Akuma General Discussion Thread: "I am the Master of the Fist!"

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FRAMEDATA by @gilley


900 health, 3 frame buttons, first DLC character with meterless DP, people are going to cry about his changed up moves list.

I really hope his V-Trigger allows him to change into Shin Akuma. That would be dope.


That may not be Akuma we all know … two reasons:

  1. Asura’s statue in the background might refer to the battle in Asura’s Wrath.

But didn’t that battle end up being Oni vs Asura, not Akuma?

  1. The kanji refers to being “god-like” as PVL mentioned points to Oni as well … Since Oni means “Devil”

It is pretty much confirmed he will either be Shin Akuma/Oni or will become him in VT.

Shin Akuma is gonna be awesome because it makes you wonder what his V-trigger and V-skill will be once they’re implemented, does he become Oni (isn’t Oni the final form of Akuma from completely being taken over using the satsui no hadou etc…) or gains some of his move sets or even gaining one of his super combo moves ?..either way i don’t care i’m just glad he’s coming to the game…SHUNGOKUSATSU !!!


it’s 21004 not 210004…

Akuma is not an IT wizard jeez.

V trigger will be Alpha 3 V-ism.

Shin Gouki confirmed via kanji on his back.

New fucking stage.

(it never wasn’t great imo but whatever)

Also I’m so fucking glad its not oni.
Like really fucking glad.

Thread title sucks.

I’d prefer if it was “Messatsu” tbh, but thats like the ultra nerd in me.

I would be more careful with these statements… it still looks like Oni’s kanji.

Look at the teaser again, when he’s showing his back to us. There’s dangly red bits on the top left of the screen by his shoulder.

Given he’s most likely looking back to us facing to the right, that might be a ponytail he’s rocking. He had two alts in SFIV with it, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I agree it needs to be more racist.

I don’t play this turd but I care enough about SF to need him to:

1- Not have white hair and a skirt as it breaks SF3 continuity (Bison shotgunned this go away!)
2- Not be Oni as it breaks SF3 continuity.
3- Be far less of a shoto by adopting some of Oni’s moves and then some.
4- Actually try to be interesting and different because we already have the boss supreme, Urien’s swag, Necalli’s VT and Nash’s edginess.

That is all. Congratulation to his playerbase. I’m happy you’re happy. Surely we can work something out. No hard feelings about stealing your Ryu Final ending, after all you stole pretty much everything.

Shadaloo Marketing Director

SF Story already ass, might as well ass it up more.

He needs Kongou Kouretsuzan or go home.