Alex's Frame Data

Frame data for Alex can be found in the google doc below:

Currently missing active frames and things like invincibility as it’s extremely difficult for me to get those numbers properly with frame counting.

You have b,f+k listed as a Mid. You fixed it. thanks.

Whoops. Also did that with Flash Chop…fixed it.

EDIT: Updated the sheet with the missing block info on St. HP and Flying Cross Chop, as well as info on the Parry part of his Sledgehammer. Also added in info on what can be cancelled.

Much appreciated<3

Thanks for putting this up. Now I can start working on some math. xD
Just wondering as I don’t see it on the doc, do we have the frames for his dashes?
Also do we have any idea on how much advantage we’re at after the knockdowns? I’m working on some meaty set ups but I don’t feel confident in them until I have all the numbers.
Apologies if I just dense and not seeing them on there. :slight_smile:

Frame data for dashes is in the Misc section.

I don’t have data for advantage after a knockdown but I could work on getting that next.

That’s cool. I was being dense. xD
Thank you.
It’s no worries, I was just wondering if I missed it along with the dashes. :slight_smile:

Can anyone clarify what the hit advantage would be of counter chop (overhead?). CHURS.

Hey, so what exactly is the difference in powerbombs besides damage/stun
Feels like LP/EX has most range, but idk. Do they even have different oki landings? Recovery is largely the same too.

EX has the most range, followed closely by LP, iirc they have the same knockdown frames etc

His overhead would be +3 on counter hit

I was actually about to ask the same question. I haven’t noticed any range difference between all versions so I’m kind of baffled.

Tested F+hp with powerbomb, they all connect on block besides the Hp version.

EX and LP have the same range. You use EX for the extra damage and stun (which is often worthwhile, 60/50 over LP is a pretty good use of meter if you have a read).

@gilley has just about all the frame data up, just missing his 15f V-Reversal and I haven’t tested his CA yet

@Muttonman yeah you’re right, was looking at the official guide wrong

Doc is missing EX Power Drop

Anyone have the frame data for his normals canceled in V-Trigger on hit/block? The official guide doesn’t list it for Alex.

Javits worked it out in April, I’m kind of surprised it didn’t make its way here:

I did actually post that on the day it was put up but if I remember rightly, it was in the main Alex Thread so it got lost.
Does anyone know the results on block?

I know vtrigger cancel on block put you on perfect position to powerbomb against 3 frame jabs
I would like to know which frame parry starts if its on frame 2 or 3
and if ex air knee smash have some invincibility even if just against projectiles

Ex-Knee is invincible when it’s active (Frames 5 - 12).
If I remember correctly the parry has 3 frames of start up but don’t take my word for it.