"Akuma" hater thread

This is a thread for anyone to get off their chest their detest for that overated jabroni known as Gouki, or “Akuma.”

I’ll start.
I do not like him in Zero 3,
I do not like him in SVC,
I do not like him in Third Strike,
That dumb “Akuma” I do not like.

Everyone likes Akuma.

You heart the buttsex. With guys. Also, this has pretty much nothing to the comic at all. Take your hating to the General Discussion section foo. Before I have to Shun Goku Satsu your ass! :slight_smile:


thats what this akuma hater boy deserves :tup:

I concur! Down with Akuma, up with mini-skirts!

Joe from Street Fighter One > “Akuma.”

but someones right, this should be in the Fighting Game Discussion thread, my bad.

I do not like them Sam I AM, I do not like green eggs and ham.

Akuma is boring. Another shoto, but kinda evil. Zzzzzz…

You said it, man. He’s a character that got tired pretty fast.

Bitch bitch bitch. Maybe they should never have introduced Ken either then.

Now that’s good thinking!

{see AV} :clap:

Still better than Iori.

No matter how much he’s hated, Akuma will always own and be the man. :nunchuck: :rock: :cool:

And he will always attract scrubs. Such is life.

i like him better then boring old ryu.

I think I WOULD like him better if there were not so many Akuma fanboy scrubs. They just kinda killed it.

iori is not even in Akuma’s League…

At least Akuma gets the job done. iori on the other hand cant off a high school kid.

iori= :lame: :tdown:

A high school kid that defeated gods?

You summed it up perfectly.

is akuma that popular? never noticed it before, i thought people were more into ryu or something.