Akuma vs.....

Everyone. I need strats on how to play against a lot of lesser known characters (Oro, Necro, Ibuki). Soooooo if anyone has any anti-character strats while using Akuma I’d appreciate it.

EDIT: I just found some of the stuff here but it’d be good to get another thread going and more strats.

Basically against Oro one should go easy w/ the air fb’s because Oro can dash under and punish and try not to get slapped around w/ that Roundhouse.

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Phew :sweat:

Anyway, when I play necro, I just play a high pressure rushdown. He can’t punish a whole lot. My one point of advice is teleport out of the corner if you ever get stuck there. Air fireballs to stuff eletricity things.

Ibuki, I guess I just play a pretty straight forward game. I try to bait jump ins and counter with sa1. A lot of the Ibuki’s I play try resets a lot, so shoryu’s can stop their rush, but obviously this isn’t going to work all the time. She can duck under a lot of hurricanes, and can’t be juggled very well, but a lot of her moves are low priority. if you can, shoryu her out of air daggers.

I think mk and hk hurricanes are safe against oro, but I would definitely try to stay grounded. You can’t do your anti air sa1’s against him because of his damn double jump. Just go for knockdowns and pressure him on wakeup until he has an EX, then see if you can get him to throw out an EX uppercut, and punish.

No real great tips, but just a few things I’ve learned. My oro game isn’t as good as it should be.

vs oro i try to buffer in high parries at mid range, because hes most likely going to be trying to s.mk and s.rh you.

and just play akuma haha. just dont dash in constantly, dont throw mindless air fireballs, be wary of random dp occasionally, and oro cant punish c.rh very well at max range.

cr. lk x 2 can be confirmed into mk or hk hurricane against Oro. I find this VERY useful…

Very useful, Naz! So true! And by the way cr.lk, cr.lp can be confirmed into mk-tatsu against almost everyone besides Oro;)

also, if theyre playing sa2, teleport out of unblockables.

Woah! Are you serious?? Woah! Anyone else that this works on?

I’ve always wondered if there are certain situations where this might be more useful than a low forward > tatsu. The cr.lk does have a faster startup correct? Maybe to punish a red parried geneijin attack?

Oh yeah. I need to put together a list of how many characters that works on. :tup:

I was actually thinking of using cr. lk, st. lp when at point blank range to possible confirm a mk hurricane for big damage.

Couldn’t be more wrong about the priority thing. I understand not many people play Ibuki and the majority of those that do in the US/Europe don’t really understand how she should be played. I’ll tell you right now though (hell…Naz even has online experience vs. my Ibuki) that her pokes screw up Akuma real bad. f+HK goes over ALL of Akuma’s low pokes and hits him straight in the head. Akuma takes more than one of these to the face and he’s half stunned. Against a good Ibuki player you always have to be on your toes. If Ibuki hits you with 2 small combos the game is almost over already. Not just because of the damage but Ibuki’s stun is ridiculous. s.MK to hcb+HP is nearly half stun on Akuma. s.MK to EX qcb+K (which hits Akuma fully on crouch) does even more stun and is literally a 1/4th of his life bar on crouch.

Ibuki is almost like another Akuma in the sense that she doesn’t even need bar to do stupid amounts of damage/stun on certain characters. Ibuki always has options to deal damage without bar so in essence both characters have to be wary of each other’s damage options from the start of the round. For Akuma it would probably be smart to start the round out slow and see how Ibuki reacts because her stun bar is larger and she can easily dash or slide under fireballs. Ibuki doesn’t even really need to take to the air to win the match.

You can easily slide under a poorly timed air fireball and look to punish him and pokes like s.MK and f+HK really give Akuma a hard time. They can go toe to toe with any of his pokes and when she has bar she can EX dp dive kicks on reaction and knock them out clean. Akuma’s crouch box is also rather large so he pretty much gets hit by all of Ibuki’s pokes. Her s.LP alone at close range shuts out a lot of Akuma’s pokes. Unless he DP’s on reaction she can kinda just throw this at close range to keep him locked down. Especially considering s.LP is +6 on block any Akuma player will definitely be willing to think twice before trying to DP that out. All of Ibuki’s poke strings can be hella annoying for him and all of her poke strings hit him on crouch.

