Akuma vs. dhalsim - still questioning how to play the matchup

I read the matchup thread on how to fight Dhalsim, but I’m still a bit unsure how to properly play it.

I know that Dhalsim wants to keep you far away from him due to his bad close-up game. But I was wondering whether it’s better to try and get in on him or to stay full screen away from him to get away from the limbs.

Particularly, I was wondering which of the two options is a better way to play against Sim - keep-away or rush down? and how do you deal against Sim if you’re in the corner?

I play against a Sim that likes to abuse the cross-up teleports along with keep-away. Was wondering if you could share some insight.

Also, if there are solid examples online of Akuma playing the matchup very well. Thanks in advance. Hopefully I’m not asking for too much.

Use the matchup thread for any questions regarding matchups.

Personally, I play range games with Sim. Full screen away. He can’t win the fireball war so if he’s spamming then feel free to return fire. Just be wary of the Yoga Fire -> Teleport behind you. His limbs are SRKable so practice that in Training Mode. Also the Exploding Heart Technique (reference loltima’s Vortex Thread), will put you between Sim and his Super (I think the Ultra as well, but check for yourself) allowing for good pressure. Also, when he teleports anywhere close to or on top of you, cr.HP and be ready to block the response (usually cr.HP or cr.LP from Sim). He can’t stop it…at all.

Overall Sim is slow but his damage is big and sudden. Don’t let his floatiness fool you into rash movements. If you find yourself lost, always go back to Akuma basics. Good luck.

I find myself playing a full-range game with him, and when he teleports to you, it’s easy to just jab him out, teleport, then start again. If he’s in the air, I block up high and try for demon after j.hp.

It’s still a hell of a difficult match though.

He recovers extremely slow from yoga fire so you can usually demon flip in and punish if you know he’s going to do it. I just wait until I can catch him with that and watch out for his teleport and its a pretty easy match up I think.

His recovery is fast enough that you can’t react with a demon flip in general. So you’re right with your saying that u have to anticipate it. But this is always a guessing game.
Dhalsim does his damage when people try to get close to him.
And as Akuma you can’t take that risk many times. Only if Sim becomes predictable with his j.HP, HP game u can try to approach with focus absorbing this. (If you have Ultra and he uses j.HP it’s guaranteed demon, even on hit.
Go for the fireball war (don’t use Shaku too much because of recovery) and wait for the teleport. Then as mentioned jab or c.HP him and start the vortex (first time i worte the word vortex… :D)
I’d say it’s one of Akumas tougher matchups in which you have to be very patient until he’s close and then put the hurt on him.
And because patience isn’t my strength, too, it’s hard for me to win against a Dhalsm that knows what he does.
Most of the times I win a round with pretty much full health and then loose the other rounds by a hair’s breadth because I start to think I can rush them down… :smiley:

I just got done writing a little bit on this in the other thread.




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trying to get him to the corner and keeping him there is the way to go. You should practice that because getting knocking him down in a corner is not easy at all. Once you’ve done that it’s usually quite easy to do a ton of damage and then start zoning from full screen away waiting for him to come and do some stupid shit that will probably get him killed

I played quite a few Sims today and this seems to be the magic strat. After zoning from full-screen, they all got impatient as hell and started teleporting closer, to which I just c.hp them to death. They don’t seem to get the hint. To corner them, I turtle and inch forward whenever I think it’s safe, then they go into panic mode when they realize they have no space to jump back and start doing stupid shit.

If you play a good Sim they will wait you out because they have the advantage at a range. The Sim match up happens to be one of my better match ups just because a very good Japanese Sim player goes to WSU and I get to play him regularly.

Usually, when i play Sim players i kinda just think like Ughhhh keep away and do dumb shit to get in and just keep pressure.

Sim match-ups for me are few and far between but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had any good matches against them. Its all about getting in. Sweep a limb and go in with a demon flip and keep the pressure on with the vortex.

thanks a ton for the replies, I’m learning more. Are there any links to good examples on how to play against Sim? Thanks guys!


updated version

Go to youtube and look specifically for Ak/Sim match ups.



havent played a good sim in ages, but against you average bear fireball war if he teleports crouching hp and if he chooses to fireball fight demon flip…if your slow in with the demon flip use palm and if you anticipated correctly kick to combo

what i do sometimes against teleport happy sims is stand in the corner and let him teleport in lol it backfires sometimes when he just takes a few steps into limb range so i wouldnt recomend it

This matchup is boring. I prefer to stay back and turtle, stuffing projectiles with mp shaku, waiting for an opening. Once you find that opening, rush it so he can’t escape your mix-up and wake-up games. If he escaped, start it all over again. Pay attention to his patterns, and if possible, punish his instant overheads with Ultra.

