All Dip Switch Settings Revealed!!!

The two awesome guys who wrote SFAA guide, Kamui and Dr. Deelite emailed the full list of the dip switch settings for all 7 games of SFAA to me. The were originally planning on posting these and some tutorial videos on Brady’s Games website but it was never approved by Capcom. The below information was given to them by Capcom so it should be 100% accurate. I am sure most of these dip switches would have never been figured out even 20 years from now b/c so many are so obscure like “Animation frames remain during the Vega Warp during an original combo. They are calculated in the hit detection and therefore can damage the opponent.” or “After the crouching heavy kick attack decision is finished, the decision is made for a powerful hit in the frontal direction”. How the hell would you figure these out. They asked me to post this so everybody can enjoy the codes, so I think everybody owes both of them a big thanks. Also feel free to post this on any other forums/sites. I am planning to send this to gamefaqs but I have never posted anything on there before, so if anybody has done it in the past feel free to give it to them as well. Just let me if you do so I won’t send to them as well. The formating below is a little strange b/c it was emailed to me as a spread sheet which I then coverted to a word document with tables. You can’t post tables on this forum so I broke each section up in the following format: row/column, charcater(s) it affects, the next line is an explanation of the setting, followed by an outcome of the setting, followed by the second possible outcome of the setting. I just received this from them today so I did not have a chance to try them out yet but I believe the first “outcome” is the default or “empty star” and the second “outcome” is the “solid star” . Could someone please confirm this. Hope this format is clear. This is much easier to read with table so if you would like the word document with the tables just send me a PM with your email address. Enjoy!!! One more thing, even with the explanations some of these are difficult to understand. Please feel free to explain the more complex ones.


1-01 Sodom

  • In the 10 frames with a standing heavy kick attack decision, it is impossible to block in the last 6 frames (can’t go into the blocking stance). If the player is attacked in that period (while doing the okiagari, etc.) then they won’t be able to block and will take the hit.
  • Blocking made possible
  • Can’t enter the blocking stance and thus can’t block

1-02 Sodom

  • For Tengu Walking, if the command input was complete and he got hit, he would complete the move taking damage. (normal knockdown damage is ignored if the character has reached beyond the midpoint of the move)
  • Carry out the normal knockdown (animation) pattern and become invincible.
  • If the command entry is done fast enough, the hit decision will remain and he will fall to the ground allowing him to take combos that would normally not be possible.

1-03 Guy

  • In earlier versions before it was adjusted, Guy’s normal moves had high dizzy settings. The adjusted moves were 1: Standing Light Punch, 2: Standing Medium Punch, 3: Crouching Light Punch, and 4: Kubikari (2nd part). In training mode, when the attack data display was turned on, the stun (dizzy value) line would change to reflect it.
  • Dizzy value low
  • Dizzy value high

1-04 Sodom

  • Can’t use the Kouten Okiagari move.
  • Can use
  • Can’t use

1-05 Akuma

  • The Shun Goku Satsu command is displayed as “Light Punch, Light Punch, ?, Light Kick, Heavy Punch” but internally “Light Punch, Light Punch, ?, Light Kick” is enough to initiate it.
  • Initiate using “Light Punch, Light Punch, ?, Light Kick, Heavy Punch” (Facing Right)
  • Initiate using “Light Paunch, Light Punch, ?, Light Kick” (Facing Right)

1-06 Charlie

  • All of the standard move cancellations are an 8 frame period. Each character has certain moves they can’t cancel, but Charlie has no such limitation (Charlie can cancel out of any move within the correct timing).
    -Standing Heavy Punch, Crouching Heavy Punch, Crouching Medium Kick, Crouching Heavy Kick are all impossible to cancel.
  • Possible to cancel the moves within the correct timing period.

1-07 Charlie

  • The Sobat (holding analog stick and performing a standing medium kick) attack decision timing speed, movement speed, and delay after the attack were adjusted.
  • Move performed with more of a delay, movement speed slows down a little, and the delay after the attack increases
  • Standard setting

1-08 Adon

  • After the Super Combo Jaguar Varied Assault was initiated at Level 3, by repeatedly pressing punch or kick, different moves were supposed to be performed, but due to an original program error they would not.
  • Perform the moves
  • Don’t perform the moves

1-09 ALL

  • If the focal point of the attack decision between the player and opponent is more than 96 dots apart, the player does not go into the blocking stance and for characters with long reaches a hit would be registered.
  • Blocking made possible
  • Character does not enter the blocking stance, so blocking is not possible. The front of Sagat’s standing light kick is unblockable by any character.

