Akatsuki Denkou Senki: NETPLAY TOURNEY ver. sp1 (First Round - in progress)


BRACKETS HAVE NOW BEEN LOCKED. NO MORE RECRUITS WILL BE ADMITTED. If you wish to have your name removed or have alterations made just post.


**Recruits (Handle, City/State, Time available)

  1. MChibi, Hackensack, NJ, late night (EST)

  2. D’Nyc3, Miami, FL, late night (EST)

  3. Bellreisa, Murrieta, CA, 9-12pm (PST)

  4. Rithli, NY, NY, after 9pm (EST)

  5. Zar, NY, NY, after 8pm (EST)

  6. Turbovec, DFW, TX, after 8:30pm (CDT)

  7. Waffelz, Port Washington, NY, after 7pm (EST)

  8. AlterGenesis, Mississauga, ON, 7PM+ (EST)

  9. Comic-Z, Rochester, NY, Evenings (EST)

  10. Sibladeko, Ossining, NY, After 5PM (EST)

  11. Zedd56 Toronto, ON, after 4pm-8pm**

4649 (canceled)
DTG (canceled)


H-F Blade, Irvine, CA, evenings (PST)
Shotokan Symphony, SI, NY, after 8pm (EST)
Poundmax, GA, pending
MDK, Mississauga, ON, after 7PM (EST)

If you need any corrections made or if you decide to drop from the event please post so that I may update.

More updates soon (?)

Last update: 9/12. Shotokan, Turbo, Waffelz added.
Last update: 9/26. MDK (Badguy00) added to roster.
Last update: 9/27. AlterGenesis and Comic-Z added to roster.
IMPORTANT INFO: To avoid any last minute clutter and confusion I think it would be best to close the brackets on Wednesday, October 3. Team UberSoldat (unofficial name) i.e. Akatsuki/Mizuumi will probably start arranging the brackets on Monday (10/1). I was considering on pairing up players by neighboring regions to avoid any serious lag issues but I’m certain that near the end of the tournament there will be a substantial amount off distance between players that will probably result in undesirable performace. Standard :rolleyes:.

Any suggestions from entries are welcome. This is my first attempt at a netplay event and overall my tournament know-how is rather limited. This does not mean that I’m going at this alone but the more help, the better.

Last update: 9/29. Sibladeko added to roster. 4649 time of availability edited.
IMPORTANT INFO: Well since the amount of entries are starting to become stagnant, I don’t think it would be such a bad idea to close the brackets on Weds, Oct 3rd. I intend to debate over this in the akatsuki/mizuumi channel possibly today or tomorrow. Don’t take any chances, JOIN NOW!!
Last update: 10/1. Announcement.
#1 So it’s official, **AS OF 12pm/Noon (EST), Wednesday, October 3 WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY NEW PLAYERS AND THE BRACKET WILL BE CLOSED! **If you have not joined #AKATSUKI @ IRC.MIZUUMI.NET you need to show yourself there at least once by Thursday and talk to “Sibladeko” or “Bellresia” or “Zar” to get info about your first matchup. About Half the players that signed up HAVE NOT visited #akatsuki ever so I will be sure to harass you via PM. If you do not have IRC or are a complete IRC noob I will link you to a site for assistance. YOU MUST PROVIDE INFO ON HOW WE CAN CONTACT YOU (preferably online =p). The tournament will flow smoothly if we have a way to contact you live. WE WILL NOT BE CONDUCTING THE TOURNAMENT THROUGH PM’s. You can forget about that shit. We will most likely assign the brackets on Weds evening and post the standings/matchups in this thread. I will reiterate tournament rules either today or on Weds.
#2 A new EXTENSION PATCH was released last night. It is very crucial that you upgrade to this patch to avoid any possible mishaps that may occur when attempting to play your opponent over the net.
Last Update: 10/3. Added Zedd56 to roster. More information regarding the tournament will be added SOON so hold tight.

**Last Update: 10/5. Canned quite a number of players and pushed the first round of matches back a day (10/6) out of kindness for the players that have yet to respond to my PM’s or show up in the channel :bluu:. As a result, I have decided to redo the brackets instead of everyone getting byes the 1st rd (lol). New bracket will be posted in a few hours. Rules and some other important info will be added in the last post along with the revamped bracket. PARTICIPANTS MUST SHOW UP IN THE CHANNEL (#akatsuki @ irc.mizuumi.net) FOR MATCHUP STATUS. MATCHES WILL START AS EARLY AS 5PM (EST) AND CONTINUE UP UNTIL ABOUT 1AM (EST). Most of the participants matches occur between 7pm and 12am but you should still try to show up early to be on the safe side :wink:.

Thanks to all that signed up and good luck to you. BLIIIIIIITZ HEIL!

FINAL UPDATE: Check out DEM BRACKETS here. The shit jumps off TODAY @ 5PM (EST). Lace up yo’ boots!!

Blitz Heil!!! :annoy:

On October 5th, #Akatsuki/Mizuumi will be hosting an epic online tournament event and we are requesting that all Blitzkampf Soldiers report to the front lines to partake in this historic netplay battle. The event may span many weeks so be sure to prepare extra food rations and regularly fill your water canteens.

