Alternative Energy Technology and Is China Communist or not? Feat Trolls & Idiots

This is now a “Lets debate if China is Communism or not” Thread. Asking the hard questions of What is Communism.
Featuring our very own @Necrotrophic the Wikipedia defender.

[s]Just watch these two videos and laugh how a POS start up piss away 4 Million dollars of funding[/s]

I’m remaining suspicious until there’s actual video of the fire.

Don’t have video but here is a picture of the fire dept on site dealing with it

the Twitter feed

Well, if the purpose of them is to melt snow, I’d say a fire does a damn good job of that.

Well done, solar road.

Firefighters don’t necessarily have to be out there for fires, but as precautionary measures.

So again, firefighters don’t unequivocally equal fire. Device failure? Yes, evident. Project failure due to a panel failing? Not necessarily, it’s just a step in the process of making them more reliable, and if one part failing meant a project was doomed, there would be zero progress whatsoever.

Fire? I want video evidence, which apparently was possible since there’s a live feed on the panels. If someone does not have a video of the fire but just takes a still of the firefighters and are saying, “Look! See? Fire!” then I’m calling clickbait.

But the fire isn’t the point. Its how the solar roadways being a failure.
I going with EEV Blog as the guy generally knows his stuff.

Thomas Edison failed at making his first Lightbulb, guess Lightbulbs are bullshit!

For the record I don’t think Solar Roads as current conceived would work.

Did you watch the EEVblog video, he goes into the details

No I already watched the Thunderfoot video, and I have my doubts anyway.

Too bad too as it only hurts the adoption of Solar power.
And we as a global community needs more solar power not less.

There are ways to make it work, just not the current format, which is why I made the Edison comparison. I don’t think them being in the roads is the answer, but something similar like panels lined along the roads would be a more feasible implementation. Just an off the top of my head example.

I think a lot of what makes Solar Roads a bad idea would be just maintenance alone.

Something like this, but more wide spread


So then you’re covering up the vegetation that takes in CO2 and produces O2? Killing plants and getting rid of one of the natural ways to combat rising CO2 levels.

Unless we can figure out how much CO2 those plants that are dying would have consumed, and how much CO2 emissions were prevented from the use of solar panels, I’d be on the fence about covering up mass lots of plants with solar panels.

Of course if that study was done, the government would probably mandate that every house have whichever plant is the most CO2 “hungry” and produces the most O2. So we can’t win. But lets keep trying.

Grass actually produce little O2. Trees produce more and sea alge collectively produce more than trees. There is away to balance both out. Like putting solar panels on roof tops and other surfaces that plants don’t grow on. There also ways to have panels share the space with vegetation, put down plants that thrive in the shade.

you actually get more mileage out of just opting to not drive a car. we don’t need everyone driving. get a bike and get a job closer to home, or work from home. If your current job doesn’t allow that, then try to find another one and make adjustments then.

When i lived in Atlanta, I rode my bike most of the time. The traffic is so congested most of the time that I was traveling just as fast as everyone in cars. They would simply beat me to the stop light/sign. The heat was rough, but I’m a yankee, and i don’t live there anymore.

in terms of maintaining a house, smaller is better. virtually every cost you have goes down. In terms of being environmentally aware or beneficial, just go smaller and that is good enough. You’ll also save money. Greenwashing is a big problem in the environmental movement, saving the environment isn’t something you do at a store. Its actually better to avoid the store.

There are also some companies that put plants on their roof which helps reduce heating/cooling costs. Thus making them less reliant on conventional energy.

Tesla Solar roof shingles looks interesting

Fuck the grass. If I could get rid of the grass around my house and thus never have to mow in south Georgia heat again my life would be so much better.

Go solar panels, go!

None of this will ever happen so it’s a waste to even suggest it. People don’t commute two hours into Boston because they like the commute, they do it because they don’t want to live in Boston. They wont get paid enough to live in Mass by quitting their job in Boston and getting something in Concord or Lexington, but they aren’t going to move out of nice as fuck Concord or Lexington to live in congested, crowded as fuck, construction everywhere, loud as balls Boston either.