1-10 Rose

  • With the Soul Illusion, the silhouette attacks were not the real body attack so they were unblockable. (character does not enter the blocking stance)
  • Blocking made possible
  • Do not enter the blocking stance and do not block. For times when not near the edges of the screen and sliding (crouching medium kick) or using a heavy kick on an opponent getting up, blocking is impossible.

1-11 Rose

  • The Aura Soul Spark finishing animation turns into a diagonal sun effect.
  • Central sun effect
  • Diagonal sun effect

1-12 ALL For the automatic setting, the Super Combo Gauge does not go up to 1/2 of the normal setting but goes up all the way. 1/2 of the normal setting Same as the normal setting

1-13 Charlie The Sonic Boom performed in the first step of the Sonic Break is a frame late.

  • Standard setting
  • 1 frame late

1-14 Charlie

  • After the crouching heavy kick attack decision is finished, the decision is made for a powerful hit in the frontal direction.
  • A hit decision matching the look on the screen
  • A hit decision is made for a much larger hit than expected based on the action on-screen.

1-15 M. Bison

  • It is possible to have an unlimited number of Psycho Shots on the screen at once.
  • Only one shot on the screen at one time
  • Can have multiple shots at once (likely 2)

1-16 M. Bison

  • The speed after M. Bison’s Head Press makes contact is slightly slower than the final version. Also, the hit decision point on Dan’s head while he was standing was set to the wrong value so M. Bison’s Head Press move would go over his head. -Can hit Dan while he is in the standing position
  • Movement speed after hit is slowed down, can’t hit Dan in his standing position (fly over him)

2-01 Dan

  • His status during a taunt changes.
  • Standing position
  • He takes the crouching position. If he takes a hit in this state, the decision for a crouching hit will be made.

2-02 Dan

  • Change the Shinku Gadoken voice.
  • Shout when releasing the projectile
  • Say “Shinku” (Ryu’s voice)

2-03 Dan

  • Change the Throw voice. (This is a special case because there are a total of three different voices but only two switches. The priority is Later > Middle > Early.) - Later version (Guy’s voice)
  • Earlier version (Ryu’s voice)


  • Middle version (Ken’s voice)

2-05 Akuma

  • Change the Hurricane Kick (holding down analog stick and performing a medium kick) voice.
  • Voiced
  • Not voiced

2-06 Akuma

  • Change the throw voice.
  • Later version
  • Earlier version

2-07 Akuma

  • Change the Hyakkishu’s punch throw and kick throw voice.
  • Later version
  • Earlier version

2-08 Rose

  • Change the color scheme for Rose’s Soul Illusion silhouette to the one in Alpha 2 and later versions.
  • Main Color ? Psycho Flame Color ? Silhouette Color ? Psycho Flame Color
  • The colors from Alpha 2 and later versions

SFA2 and SFA2G

1-01 (SFA2) 1-01 (SFA2G) Zangief

  • Guard damage dealt when a verticle kick connects
    -Damage not taken
    -Damage taken

1-02 (SFA2) M. Bison

  • M. Bison is still considered in the air during the Somersault Skull Diver motion from when M. Bison lands to when he returns to his normal stance. Therefore if an original combo is cancelled midway and an attack is executed it will be floating and cannont be blocked with a defensive crouch.
  • Landing on the ground ends the float effect
  • Continuous float

1-03 (SFA2) Sodom

  • Grabbing an opponent out of an original combo does NOT end the combo.
  • Ends combo
  • Does not end combo

1-04 (SFA2) 1-02 (SFA2G) Rolento

  • A standing fierce punch causes the opponent to go into the weak damage animation
  • Fierce punch animation
  • Weak punch animation

1-05 (SFA2) 1-03 (SFA2G) ALL

  • Player goes into an original combo and does an attack right as it is ending. At the same time the opponent initiates a original combo that sucks away the player’s original combo power. This will stop the player from being able to switch directions
  • Can switch directions
  • Cannot switch directions

