths of waiting fatasses,

Really, all the future sci-fi I was exposed to as a kid told me this is the decade where shit gets real. Not as many nuclear Armageddons as I expected though. Yet.

I for one can’t wait for when certain property owners start shooting them down.

You know, defending their lawful airspace, or something.

These are octothopters, they ain’t gonna fly that high.

They can be most effective where there’s high population density, but then where do they land? Helipads on rooftops?

i love how everybody is afraid of them being shot down and nobody seems to acknowledge my vernacular. Also that nobody seems to care about them just randomly crashing because that’s what we will obviously fucking happen. Hey sorry jimmy, a drone smashed into downtown at rush hour and the ensuing 99 car pile up caused the deaths of many awe inspired slack jawed tourists.

You will have to wait 1 more week for Call of Duty - Wasted Childhood edition, we apologize for any inconvenience to your monthly billed account.

Or maybe it does? Maybe using battery operated vehicles that reduced the overall fuel consumed by diesel engines and the like would help curb pollution and an overall dependence of fossil fuels that come from the transportation industry? That would have been an appropriate response, instead of you just looking like a turd.

But would it really reduce pollution, how much resources would it cost to create these drones, what the hell would even power them? How will they be disposed of? Where is this line of thinking going to take us? Are we going to be teleporting pizza bites directly into our stomachs and small intestines in the near future whenever that tech becomes available?

this is a dumb idea. Really.