Alex: Stuff everybody should know

Well, 3s is starting to get popular again, and KSK is my new hero, I’ve been wondering what’s there to know about Alex. All I know is his B&Bs with SA2 and that’s really all about it…so help!

play stun gun :smiley:

Blah, SGH can go to hell! I need meter for EXes too fool!

Good pokes:

f+mp (can also be used for antiair) (use only when you know you can)

s.fp (decent overhead)

jump mk. I only use when I run away from the opponent.

mp+mk, catches people off guard in the middle of a high and low mixup.


Standing mp is good for building meter, it’s quick and while you have ample time and space just bust out a few for to build up for EX moves.

EX Air Stampede tracks, good against fireball whores.

EX Flash Chop is nice in combos, but I seldomly use it cuz I believe the better EX moves are for his air stampede and clothesline.

Boomerang is usually my super of choice, you get the most meter out of it and the super is pretty decent. Hyper Bomb comes next in line for most useful. When I use Hyper Bomb I use a really defensive Alex and when bitches try to cross up on me I whip out the super.


Alex is can used in the patience department as well as causing confusion. It’s good to have a sharp high and low mixup strategy when taking down opponents to keep them at bay and bait out for chances to grab them. His EX moves are VERY HELPFUL to the point where they are almost needed for his battle plan. Mixing up air stampedes into EX stampedes is one of many ways to psych out people. Parry into EX clothesline is a great way to retaliate. Pressure and confuse with high and low pokes and it won’t be long til they give out on doing something dumb. Going for air attacks? Jump Knee Grab that shit. Trying to do random projectiles? Air Stampede that motherfucker. Alex has so many good tools that makes him a worthy fighter. About his throws it’s best to use his lp Power Bomb. You can bust it out from a ticked and it’s more reliable to come out after a parry. Also do not ignore his normal basic throw (lp+lk), you can sneak this in to cause pressure and it helps to create space.


Jump in Hp,, lp flash chop/EX flash chop/EX Clothesline (I think it’s possible to cancel any of the above EX attacks into the Boomerang Raid.)

Jump in HP,, Boomerang Raid

In the corner you can anti air someone with a c.hp and connect with an EX Jump Knee Grab. Of course the practicality and opportunity to do such a thing is low.

Alex doesn’t seem to be a big combo machine. His true power comes from his throws and capitalizing on people’s mistakes.

Moves that shouldn’t be used:

HCB+K, useless and easy to avoid. I only use this if I wanna travel closer to the opponent after knocking them down away from me.

Jump d/f HP, on a hit or miss Alex always is left in the open to get fucked.

b+fp from behind, people can mash out of it and you’re just wasting your time when you can just do a power bomb for more damage.

Stun Gun Headbutt, you get little meter and it offers less damaging opportunities than Boomerang Raid which gives out meter for EX moves. Even Hyper Bomb is a better a choice due to the fact that it’s Alex’s most damaging super.

That’s my 2 cents for the day.

rofl – what little you know! stun gun is his best super! [no, im really dead serious]. :slight_smile:


You speak all lies!! GAH!!

You’re crazy. Its all about SA2. :cool:

stun gun!!

Stun Gun is really good against people who don’t know how to get out of it. But in high level play it’s pretty much useless.

Even characters without reversal type moves can get out. I was watching Ohnuki play against a SA3 Alex player, and he stopped Stun Gun with standing jab every single time.

so yeah, SA2 is the best one for Alex :slight_smile:

Ill do c.short + SA2 and Ill win.

yeah, standing jab is the counter for SGH. It would’ve been great, if they had extended the invinibility frames until he grabbed the opponent…oh well.:bluu:

EX air stampede can be parry bait. EX flash chops are actually quite useful, due to its sheer speed to retaliate and push opponents away, when needed.

Just try not to punish someone with SAII from far away. If the super loosely hits (say Alex’s finger tips are the only thing that touch the opponent), the throw part will completely whiff. This leads to getting punished for landing your super half assed.