1-06 (SFA2) 1-04 (SFA2G) ALL

  • Certain crouch attacks of certain distances will register as “high” attacks whereas other attacks will register as “low”
  • Distance between characters determines high/low hit area of these types of attacks
  • High/low hit area changes depending on the exact area on the opponent’s body that your crouching attack connects with

1-05 (SFA2G) Sodom

  • Reversal-type move “Tengu walking” is a specialty move. Depending on this option, sometimes players will not take damageif they are initiating this move
  • Tengu walking will be stopped
  • Tengu walking is not stopped

1-06 (SFA2G) Sodom

  • The above Tengu-walking move can be executed with a player is dizzy. Doing so will make them invincible until the move’s final animation frame.
  • Cannot perform move when dizzy
  • Can perform move (becomes invincible)

1-07 (SFA2) M. Bison

  • Animation frames remain during the Vega Warp during an original combo. They are calculated in the hit detection and therefore can damage the opponent.
  • Do not hit
  • Hit opponent

1-08 (SFA2) Adon

  • Adon’s P. Alpha counter hits the opponent very easily during a fixed animation frame (even if it is a weak attack)
  • Blockable
  • Unblockable

1-09 (SFA2) 1-07 (SFA2G) M. Bison

  • M. Bison’s P. Alpha Counter does not have a “guard” animation and therefore is “unblockable”
  • Blockable
  • Unblockable

1-10 (SFA2) 1-08 (SFA2G) Gen

  • Some of the attack patterns in the Super Combo “Koga” will not do block damage
  • Does block damage
  • Does not do block damage

1-11 (SFA2) Rolento

  • The hit timing when Rolento is doing a roll is too short and defensive rolls will not hit
  • Same as other characters
  • 1 pixel only

1-09 (SFA2G) Other

  • Title screen animation
  • YES
  • NO

1-12 (SFA2) Rose

  • Jump attacks performed during the Soul Illusion move change depending on previous command input (Alpha Counter)
  • Only a strong jump attack is shown during a Soul Illusion
  • Like normal: weak, strong, fierce attacks change the jump attack type

1-13 (SFA2) 1-10 (SFA2G) Other

  • Shorten the M. Bison and Rose ending scene
  • 4 seconds
  • 1 second

1-14 (SFA2) 1-11 (SFA2G) Dahlsim

  • Opponents thrown by the “Yoga Strike” move who initiate a reversal guard during the move are considered “floating” until the reversal animation is finished (even if they are actually on the ground)
  • Not floating
  • Floating

1-01 (SFA3) ALL

  • After being made dizzy by being knocked flying/tumbling, the no knockback flag is left raised when getting up.
  • Knockback
  • No knockback

1-02 (SFA3) Blanka

  • When a player is hit with Heavy Electric Thunder, the time between hits (1 frame per hit) is too quick for the opponent to block before getting hit again. For an air block, the only way this will end is if a) Blanka stops the move b) the opponent’s guard is crushed or c) the opponent runs out of health and loses the round.
  • There is enough time between hits to escape
  • 1 frame per hit

1-03 (SFA3) Balrog
The A-ism Alpha Counter will not result in a spinning fall.

  • Spinning fall
  • Flying back fall

1-04 (SFA3) 1-01 (SFA3U) 1-01 (HSFA) ALL

  • In Mazi Mode, the projectile strength will not be any higher than in normal mode. - More powerful
  • Same as normal

1-05 (SFA3) 1-02 (SFA3U) 1-02 (HSFA) ALL

  • If a character becomes dizzy due to a throw, but uses a throw escape, they will be left invincible and escape.
  • Cannot escape
  • Escape

1-06 (SFA3) 1-03 (SFA3U) 1-03 (HSFA) Rose

  • With the Soul Illusion, the silhouette attacks were not the real body attack so they were unblockable. (does not enter the blocking stance)
  • Blocking is possible. (can block the silhouette attacks)
  • Will not enter the blocking stance and thus cannot block

1-07 (SFA3) Sodom

  • By initiating Tengu Walking while invincible (damage from being knock flying without falling), the character would remain invincible into the move.
  • Not invincible
  • Invincible

1-08 (SFA3) 1-04 (SFA3U) 1-04 (HSFA) ALL

  • By using a mid-air escape at the edge of the screen and then doing an air block, the character would land with a block hit stance. If that character then canceled out of the stance and performed something (a light attack combo), they would be invincible throughout the movement.
  • Not invincible
  • Invincible as long as the character keeps moving

