Almost half of the top 20 SF4AE players are former/current Guilty Gear players

They’re climbin in your windows
snatchin your points up
tryna rape em so y’all need to
hide your Kens, hide your Guiles
hide your Kens, hide your Guiles
hide your Kens, hide your Guiles


**1位/BP 204929 U.MASTER 6035w/7244m WP 83.31% うめはら(Daigo)/ユン(Yun) **

**2位/BP 181383 G.MASTER 4461w/5517m WP 80.86% かずのこ(Kazunoko)/ユン(Yun) **
Basically Inoue with new nickname

3位/BP 161024 G.MASTER 3212w/3977m WP 80.76% マゴ(Mago2DGOD)/フェイロン(Fei Long)

**4位/BP 141463 G.MASTER 2561w/3018m WP 84.86% MDR/ユン(Yun) **

**5位/BP 137138 G.MASTER 4450w/5519m WP 80.63% ネ○(Nemo)/ヤン(Yang) **

6位/BP 130013 G.MASTER 2836w/3278m WP 86.52% マイケルたん(Michaeltan)/ケン(Ken)
7位/BP 101727 G.MASTER 1799w/2417m WP 74.43% ふ~(Food)/フェイロン(Fei Long)

**8位/BP 101130 G.MASTER 1691w/2024m WP 83.55% あーるえふ(RF)/サガット(Sagat) **

**9位/BP /97443 G.MASTER 1491w/1840m WP 81.03% たく@レシオ4(Taku)/ブランカ(Blanka) **

10位BP /95604 G.MASTER 2594w/3285m WP 78.96% 伊予(Iyo)/いぶき(Ibuki)
11位BP /94541 G.MASTER 1959w/2402m WP 81.56% はちがしらさん(Yaz)/ユン(Yun)

12位BP /92975 G.MASTER 3003w/4286m WP 70.07% バンババン(Banbaban)/ユン(Yun)

13位BP /91736 G.MASTER 2541w/3260m WP 77.94% 猫舌(Nekojita)/アベル(Abel)

**14位BP /91680 G.MASTER 2335w/2927m WP 79.77% 金デヴ(Kindev)/ユン(Yun) **

15位BP /90782 G.MASTER 2956w/3948m WP 74.87% ШおじさんШ(Ojisanboy)/ヤン(Yang)

**16位BP /89166 G.MASTER 2079w/2933m WP 70.88% 生駒デビル(Dogura)/ベガ(Dictator) **

**17位BP /86830 G.MASTER 3289w/4620m WP 71.19% さーちゃん(Sawa)/ユン(Yun) **

18位BP /83067 G.MASTER 2552w/3970m WP 64.28% キャベツ(Kyabetsu)/C.ヴァイパー(C.Viper)

19位BP /81565 G.MASTER 1877w/2429m WP 77.27% wa75842(Haitani)/まこと(Makoto)
Bonus #2

20位BP /79591 G.MASTER 4260w/5775m WP 73.77% まぁクン(Maakun)/ユン(Yun)


I can’t wait for the next game to come. Then I can say “Almost all of the top 20 [NEW GAME] players are former/current SF4 players” and pretend this is a significant observation with any meaning.

So what you’re saying is that players that are good at a fighting game can also be good at another fighting game?

What an astute observation sir, I salute you.

This topic should be changed to:
Almost half of the top 20 SF4AE players are…

[spoiler=]Yun players[/spoiler]


What if they played Street Fighter 2…*before *Guilty Gear??:shake:

With all the fighting games out there it’s kinda surprising to see so many players of the exact same game in there.
Plus you never see 3D players dominating in 2D and vice versa, so it’s not so simple as it seems.

Ono likes it that way and that’s all that matters!

It looks like JP SF2 players don’t even wanna touch SF4 so that can’t be true.

LOL. I was just thinking, “Damn it, almost all of them play Yun, hmmm.” A few mistakes though. AH3 and VS are not GGXX. And if you want to pad your stats, Mago did get 4th or 5th at Evo 2003 in GGXX, using Johnny. I know it wasn’t 7th because he eliminated my friend’s Eddie leaving him in 7th :frowning:

All of these were SF2WW players. Holy. Shit.

Wow, an entire Kung-Fu top 5!


Those poor souls

mirc posting stupid stuff, not surprise there

No… this can’t be true… THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!! :mad:

What ever happened to you being cryptic and awesome?

it looks like someone did an infra-red fart over the 80’s Dr Who title sequence

yes you are


4/10 :shake:
You had better lines in this thread: Fighting Games Are Getting Worse

Like someone else said, it’s not like you didn’t see those guys playing ST, 3S, or even KOF before GG.

EDIT: I’ll admit though, it’s pretty cool to know they played a game as different as GG before SFIV.