:frowning: The worst part about it is I was that ‘player’ :frowning:

Stun Gunnaah! :slight_smile:

Actually SGH is his most damaging super. SGH, then fierce FC, then fierce PB does more damage than his HB.

And SGH is not useless. You all think that it’s useless if you do it whenever of just out of blockstun, but it has a lot more applications than that. Off a parry, the guy’s fucked. As anti-air, a LOT of times the guy is fucked, and can do nothing. It has a lot of nice little mindgames. Anyway, SA2 is great, but SA3 is too. Even SA1 is good but its bar is way to long and Alex doesn’t build meter too hot.

And jumping d+fierce has a lot of applications in baitouts and shit like that. It just takes some balls to do it because if you get blocked, ur fucked. Also a good anti-air. Also good for baiting anti-airs in return for stun (and damage). Do it against Remy’s flash kick…see if the Remy keeps trading…he won’t.

Anyway, his good pokes are not (IMO) s. forward or s. rh. His only good pokes (IMO) worth abusing are c. strong and c. forward. His trip is very nice also because it’s long. His s. fierce is very underestimated. It’s a great damaging overhead. And it’s safe if blocked.

Anyway, if you guys wanna know some specific stuff ask.

but i thought you told me boomerang raid? Lol…anyhow… I was playing the other day, and I was wondering what should I do against yun? because I was getting my ass handed to me everytime. now I’m not that good, but it would be nice to know some tactics so I can do a little better the next time.

next time you seem me Jay ask me. but against YUn? hmm.

first yun is a hard character to beat for Alex because of speed and runaway genei-jin:mad: pretty much rush him down the best you can. mix up the dash in powerbombs to the stomps.

once that bitch gets genei jin. if you predict correctly you can do Alex’s EX move the sonicboom with kick (i really need to get the names down) and it should hit him while he is activating.

but overall this is a very hard match up just try to stay away from genei jin or parry your way out if you can.

what i saw at EVO (ksk vs Ko) he used a lot of standing mk. to keep Yun in the corner so he can’t jump out. and a lot of the sonic boom with Kick EX version to stop the genei jin activation.

usually when someone activates i try to stomp their ass if then rush in. but you have to time it and distance correctly.

i actually like stun gun over boomerang raid. but in high level play it won’t cut it. i need the meter for EX’s and a damaging super when i need. i cancombo stungun but only by chance and that is too risky in high level play.

stun gun is indeed a good super. It’s my favorite one, but it doesnt mean it’s the best. negative thing about it is that if you use any EX, you dont get a super. Same applies with Hyper Bomb. with SA2, you can use a few EX moves and still have a super. However, stun gun is definately a good super because the meter is so short. You can get 2 or 3 each round easily. And yes, characters can escape stun gun. But if done properly, some characters cant do anything unless they have ex meter.

i dont use stun gun, but to hit it all the time, just use his foward+fierce anti air (which hits all the time and is fast) when you see them flyin back do the long range stun gun, and there you go.

just jump and rh it out

the only way to truly land it, is by comboing it. other than that it all has to do with set up and tricks.

Alex vs Yun

The key to this matchup is to stay near Yun at all times and to knock him down or keep him grounded as much as possible. So use jumping jab, short or strongs to keep yun out of the air and to outprioritize most of his air moves. Also, do a lot of EX flash chops whenever possible to knock him down and EX elbows to keep in close. After yun gets knocked down and you’re beside him, the low short into jab powerbomb works really well when yun wakes up since he’s got nothing to retaliate you with other than EX rising kick and that can’t hit you when you’re ducking. So after a few of those ticks, you can do other wake up ticks.

When yun activates SA3, it’s best to run away into a corner and then just start blocking. If he walks in trying to go for a flip, immediately go for a throw attempt.

I think this is a pretty even match as long as you don’t get overwhelmed by dive kicks.