"Ain't my style..." - The Paul Phoenix Discussion Thread

So, after suffering through Paul’s joke-character status in the abysmal SF x Tekken, I’m looking forward to chalking up some wins again. (Note: I stopped playing SFxT after an hour or two, because the whole experience just felt awful.)

What changes have we seen in Paul since his Tekken 6 appearance? Any moves that deserve reconsideration, or is it business as usual?


Looks exactly the same… lol
He has a new slow sweep launcher which is annoying online but will probably stop being effective once I’ll be able to recognize the animation.

I feel that Paul is so slow. I loved to play him since Tekken 1. Over the games he has gotten so slow. Also the timing on his counter is not what it used to be. Maybe I just need more practice. I miss the way he was in Tekken 3.

New sweep launcher ?
As far as I know he only has 3 new moves.

  • While standing 3, 2 (mid high)
  • sway 4 (full circular, +3 on block and crumple on counterhit)
  • sway 1+2 (a slow but great launcher)

Especially his sway back 4 is really great and abusable since it’s a FAST (his fastest sway back move) full circular move that gives him a crumple on counterhit. The only downside is that it hits high, so you can easily duck it.
His mixup game up close certainly got buffed with those 2 new sway back moves.
As you can see he definitely got buffed, can’t talk for the other characters but I won’t be surprised if he’ll be considered mid-high tier.

Ow yeah a small change I forgot to mention is his downforward 3, 4.You can hold the 4 now, which delays the attack, making it safe on block.
His burning fist (unblockable) got nerfed damage wise, it does roughly the same amount of damage as his qcf+2 (phoenix smasher)

Ow and for the OP, you’re a joke for thinking that way about SFxTK- Paul.
How can you consider yourself a fan if you only played the game 1 or 2 hours, bah !!

Paul is the reason I kept playing SFxTK, I sometimes still do. He is NOT a joke, he just gets overshadowed by other characters. He’s a very solid character and he can seriously dish out some damage if you’re not careful enough.
If u don’t believe me check out my youtube channel and see for yourself.

I heard from R.I.P that Paul actually isn’t that bad in this game, is that true?

He hits like a 10 ton truck

Ever get hit by a solo Paul in overdrive with that dash punch? HURTS LIKE HELL
thought i had the game in the bag but then like 60% one hit lol

Solo Paul deals the same amount of damage as tag Paul.
Difference between solo and tag is the potentional damage output. U deal more damaging combos by fighting with a tag partner, the only downside is that your total health is split in two characters, so u have to play smart since u can’t take a lot of risk.

Paul is still about as good as he’s been since 5, that is not that good but he gains new stuff in every game that makes him a little bit better, the problem is that so do all other characters so he can’t catch up and always remain B- tier. However Paul is one of the best character to play in Solo mode, he does tons of damage.

sway 1+2 is terrible btw.

srry heard there would be a dmg increase for solos guess not
i meant to say rage not “overdrive” lol dont know what i was thinkin when i said that.

I also thought that solo characters would get a damage increase, it certainly looks that way. But I went to training to test it out, and apparantly it isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:
Tag players just have less health.

EDIT: just did a quick search on the internet, and apparantly solo characters have 230 health and tag characters 165. To make a comparison, It was 180 in Tekken 6

Anybody want to throw out a top ten list?

It is very debatable, but I can try.
In no particular order.

  • df+1 (it is the start of his mixup game, probably the most frequently used move of his arsenal)

  • df+2 (14frame launcher which is safe on block)

  • qcf+ 2 (deals a ton of damage, can only be punished by a few and is one of the best finishing move in juggles, cause it pushes the opponent far away for you to run at him with an unblockable shoulder tackle)

  • sidestep+3 (a pretty ambigious low that gives u +3 frame advantage on hit)

  • back+2 (a tracking move that hits mid and crumples the opponent on counterhit, it’s safe on block).

  • d+1, 2 (a natural combo on counterhit, u can delay the second one and fully charge it to give u a ton of frame advantage on block)

  • 3, 2 (a natural combo, with great reach, it’s pretty fast too. U can duck the second hit, so it’s not like u can spam this move against people who aware of it. But then u simply start with your mindgames. It also gives u a lot of frame advantage on hit, so it’s great to follow it up with his qcf+2)

  • df+4 (a mid attack that crumples the opponent on counterhit, it also gives a decent amount of pushback)

  • WS 4, 2 (this one has 13 frames startup, meaning Paul is capable of punishing low attacks much harder now, the second hit also gives the opponent a crumple state on counterhit)

  • All of Paul his sway back moves. Every sway back move has it uses, so it’s hard to say that one is better than the other one. But the one I use the most is sway back+4 (15frames startup, +3 on guard and crumple on CH), sway back+3 (juggles into his follow-ups on CH) and sway back+2 since this is his fasted mid attack after a sway.

