Alpha 3 no longer in tournaments?

Since alpha 3 wasn’t in evo does that mean the game is gone from tournament play???

Because I just started to REALLY learn this game and enjoy it and now I find out it’s probably not going to be played competitively. I’m a noob and I was looking forward to maybe doing a tournament or something…:frowning:

yeah its dead in the us totally as far as evolution is concerned. kinda garbage when st still gets play and a3 can draw similar number of players as that game. midwest and ecc still hold a3 tho so thats good. some places hold local tourneys. but its dead for the most part. like st is dead(but still gets play in evo, go figure)

ST is arguably the greatest Street Fighter game ever. It is Capcom fighting in it’s purest form.

The reason it still get’s play in tournaments is because it is the polished version of the Street Fighter 2 series…the series which revolutionized the gaming industry to begin with. It’s a long tradition to have an original SF 2 game in major tournaments because it stands(atleast how I see it)as an homage to the roots of all capcom fighting games.

ST is not a broken game like Alpha 3(aka V-ism fighter). Yeah, its fun and all but once you get into top tournament play you see nothing but V ism.

And before anyone says that ST is all about counter characters, just take a look at the top 2 finishers at EVO2k3. Ryu and Chun Li. Yes, ST has tiers but its a game that doesnt really rely on easy gimmicks like V-ism guard break life draining tactics, or roll cancelling.

ST is a game that hones the basic building blocks of all capcom fighting games…strategy, wits/mind games, and skill.

ST may be dead to you or in your area, but it will never be dead to the legions of gamers out there who play capcom games. It constantly gets tons of play where i live. Like I said before…ST is Capcom fighting in is purest form.

Personally, I like A2 more than A3 and I consider it to be far superior to A1 and A3. Ask any top tournament player and ask them which ALpha game they like best…A2 or A3?? Ask them why…

There’s your answer as to why A3 is no longer in tournament lineups.

I speak on behalf of all the players in Killeen.ST = Greatness. Fei-Long is the shit.

It’s all about 3s…

Arhhh… if they could release a even more polished version of A3 that would be good… just weaken a bit V-ISM, make some nobody play character a little better like Cody, Guy, Birdy and Honda and it should be perfect.

Well said Jesse.

ST and A3 are both “classic” games. It only makes sense to include one classic, and ST is the better game.

ST is more fun to watch, has more character diversity, etc etc. A3 is a good game, but you can’t play all good games in tourneys. IMO it would be cooler to have a game like MSH (the classic vs. style game, even though it isn’t technically versus) than A3.

A3 is basically a cult game at this point, not a lot of people play it and there doesn’t seem to be much new happening in it.

margalis and jesse I think your missing the point. Nobody is attacking ST. Nobody is saying a3 should replace ST. A3 and st are in a similar state and if it’s true that a3 can draw a good number of players I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be in tournaments.

these threads tend to end up in flame wars . :lol:

MSH at Evo would be so awesome. As would KI, not KI2. KI2 is garbage. It would be interesting to see how some of these MvC2 players do with only one character and no assists.

the reasons you gave aren’t really why a3 is no longer in tournament. You’re basically saying that (1.) a3 is broken because of V-ism causing people not to want to play and (2.) a2 is better than a3 so people would rather have a2 tournaments. The second point isn’t really a point and its not proven and doesn’t have any evidence to support it so i’m not going to address it because my argument would just be ‘you’re wrong, more people like alpha 3’

I’ve been hearing this complaint for a while and its beginning to get annoying. V-ism is not the only usable ism in a3 and in low to upper mid level play A-ism can compete almost nearly as much. Low to upper mid level play makes up 99% of the people who would be playing the game if it was in tournaments. Sure for the 1% of players who can play at the level where v-ism is the only ism (besides a-'sim) the game does become v-ism fighter, but why should that minority discourage a3 from being in tournaments.

The real reasons a3 isn’t in tournaments anymore (or isn’t played so much) are that it has a steep learning curve and all the console versions of it suck (sorry i’m not even a saturn version fan).

I don’t want to start a flame war either…bottom line is not that many people are interested in watching or playing A3 anymore. Another year of A3 at Evo would have bored most people.

People always back Alpha 3 saying the stereotypes are exaggerated and unfounded, and that in reality, most high level A3 play is fun and decently balanced.

