Akuma vs. dhalsim - still questioning how to play the matchup

I pressure him back. Inch forward, blocking low unless he’s in the air. Akuma’s more of a threat to Sim close in than Sim being a threat to Akuma long-range.

i know I wrote a huge thing on sim a few months ago… and yet… none of it was put on the front page for the match-up thread?? even though its on the first few pages? *palm.

Its not that hard to get out of the corner against sim. hk demon flip to get to the other side of him… tiger fb pressure towards him (Ex is better if you don’t mind using the bar)… hk tatsu if he is close enough to you… focus a limb and dash forwards…

and don’t use c.hp to counter the teleport… use s.lp. c.hp requires you to react a LOT sooner and its not worth risking trading (and losing your chance for rushdown) or getting comboed (feel like an idiot).

Hey guys!

When Sim teleports behind me and I hit with st.LP, what can I do afterwards? I always find myself unable to do anything after that besides block or backdash.

What about cr.HP? If I hit with cr.HP what’s are my best options?

cr. HP is the best option. But since that resets Sim, then the best thing is to just continue pressure since you already close. Sim can’t tango with Akuma at close range.

huh? are we talking about the same teleport? when you hit him with a s.lp he does a little flip backwards (mid-air hit reset) and you have all the time in the world to dash forward or jump forward and do whatever you want. Why would you backdash? You WANT close range… And why would you block? sim has very MHEE close range pokes, no specials to really worry about… you bascially can do ANYTHING against him… 4 best options though are (no particular order) j.mk for a cross-up (or cross-tatsu), c.lk (slower to start a combo if he didn’t block low), c.lp (faster and many times is the difference between having time to do a srk or teleport to get out of an ultra hitting you), grapple (starts up dash dash demonflip/cross-tatsu wake-up game).

a little tricker option is to cancel the lp or the hp into a demon flip either to palm to the other side and go for a c.lk to land or track his teleport (many sims like to teleport after you hit them into the reset).

now… if you mean the person is using the teleport WHILE STANDING… first off they are probably not a good sim… but i digress. The response to this is to do the s.lp, then do c.lp, lk tatsu, HP srk. Also… this is one of the few match-ups where it tends to be useful to use resets from the bnb combos. And you can tatsu trip him as well (switching c.hk in for the HP srk finish). The more pressure you can put on sim the better… but remember a damage lead is important too.

ohh… and c.hp is only better if the sim you are playing is bad or obnoxiously repetitive. Instant air teleports, basically the only type a good sim will use for the most part offensively, are too fast for you to easily react to with a c.hp and guarantee a clean hit…stick with c.lp. On the other hand if we are just talking about the scrubby ones that jump and then teleport then by all means c.hp that obvious crap. But in that case they probably can be whipped easily as they probably don’t anti-air very well either… and without anti-air the sim match is a walk in the park.