Notable lows u need to keep in consideration are:

  • 1, 4 (It gives u +1 frame advantage on hit, this one is also a godsend when u have your opponent in the corner. They can’t backdash or evade in the corner so they are forced to block anything you throw at them after you’ve hit them with this).
  • b+4 (very ambigious low, that also gives u +1 frame advantage on hit. I always follow this one up with his 1,4)
  • qcf+3 (great reach, ducks under high attacks and also gives u +1 frame advantage on hit.)
  • d+4, 2, 1+2 (hell yeah, demolition man !!! Deals great damage, but be sure that you’re close enough and finish off this move cause the second hit is heavy punishable on block).

Notable moves that gives u frame advantage on block:

  • uf+2 (Paul leaps into the air, he evades low but is vulnerable to high and mid attacks. It gives him +8 frames on block. So definitely worth while to use it…once in a while :D)
  • b+1+2 (slow move, but gives him +3 on block)
  • sidestep+1 (slow, but gives u +8 on block !!)

As of Early August 2012
by Bakara

Devil Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi

Lars, Leo, Nina, Feng Wei, Bob

Dragunov, Jinpachi, Steve Fox, Armor King
Hwoarang, Miguel

Taken from Tekken Zaibatsu, Paul is A- Tier. Game is well balanced so tiers are more or less arbitrary.

Going patialy from what I’ve been using in Tekken 6 so some may be worse now, and also I am rather new to Tekken so please mention any which don’t work as well as I think, now in no particular order;

B+3 - You got to be close, but it’s Paul’s fastest juggle starter and a great punish for people up in your grill.

3,2- It’s decently quick, has all the range and seems pretty safe too.

qcf+2- Good long range whiff punish, pushback makes it hard to punish and if you make the opponent fear this you get more chances to catch thm out with demolition man or thows.

df+1- A rather fast poke, safe, can cancel into sway or can continue the string if you want.

df+2- Launcher which won’t get launch punished

d+4,2,1+2- Fast damaging low which is also a good post bound ender

qcb+1- Safe and launches on counterhit

db+1+2- Dunno the general verdict on this, but a long range grab that hits at around 3,2 range is fine by me, especially if you got your opponent fearing the death fist.

qcf+4- It’s safe, his fastest option during a qcf dash and has a decent range.

qcf+1+2- Not sure how safe it is but this low comes out of qcf dash and gives you a juggle on normal hit

Well, I picked it up today, and it’s the first time I’ve played Tekken with my new stick, coming from a pad. The transition hasn’t been too bad, but I’m having particular trouble hitting a bloody Phoenix Smasher! I keep throwing out the 2 (rising) launcher instead, without fail. I haven’t had any trouble executing QCFs in SFIV, and Tekken is obviously stricter, but this is making me feel like a noob all over again. I just can’t work out any other way I should be doing the motion. It’s driving me nuts!

Silly suggestion, but make sure you are actually hitting the forward in your QCF, was in practice mode and figured I might as well see how screwing it up could get a WS2 and the way I managed it was the following.


This gives the results you describe.

Try practicing getting the qcf motion itself down first (you can tell when you’ve done it because you cover a bit more ground than d,df, although tbh they do look rather similar), adding the 2 afterwards and then speeding it up once you have it down.

If you can DM at close to 100 percent Sway canceling towards your opponent and mixing up between DM and qcf+2 is a good mix up Particularly if you do it as they wake up. In short it’s good to mix up DM with any of his good mids


df+2 is 15f, deathfist can be punished much easily now, ss+3 isn’t ambigious at all although pretty good on hit, b+2 is barely safe at -9 + it’s still slow and shit now that paul has qcb4, d+1,2 is nothing but a gimmick, can be sidestepped easily which will get you killed, 3,2 while being 16f and with ok reach however is mid,high and anybody good will duck this every time, df+4 is still okay, except DOS can be now escaped by just blocking so fishing for counter hits is pointless now, there is no ws 4,2, ws4 is 11f generic ws4, ws 3,2 on the other hand is his new mid, high nc ws 13f punisher, 1,4 is stupid even though it does give +1 on hit, b+4 isn’t ambigious again, but okay when it comes to his lows at +1 on hit, but still pretty bad, qcf+3 is a terrible gamble at -20 on block for virtually no reward (+1 on hit, big deal again) demoman won’t hit anybody out in the open if they’re back dash canceling, qcb+4 is more than safe being +3 on block + ch launcher, his best new move by far although it’s high and qcf+1+2 is -12 on block, but low parry bait being so slow.

Anything else?