Consider that we’ve never even gotten high level console play, but these SAME people are telling us that it would be crap, and not to even look at it competitvely. To me that sounds a little bit hypocritical, and in turn, any possible fans of A3 are being discouraged from trying the game BY the alpha 3 players themselves… no wonder it’s not getting anywhere.

Nibor: i watched your NEC 3 tournament trailer… what is that song at the end of it when cody vs akuma (you and Ino) are playing?.. i got that stuck in my head and cant get it out!

‘ST is arguably the greatest Street Fighter game ever. It is Capcom fighting in it’s purest form.’

Well said Jesse. I couldn’t agree more. And I also like A2 the most of that series. Does anyone play it any more though? There’s no machine here (London, UK). I used to live in Toronto and bang them all up there in summer 1996. Retired from SF after that but playing ST again now, we have the odd tourney here, there are still some very good players and some even better ones who unfortunately don’t want to play these days. We’re trying to revive the scene so I need to find some motivation for them to play!

If you want A3 in Evo or Apex, just throw a bitchfest for a year or so and it will be in…worked for the Third Strike players.

Even if V-ISM were the only suitable ISM in higher level play (it isn’t)…so what? I can name ten competitive characters off of the top of my head. What if the 3S characters only have one good super? I guess that means it’s a terrible game.

ST at Evo…an N.Chun beat an Old Sagat (because Choi choked on the last TU), and then lost to a Ryu. That says very little about the balance of the game. I agree with your point, but Evo is not the greatest example.

If I think HF is better than ST, does that mean HF should be at majors instead? No. Just like A2 and A3…

FMJ makes a good point…the A3 players are keeping A3 from being as popular as it could be, since many of us hate the PSX version (and it’s not like everyone has a Saturn. They should, but they don’t…) So maybe if people really want A3 at Evo, we should consider taking a step down and playing the PSX version instead. It’s not like there was a shortage of A3 cabs anyway, AFAIK…they just decided not to use it/them.

Anyway, I say we get rid of Tekken 4 next year, and use that time for A3…but maybe that’s just me.

A3 is much better than Tekken… but i say take out tekken tag… its worse than Tekken 4. and who WOULDNT like A3?.. its one of capcom’s purest fighting games… custom combo is da shit.

Finally, something everyone can agree on: Tekken bites!

Well…maybe not bites, but having TWO Tekkens is a bit much. Better to have one game where everyone is on the same page competing at the highest levels.

That is another problem with having A3, then you have another game to split people’s practice time, split the fields, etc. The quality of all the tourney’s would suffer somewhat.

I’m sure one Tekken tourney (either Tag or 4, we all know 2 is the best Tekken though) would have been more exciting than one.

WTF?!? Please tell me you’re joking.

T4 is long overdue for retirement. The only thing keeping that game alive is the fact that a lot of people play it who never played Tag. Otherwise, it’s a shitty game.

Tag, on the other hand, is still looking good after all these years. It’s arguably the ST of Namco fighters. After Tag and SC1, Namco’s just gone way downhill.

You prefer T4 to Tag:lol: Then you are going to tel me that CvS2 is bettter then A3 right. IMO i think that both games are very funny to play.

You have just lost any credibility to any past, present, and future posts. Forever.

Bitching is only a small part. The Cannons repeatedly said that people can express their opinion all they want on how good a game is. But if there’s no scene for it, then they won’t bother having it. 3rd Strike players actually got up and did something about it. They revived the scene. Started out with basic DC console tournaments. And even though 3rd Strike for DC isn’t port perfect, they worked with what they had. We bugged the hell out of our Arcade manager to get 3rd Strike. After 2 months of bugging, they realized we were serious. So now we have one. Complaining about how good Alpha3 is, and how “wrong” it is not to have it won’t help. You guys are going to have to make an A3 scene revival. The 3rd Strike fans did it. So there is no reason why you guy’s can’t. I’m pretty sure if 3rd Strike fans can deal with Dreamcast version frame differences, loss of links, much harder links, and lag on command inputs… then I’m pretty sure A3 fans can deal with the DC/PS2 differences. It’s only to get the scene up again. Once it’s up again, Arcades won’t mind getting this older game back in. That’s how 3rd Strike players did it. As much as I hate V-Akuma :p, I would love to see ALPHA3 back in APEX.

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