Thanks. I’ve always had a morbid fear of that f+roundhouse. It’s good to know about the other things I need to watch out for.

Yeah…another good tool Ibuki has against Akuma is her s.MK. The average Ibuki player almost never uses this move (probably because they don’t watch enough match vids) but s.MK along with f+HK are her best pokes. Average Ibuki players get too caught up trying to hit people with her crouching attacks. c.MK and c.HK are nice but they don’t lead to quite the damage or put up quite the pressure that her standing normals do. s.MK comes out STUPID quick and can also beat out a majority of Akuma’s pokes when timed correctly. Pretty much every shoto has to be wary of this move when she incorporates it into her poke strings. s.MK has hella priority and if this hits you can pretty much just mash on EX qcb+K for a free knockdown and damage. If you’re close enough and don’t have enough bar she can also cancel into hcb+HP which is about the same idea.

Thats why I keep saying - Ibuki is the worst non top tier matchup for Akuma. I think one of the links that Jida posted has a match between Nomoto and an Ibuki player. That match was actually the first time I’ve seen a Jap akuma beating Ibuki, and it was a very slow paced match due to how careful Akuma had to play…

That cr.lp, cr.lp into hurricane thing works against most opponents, but I think you need to be as close to the opponent as possible as I’ve done this combo many times and the hurricane doesn’t connect. Something just occured to me right now - maybe its a case of cancelling the lp really quickly - kind of like when you add in the extra lp to the BnB combo - only works if you cancel super fast…

Well, I guess I have the perspective I do because Ibuki players I’ve played always use the ‘whoever rushes the most, wins’ strategy. They are very capable rushdown players, and know their strings well, but it doesnt work too well.

Exactly. It has to be done point blank or not at all. That extra lp to the BnB is fucking sex, though.

point blank and the opponent has to be standing most of the time. IIRC, it doesn’t work against many crouched opponents.

Yeah…Ibuki crouches it. So do other shotos and well…a lot of the cast.

So what the hell do I do against Makoto exactly? I was playing a Makoto player last night and faced some troubles (100% stun/damage namely). Do I stay airborne (for fear of Karakusa)? Or counterpoke or something? I had to switch to Denjin Ryu.

I did, however, nail him with a cl. rh. Kara demon. It was my highlight of the night. It was one of those finishers where your opponents stamina isn’t even orange yet and it just barely killed him off in the third round. It’s so abrupt/awesome that you can savor the succulent dissappointment in the air. No one saw it coming either because I had done so many SAI’s earlier.

you have to play smart against makoto, throw her alot. one parry means death.

dont get too mk/rh hurricane happy.

whatever into point blank mk hurricane, hp dp works on her.

dragon punch and generally anti air her jumpins, makotos like to jump wildly with axe kicks and j.mk, they will rarely attempt to parry 3 hits of a fierce dp, just dont get too predictable.

she doesnt really have a dragon punch, so demon flip mixups are actually pretty good against her, just dont get your dive kick parried. also, watch out for wakeup sa2 in the corner. pressure her with f+mp and things like close s.fp xx demon flip to prevent that.

As long as she doesn’t have any super bar, put the pressure on her on wakeup because of her lack of wakeup options, but really watch her bar because a wakeup super will completely ruin everything you have built up. Just keep a good mixup going and try to continually knock her down. Like epsilon said, demon flips are usually pretty safe. If you are both grounded I would try to stay out of dash distance because they love to do dash karakusa.

never in life teleport if necro player have meter…
air fireball can use well but if necro player have meter (sa1) not is safe all time.
you can reversal air tasumaki if necro make a drill kick so hight