Soldiers will be sortied according to battalion (really your region/state :bgrin:). It would be highly appreciated if participants are running DSL or higher in this event as many of us aren’t fans of our guns getting jammed in the brink of war (really just laggy as hell :bgrin:. Am i trying too hard with the military references?). There is no enlistment fee and thus the soldiers that earn their promotions will not receive any compensation for their efforts. Instead they will attain honor, victory (or defeat lol), pride, and extensive combat knowledge to utilize in future battles. The top 3 highest ranked soldiers will receive a 21-water-pistol salute and “badges of honor” (basically your names get placed in the thread :clap:).

Macros and mapping will be permitted on the battlefield. We can only hope that participants will respect the “Honor System” and refrain from using “advanced weaponry” (i.e. programmable pads/sticks and turbo features :tdown:).

Victory will be given to the first contender to receive 2 match points (2/3 matches). All finals (losers, winners and grand) will be 3/5 matches (first to receive 3 points). In the event of a draw, neither player will receive a match point and both players will replay the match using the same characters.

It is very important that all soldiers create log entries (turn on your mo’ fo’ replay feature plz!!!). We intend to broadcast the war in its entirety via YouTube (xubersoldatx account).

Enlistment is starting NOW! To sign up just post up saying that you want to enlist in the Akatsuki Army or whatever and give the handle you wish to have displayed on the rankings and battle records (match vids). There may be a thread floating around somewhere in the Tournament Events Forum with a complete list of the participants. If not, then I’ll just update the thread. :razz:

**Civilian Synopsis:

Akatsuki Tournament

Date: October 5th ~ whenever it gets finished (we’re trying for at most 2mths)

Signups: Are starting NOW. Just post up info like handle, connection, dates and time available, and state/city.

Entry: 0$

Prize: Honor, a learning experience and oh, 0$. :shake:

Matches: 2/3, 3/5 for losers, winners and grand finals, double elimination. Keep the character you win with in any instance. The loser is free to change their character choice. In the event of a draw, replay the match. Blind pick upon request (you and your opponent can just pm the character choice to a 3rd party). *Info on desynching issues will be added later.

-Mapping/macros are allowed. Try to refrain from cheating ppl! (no turbo/program stuff plz)

-Players will be paired up according to region.

-“Good” connections are encouraged (dsl or higher). If you know your connection is shit, please save us and yourself the trouble and frustration by just sitting it out. If you can get access to an acceptable connection post up the date and time when you’ll be available to play your matches.

-Most importantly…SAVE YOUR MATCHES. By simply going to the options mode you can turn on the auto save replay feature. It will record ALL matches w/o you having to think about it at the end of every match. **

We’re looking forward to seeing veterans and new recruits alike for the upcoming event. If you have any questions/comments you’re encouraged to post up. For some drill practice (no homo) and strategy exchange join us at #Akatsuki @ irc.mizuumi.net.

~ZTB, signing off :cybot:

p.s. HEIL, BITCHEZ!! :pray:

I want to plaaaaaaaay.

I’m in…

@ Symphony & Turbovec

Good stuff guys. I just going to need you submit the info i asked for in the second post (city/state, time available).

I see shotokan symphony is in SI, NY but you didnt give a time and I couldnt find Turbovec’s location on the map :rolleyes:.

thank you for your interest. I’ll update soon after you guys provide the info.

lol, yeah…I’m the DFW area of TX. And I’m avalible to play in the evenings usually after 8:30.

Im down

Handle: wafflez
Location: Port Washington, NY
Time: after 7 pm est

lol, ok ok

Shotokan Symphony, aka CABINET SMASHER
Staten Island, NY
time available: any time after 8pm.

Ahem i wanna join.


check out updates to confirm info.

@ shotokan symphony/turbovec/waffelz:
gj guys. thanks for the info and for enlisting. :wgrin:

@ tinshi:
aw shiiiii. tinshi got the internetsssss. gimmie your info, guy. And did you cop the game yet? Hit up #akatsuki and irc.mizuumi.net for more ‘info’. :wink:

i’d like to sign up
MDK, Mississauga, ON, after 7PM (EST)


Check updates to confirm info plz :wonder:

A week and change left! Start hitting up #akatsuki @ irc.mizuumi.net for some last minute training!

Tinshi, I still need that info. Just fork it over even if you dont have internets atm.

Thanks, Badguy00 for registering and making the process extremely easy for me. Copy/paste for the win!

I’m down.

AlterGenesis, Mississauga, ON, 7PM+ (EST)

I’ll join rawr~

Comic-Z, Rochester, NY

Its About That Time, People!!!

title says it all…



I made some updates and a v.v. important announcement. For the entries w/ ‘pending’ available times, I will be contacting you via pm for a more definite time frame so that we can pair you up w/ the most compatible player nearest you.

I will reiterate the rules and procedure and such over the wknd, should I have the time. Till then…
BLITZ HEIL!!!** :annoy:


Ossining, NY
Usually Evenings after 5

frederick, maryland.
late nights.



Now would be a good time to drop in the channel and start requesting matches to step it up…THERES ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT!!! Also, I’ve noticed that more than 2/3 of the entries are EC :looney:. Oh well, that results in less matches w/ lag occuring :grin:.

New Announcement!!!

Please read the most current update in the first post (10/1).

Also, there was a NEW-new extension patch released last night (ver Be sure to upgrade to that for the event.


I wann join

Zedd56 Toronto, ON usually any time after 4:00 / 5:00 6 or 8 would be really good