Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Back to the Present

Starting a new thread as it appears the old one got nuked.

The fifth season premiered last Friday. Not only are the crew in space They are also in the future. At least a 100 years according to Deke. Time Travel is now official in the MCU.

…why a new thread?

RockB made the old one, and when he got Zeno’d it fucked everything up.

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I’m not fond of the the setting of the newest season. It’s going out of it’s way to avoid clashing with the movies now. Coulson crew won’t get wrecked by Thanos, they won’t meet movie characters or go to movie locations.

They’ve met the Reavers.

Reads spoilers…


But they’ve never met any of the main characters just minor ones, I think they’ve handled it pretty well, and the quality of the show is noticeably better whenever a movie is just around the corner.

There’s rumors about a certain Daywalker possibly making an appearance this season…

Snipes or we riot.

The show is going to do vampires once the current arc is done? If he does show up I’m curious as to who they’ll cast.

I think instead of making Snipes back as Blade, make him the new Whistler.
And let Snipes hand pick the new Blade.

Raz0r is going to want a white Blade.

Last season was hot fire and with the Alien/Scifi vibe and Mack pointing that out it’s all good and man they bring back a familiar face in ep 5. Hopefully someone else get’s the call in.

Blade always been black, even before Snipes became blade

Here Blade from the Marvel Comic Tomb of Dracula cira 1972.

Lance came back in the latest episode and he didn’t annoy the hell out of me. Fitz getting his attention by trolling his favorite soccer team is hilarious. Robin from two seasons ago was a pleasant surprise.

Do you guys know where I can get caught up on these epsiodes?

I watch the series on Hulu.



So I’m on s3. Something that made me hold my chest:

]When Hive transforms the Watch Dog prisoners.[/spoiler


[spoiler=]How TF does an experiment that’s so diverse in giving it’s recipients powers make all of them turn out looking like corndogs :rofl:[/details]

Liking the new season. I wonder if Hunter will come back (considering they’re all in the future now).