1-09 (SFA3) 1-05 (SFA3U) 1-05 (HSFA) ALL

  • By blocking 32 hits in a row with the same block stance, the guard power gauge would start acting funny and drop rapidly.
  • Hits beyond 32 still behave as normal
  • Hits beyond 32 will make the gauge act funny (undefined behavior)

1-10 (SFA3) ALL

  • In the Saikyo Mode, something that would cause no damage in normal mode (the moment of being thrown) would cause major damage (127). (this is related to 1-06 and 1-11)
  • Standard (no damage)
  • Can take away 127 damage with one hit

1-11 (SFA3) 1-06 (SFA3U) 1-06 (HSFA) ALL

  • For combo attacks (including throws) that aren’t powerful enough to finish the characters, the attack power drops to its minimum (1) in Saikyo Mode.
  • Standard damage calculation
  • Attack power goes to 1

1-12 (SFA3) 1-07 (SFA3U) 1-07 (HSFA) ALL

  • When throwing a person getting up (right before they start being dizzy), they will have another dizzy mark.
  • Dizzying marks do not double up
  • Dizzying marks double up

1-13 (SFA3) 1-08 (SFA3U) 1-08 (HSFA) ALL

  • When performing a Custom Combo, if a throw is performed before the recovery time runs out, then the remaining time will still be active once the opponent is released and for that remaining time (several frames), they would be stuck on the ground before they could move. Due to this, depending on the distance the opponent during the push of Zangief’s Atomic Suplex would get stuck and not move away.
  • No time left after a throw
  • The recovery time will be counted after the opponent is thrown

1-14 (SFA3) 1-09 (SFA3U) 1-09 (HSFA) Juni

  • Cross Scissor Pressure damage is counted twice (for landing the blow and when moving away)
  • Damage counted once
  • Damage counted twice

1-15 (SFA3) 1-10 (SFA3U) 1-10 (HSFA) ALL

  • Gen’s Jakouha Super Combo could grab opponents despite their invincible or unthrowable states.
  • Can’t grab the opponent during the states
  • Can grab the opponent during the states

1-16 (SFA3) ALL

  • It was impossible to block characters with a reach longer than 160 dots because that is when the blocking stance would stop being active. (Dhalsim’s Yoga Flame could just reach Zangief even if he was in a crouching block)
  • No distance set for blocking (160 dots is changed to 256 dots)
  • There is an unblockable distance

2-01 (SFA3) R. Mika

  • Air punch throw does not cause damage
  • Damage
  • No damage

2-02 (SFA3) Rose

  • In V-ism during close quarters fighting, close quarter moves would automatically be used so the distance attacks couldn’t be used.
  • Can use the left or right directional buttons to distinguish which move set to use - Distance moves aren’t possible in close quarters

2-03 (SFA3) M. Bison

  • Possible to use an air block on a standing light punch
  • Air block not possible
  • Air block possible

2-04 (SFA3) Juli Juni

  • The computer opponent-only Psycho Charge Alpha and Beta was usable if Juli and Juni were paired up
  • Cannot use the moves
  • Can use the moves

2-05 (SFA3) Cammy

  • The different branch conditions for the Hooligan Combination (depending on where the opponent is grabbed) have been adjusted. (before adjustment, if the opponent was Cammy the Cross Scissors Pressure move wouldn’t execute)
  • Adjusted
  • Unadjusted

2-06 (SFA3) 1-11 (SFA3U) 1-11 (HSFA) Juni

  • The different branch conditions for the Hooligan Combination (depending on where the opponent is grabbed) have been adjusted. (before adjustment, if the opponent was Juni the Cross Scissors Pressure move wouldn’t execute)
  • Adjusted
  • Unadjusted

2-07 (SFA3) Dan

  • It is impossible to block an X-ism taunt (will not go into blocking stance)
  • Can block
  • Can’t block

2-08 (SFA3) 1-12 (SFA3U) 1-12 (HSFA) Animation

  • Can turn animation for the counter hit on and off.
  • Animation
  • No animation

2-09 (SFA3) Cody

  • If the Bad Spray move was used while invincible, the invincibility would continue into the move.
  • Not invincible
  • Invincible

