Algonquin, IL Ctrl + Alt + Delete Thread

Alright, so my homeboy Cliff owns this internet cafe called Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and we were thinkin’ up ways to liven up the place. A few of us play fighters…GGXX^Core and the like…and Cliff and I were thinkin’ of starting up a weekly fight night here (After EVO North) to help build up the local scene and add to the overall Chi-town scene. Basically, if anyone here that lives in the McHenry County area, or surrounding counties were interested in comin’ out to the fight nights…or helping out with them so things run smoothly…here’s the thread to do it. Thanks for your time, and more info will be updated here as it comes.

My friend–who doesn’t have an SRK account–and I are planning on hitting up CAD for some /\C action. He knows a couple of peeps from his nearby EBGames that play GG, but I don’t know any in my area. If you can gather up a couple of guys or just come yourself, we’d be down for some games tomorrow.

Personally, I also play 3s, ST, DoA, and I dabble a little in VF and Tekken. Mighty interested in playing some SNK games.

Kenny: PM’ed you mah cell.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I play a little bit of MB, too.


Sounds good but I mainly play
and some A3, ST and SVC2.

and thats alright…we’re a diverse crowd…and really all we need are more working tv’s…and there’s time enough to work towards that.

Well yeah that’s me and another 2 guys who play only 3s.

This sounds pretty good to me. Its not as far as NC for me. this looks like the closest

middle ground for a casual spot for most of us, so I’m really quite intrigued by this.

Keep us posted on this Kenny. Peace Out

[Mario Gomez]

ya, you always takin the ride out to my place, I’ll be down to come out every once and awhile

could be a good place for future console tournys?

it’s possible. There’s plenty of room for that. I’m gonna head up there sometime early this week and talk to Cliff about it. I wonder if he made his account here yet…I recommended that he should this way you all could talk to the boss himself, you know?

Console tourneys…?
I can start using my HRAP again. yes !!!

Some good console tournys could fit perfectly between the two MWC’s.

My friends are Pad players, that’s why they don’t go to NC.
Keep posting fellas.

yeah…being that CAD is pretty much console…everyone can come with their perferred tools and bring their best game.

I’m glad you guys are interested in coming down to at least check things out…we’ll see how far/long this goes. I’m feeling positive about it.

…Y’know guys…there’s this one guy that comes in occasionally and talks MAD SHIT while playing…who wants to play “Hitman” and shut this kid up with skillz and skillz alone?

I can’t play while people are talking. I would need headphones or something.

we usually just joke around…but whatever works best for you man…

Thanks for showing interest in the general sense of having fight nights. As for console tournaments, I’m down with hosting them once we get a big enough scene built for it. Feel free to visit us if you’d like to drop by and play a few matches or what not.

1330 W. Algonquin Road

Store Phone: 847.658.7008
The store opens around 1pm, so don’t bother calling before than.

I’ll be looking forward to the competition.

got a question for all the potential visitors…what kind of accomodations and whatnot would get you to want to come to the fight nights often? I want to get an Idea for what Cliff and I need to focus on to make them kick ass for the people

fuck you, jim

last saturday i had a perfect round going against that eddie player (whatever his name was) then you started yelling [media=youtube]E13aTW7C4zw[/media] and i ended up losing