I play a pretty solid Sim player here in Sydney regularly and also I alt. Dhalsim alongside Gouken. Here’s my take:

  • c.mp stuffs some of his long range pokes AND counter hits
  • d.mk from our jump apex breaks his long ranged pokes AND counter hits
  • From just inside full screen you can EX flip dive kick on reaction to his yoga fire. Beyond this, or if your reactions aren’t good, opt for the flip grab. You’ll grab him out of the recovery or the startup of any move he attempts - including EX upflame.
  • Dhalsim has trouble dealing with advancing air fireballs - especially EX. Use these to build a wall to get behind as you advance on him.
  • Once in mix your shit up and apply pressure. I argue THIS is the key - NOT distanced fighting. You want to get in on Dhalsim and pressure the ever loving shit out of him. Once in:
  • lk flip grab
  • cross-up with lk
  • cross-up with mk
  • Poke with varying tempos with lp, mp and mk and overheads. This is to screw up his option select techs
  • kara grab with your pokes
  • Poke like crazy and ball him. FADC the ball and keep at it. You’ll build meter whilst pressuring so don’t worry about stocks.
  • After a knockdown during all this in the corner, EX tatsu sometimes. He’ll be anticipating a grab or EX flip. Keep him guessing.
  • cross-up tatsu is very effective. Use it.
  • If he teleports when you’re in close, this is likely to put him in a worse position. Sweep or hk tatsu on reaction

Sim does NOT want to be knocked down. One of the worst situations for Sim is being knocked down whilst playing against Gief. Akuma when used right can pressure his wake-up just as hard.

Key is getting in. Use patience but don’t fuck around either. Use a mix of c.mp, mk jump arc dive kick, EX air balls and mk tatsus to close the gap and begin the pressure game. Try to avoid focusing his pokes as it is highly likely you’ll eat another and lose twice as much. Akuma can’t ill afford many pokes before we start to feel it so don’t get silly with working your way in.

Be wary when Sim has super when throwing balls - especially red 'uns. You’re ripe for an instant air tele, b.hp, b.mk, flame, super. This hurts.

Remember standing block has LESS pushback. This is worth keeping in mind when gaining ground. Watch out for his LOW pokes however.

Idle demon fips are generally a bad idea. Sim can b.mp on reaction and beat you clean. Likewise with EX upflame. At a distance your poorly timed jumpins will get snuffed clean by b.hk.

A good Sim is a difficult match for Akuma as we are whittled down slowly. As a Sim player I argue that Sim is (very) well tooled to deal with shotos with Akuma being a tad simpler to cut down to size due to his poor stamina. He’s still a headache though - especially up close.

I hope this helps. I’ll try and get some matches recorded some day against my Dhalsim playing buddy. They’re usually pretty entertaining fights with him doing an amazing job of keeping me at bay. Once I manage get in though, things get pretty disgusting though the match truly go either way. It often breaks down to who screws up first or who’s patience and zoning cracks. Zoning in this instance for Akuma being the ability to maintain a close proximity to Dhalsim.

Yes, you could fight this match at a distance as mentioned above. This would likely run the clock and it doesn’t take much for Sim to land a solid distanced poke and thus screw this approach up for Akuma forcing him to come in and err on recklessness and impatience. You can pick your openings and capitalise on them but I personally prefer to bring the fight to Sim and pressure him. Keep in mind though that a Dhalsim player is EXPECTING you to come in. Yes, I guess I play right into Sim’s hands (when using Sim I tend to pressure with pokes but also anticipate them coming in) but the idea is to do it smartly and be tricky about it. The idea is to close that gap and quite literally rip him to shreds.

Oh, and you can ultra demon Sim’s j.hp on hit OR block. Learn this. Thing is, any good Sim player isn’t doing this to Akuma when he has Ultra. Ever.

Good luck mate. Be patient, but be aggressive. That’s my approach.

one thing that came to my mind was what can you do to get out of the corner when fighting against Dhalsim? If you play keep away and he slowly advances on you, eventually you will reach the corner. So what do you do if you ever end up in the corner?