2-10 (SFA3) 1-13 (SFA3U) 1-13 (HSFA) ALL

  • Whether or not the character would get knocked down for mid-air damage treated as standing damage (can stand even while crouched) has been changed (E. Honda’s close range standing heavy kick)
  • Will not fall
  • Will fall

1-14 (SFA3U) 1-14 (HSFA) Dee Jay

  • It is impossible to block the Alpha Counter (another hit is decided before the opponent can recover)
  • Can block
  • Cannot block

1-15 (SFA3U) 1-15 (HSFA) ALL

  • This changes whether or not the gauge fills up for missed grabs.
  • Increases
  • Does not increase

2-12 (SFA3) Akuma

  • For a mid-air throw, if the character landed between the grab pattern and the second pattern, the opponent would be thrown and the character would just be spinning alone.
  • Doesn’t throw the opponent until the end
  • Might let go before finishing the mid-air throw

2-13 (SFA3) 1-16 (SFA3U) 1-16 (HSFA) ALL

  • After canceling the landing from an air attack by crouching, the opponent couldn’t escape, but can do it now.
  • Cannot escape
  • Can escape

2-14 (SFA3) E. Honda

  • The damage decision for a character in a rolling pattern is based relatively high above the actual picture (mid-air)
  • The decision matches what the player expects from the screen
  • The decision spot is located above the character

2-15 (SFA3) 2-01 (SFA3U) 2-01 (HSFA) R. Mika Juni

  • There were special moves for counterattacking a defensive roll, so it was made impossible to perform a defensive roll (R. Mika = Shooting Peach, Rainbow Hip Rush, Juni = Psycho Streak)
  • Can’t use the defensive roll
  • Can use the defensive roll

2-16 (SFA3) 2-02 (SFA3U) 2-02 (HSFA) Chun LI

  • There was no delay after missing an air grab, but it was changed so that there would be a frame of delay like other characters.
  • Delay
  • No delay

3-01 (SFA3) 2-03(SFA3U) 2-03 (HSFA) Gen

  • There was no delay after missing an air grab, but it was changed so that there would be a frame of delay like other characters.
  • Delay
  • No delay

3-02 (SFA3) Akuma, Charlie, Adon, Guy, Rose, Sakura, Dhalsim, Cammy, Juli, Juni - In V-ism, if an Original Combo is performed mid-air and not followed up by anything until landing, the player would be invincible (no hit decision).

  • Will only be invincible for a set period of time like other characters
  • Invincible until landing

3-03 (SFA3) 2-04 (SFA3U) 2-04 (HSFA) Rolento

  • By trying to block the Mekong Delta Attack the guard gauge would get whittled away
  • Goes down
  • Doesn’t go down

3-04 (SFA3) Birdie

  • It is possible to air block Birdie’s standing kick.
  • Cannot block
  • Can block

3-05 (SFA3) 2-05 (SFA3U) 2-05 (HSFA) Balrog

  • In the eighth stage of the Turn Punch, there is no decreasing of the guard gauge.
  • Goes down
  • Doesn’t go down

3-06 (SFA3) 2-06 (SFA3U) 2-06 (HSFA) ALL

  • Change the animation (setting switched for the Japanese and overseas versions)
    ?M. Bison’s falling apart pattern is not shown in the ending
    ?Evil Ryu, Juli and Juni’s endings don’t show blood sprays anymore
  • OFF (Japan) ON (overseas)
  • ON (Japan) OFF (overseas)

2-07 (SFA3U) Display

  • Add a symbol to the title screen.
  • Use the Alpha 3 different color version
  • Use the Alpha 3 Upper version

3-07 (SFA3) 2-08 (SFA3U) 2-07 (HSFA) M. Bison

  • The close quarters heavy punch would be counted as a medium knockback, but now is a heavy knockback.
  • Heavy
  • Medium

3-08 (SFA3) 2-09 (SFA3U) 2-08 (HSFA) Birdie

  • It was possible to air block the taunt before, but now it is not possible.
  • Cannot air block
  • Can air block

3-09 (SFA3) Cammy

  • It was possible to air block the latter half of the Spin Drive Smasher, but now it is not.
  • Cannot air block
  • Can air block

3-10 (SFA3) Cammy

  • It was not possible to air block the Spiral Arrow, but now it is possible.
  • Can air block
  • Cannot air block

3-11 (SFA3) Chun Li

  • It was not possible to crouch block the Spinning Bird Kick, but now it is possible.
  • Can crouch block
  • Cannot crouch block

3-12 (SFA3) E. Honda

  • It was possible to air block the first part of the Level 2 Oni Musou attack, but now it is not.
  • Cannot air block
  • Can air block

2-10 (SFA3) 2-09 (HSFA) T. Hawk

  • The Raging Typhoon’s grab distance was 1 dot, but is bigger now.
  • Rectangular area allows grabbing thin characters that overlap
  • Cannot grab thin overlapping characters

Gem Fighter

1-01 ALL

  • The letters heaven (?) or father (?)that appear during a super finish will remain on the screen until the beginning of the next round if move connects with the opponent’s attack at the same time.
  • Do not remain
  • Remain

1-02 ALL

  • Item ball thown by player causes the “round the world” effect. The item ball thrown remains or disappears based on this option.
  • Not displayed
  • Displayed

1-03 Ibuki

  • Easy-type reversal "wind slicer attack does more hits
  • 1 hit only
  • Multiple hits

1-04 Dan

  • The PS original move “Shin Kooryuuken” is selectable
  • Useable
    -Not useable

1-05 Other

  • Ken’s ending switches between the ending in which Ken is hit by Elisa or one in which he is not.
  • Included
  • Not included

1-06 Dan

  • If Dan’s "Syungokusatu"hits the opponent when they are attacking (exact moment) and it knocks Dan out, he can damage the enemy still
  • Opponent is not damaged if Dan is knocked out
  • Opponent takes damage

1-07 Ken

  • Cannot be thrown during the Hadoken power-up animation
  • Can be thrown
  • Cannot be thrown

1-08 Chun Li

  • Cannot be thrown during the Kikoken power-up animation
  • Can be thrown
  • Cannot be thrown

1-09 ALL

  • As long as a character who performed an aerial Mega Crash does not take a neutral position (Jump cancel, etc), attacks will not hit them
  • Attacks will hit
  • Attacks will not hit


…for the engrish! :wgrin:

if you are referring to the engrish in the dip switch info, I did not write the dip switch info. I just copied and pasted it.

Thanks for the info!


which dips should be on or off?

I figured that cent, I don’t think an english speaker could come up with gems like:

  • Rectangular area allows grabbing thin characters that overlap

It’s still awesome. The only big secret left is sunburned Sakura… lol

I’m surprised T.Hawk is given his own switch, oddly enough. I don’t see a switch for no-recovery air slashs for Dj though. :sad:

Alphaism has the dip switches available in table format on their website.

Saikyou Dojo versions onry.

What exactly are dip switches? Soory n00bee

They’re ON/OFF flags that have various effects on the gameplay. In Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, each game has a table of these switches that can be accessed and customized with a code (although I can’t remember the code at the moment, sorry…).

uhm…How do I get the HIDDEN SWITCHES in SFA3 Arranged and Hyper SFA? :confused:

really thank you a lot !
This is very helpful , I never thought someone could give A COMPLETE LIST .
Still , Hyper street sux :stuck_out_tongue:

…nobody answered my question… =(

Game Options-> hold R2 while pressing Start. I think.

Could someone try to figure out which column in the table is the off or “empty star” and which column is the on or “filled star”. I want to submit this to gamefaqs but I have to clarify this first. As I said before, you can download the table at


i’m not referring to that…sorry.

i’m referring to the extra lines (third set?) of stars in a3 and hyper alpha

The extra stars you see are in HSFA only, they’re the same engine which share the same stars only HSFA has more than SFA3…

It’s really easy to test. Just do Juni’s Hooligan Combination into Cross Scissors Pressure and see how much damage it does compared with the dipswitch flipped.

Or even easier is to test R.Mika’s air punch throw.

By the way, this has been posted in other threads but I think it should probably go here too:

If you want to play the ARCADE PERFECT version of vanilla SFA3 (not arrange mode), enter the dip switch settings and set it to the second option:

Then go to customize and unfill star 2-15.

I haven’t been through all the stars yet, but as far as I can tell that’s the most arcade perfect version. All the really important stuff is in like crouch cancels, building meter off whiff throws, Rose’s Illusion unblockables, and Gen’s universal Jakouha super.