AE v2013 Deejay wishlist

Saw this in the guy forum and wanted to start a similar debate here.

I’m not putting up some santa claus wishlist, i’m putting reasonable things that need adjustments or need to be fixed so they work as intended.

cr. lk
cr. mk
cr. hk
]projective invincibility of some sort.
cr. lp
cr. mp
cr. hp
]hitbox similar to HDR where it hits mid and low to the ground
st. hk
[]there is a huge gap where it just doesn’t hit inbetween the 1st active frame (almost vertical) and the 2nd active frame almost horizontal. nothing at that 45 degree range making it ass as an AA
st. mk
]maybe second hit always connecting after the first hit does
[]better hurtbox so you can AA far jump ins (guile st. mk-esque, st-esque)
st. mp
]maybe hit crouching?
st. hp
[]always juggle on first active frame, at least juggle crouching on counterhit.
]counterhit AA only works on some characters and against ass jump ins. better hitbox/startup would be nice, but maybe asking for too much
special normals:
knee shot
[]better hitbox or smaller hurtbox. ppl complain about this move online, but its honestly ass and easy to react to offline. Its one of his only tools to get in against ppl with better fireballs than him and it sucks. i don’t want a sak like jump hp (although it would be nice) just something to help the guile matchup
jumping normals:
j. lp
]more active frames. ST Status (a stretch, but would help)
j. mp.
j. hp
[]lower hitbox so it hits blanka and honda crouching
j. lk
j. mk
]i’d like a larger/lower hitbox (probably asking too much)
j. hk
[]horizontal active frames reach further
]give one of them invul to jabs or make lk sobat invincible to all lows so he doesn’t get raped, by low jab and things like blanka electricity
[]or even make lk low mk mid and hk throw invincible which would be fair so it would have to be a conscious guess
]hk sobat connecting with the second hit after the first hit connects. they fix mk, but left out hk. .
[]mk upkicks x2 needs to juggle more properly against characters with smaller falling hitboxes(vega, cody, sakura), but that would require them to make upkick hitbox larger or their hurtbox larger
]hk upkicks invincible to jabs and hit crouching, no upper body invincibility.
[]ex upkicks hit crouching. it costs a bar. i’d say the hk upkicks would be a more fair buff.
]once the first hit hits, the rest connects (i’m looking at you rose and viper!)
[]faster startup so it becomes a true blockstring with lights would be nice
]more stun
[]lp mgu -3 so we can pressure guile and stay close while chipping (maybe asking too much)
max out (yeah i said it! wanna fight about it!)
]regular fireball +1 on block
[]ex plus +2 or +3
]maybe better startup or recovery? (probably asking too much)
[]better startup and full projectile invincibility throughout the move
]first hit connects and the rest is guaranteed (dudley u1, chun u1)
[]For God’s sake make U1 guaranteed if the first hit connects
]Faster startup would be nice
[*]U2 fine as it is.0
I feel like most of these changes are reasonable. I can deal with most of his flaws (and have been), but others are just like come on. this character isn’t even complete defensively and barely offensively.
Any disagreements and conversation is welcome. I’m very open minded. If i’m delusional, let me know!

My “dream” changes for DeeJay:

  1. 4 frame cr. lk (mostly so DJ has a fair chance with crouch teching)
  2. Any overhead
  3. An upkick (or fair viable reversal) that hits low
  4. LK sobat has throw invincibility like it once did
  5. U1 lands all hits after EX MGU (asking WAY too much I’m sure, but they could scale it like Rog’s U1 and use it more as a tool to push the opponent into the corner)

Of course 3-5 are probably asking too much, but one can dream. Honestly, I’d be happy with just the 4f cr. lk.

I do like jcool’s ideas of MGU and ultra 1 landing all hits if the first one connects.

My dream changes…

  1. 4-frame cr. lk (as above)
  2. Better recovery on max-out
  3. Different U2 input so it can be easier to dash xx U2.

Capcom sucks at changes so they’ll probably nerf Dee-Jay or something stupid. That is, if they even decide to make 2013.

Building off of Jcool’s comments. All tentative ideas, I’m not sure how well these would fit into the wider context of the game.

4f YES. Slightly easier crouch techs and more viable empty jump mixups would be really nice.
Slide projectile invincibility: Maybe a couple of frames at the beginning of startup to make timing it a bit easier?
Knee Shot hit/hurtbox adjustments: YES.
MGU: As a combo ender it’s fine as is, as a way to beat wakeup meaties, it’s a mess. Off a light, I see no way to get enough hitstun to make it a true string. Maybe more invincibility on EX as an alternative to Upkicks hitting low? (6F instead of 4? What would this mean?)
U1: Not necessarily faster startup, but I’d like more horizontal movement on it since it’s a pain to use for its non-chip purpose…
LK Super: Connects fully after LK Sobat cancel.
Fireball: 2 more frames of hit/blockstun. (I’d love 2f faster recovery instead, but that’s asking too much)
Upkicks: Maybe EX hit low?

how the hell did i forget an overhead?

they won’t change U2 input because then ppl will want Bison U2 to be motion lol

one of deejay’s moves needs a better low/mid invincibility buff.

i’d say give it to ex mgu so if somebody gets in on you at the beginning of a match then they deserve to stay in and have to play smart when you get a meter.

i’m talking about regular mgu having better startup to be a true blockstring.

lk super buff would be fair, but then again you can just make the adjustment ans use mk/hk super like i do.

less frame disadvantage on sobat FADC would be nice.

All this is great.

If I had to take one, the unthrowable LK sobat would probably be it.

i forgot about sobat knockdowns like ST.

Make lk up kick hit crouchers.

Make lk sobat safe on block.

Overhead standing far hk.

Turn character model for jumping mk 50 degrees downward, and add down mk in air for non height restricted dive kick

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still won’t make Dud vs DJ any better than 6.5 3.5 Dudley, but make his ex fireball +4 or +5 on hit point blank making u1 and ex dread links and corner combos easier.
to balance it make each fireball scale.

[details=Spoiler] made you look

i would have to go with 4f cr short, knee shot not whiffing, and fixing all the stupid shit that happens with super and u1… maybe faster startup on cr hp

i don’t need that match to get better. i can beat you and mellow just fine. making him easier to use doesn’t change matchups.

don’t fuckin post to me on SRK and not talk to me on twitch. i was trying to ask you serious stuff and you ignore me so pls ignore me on all networks.

ex fireball is already +5 on hit. its +1 block

I.don’t know what talkin about. Make ex slash +7 then.

Panda’s chat. you ignored me when i asked you about your smash bros career. Don’t play stupid.

No idea what you’re talking about.

[details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]3Rfxk1DMXKc[/media]


  • 4f would be great and actually lead to more of a high-low mix-up, with knee-shot.
  • Better knee-shot: a lower hitbox or higher hurtbox for Deejay would eliminate the need for a true overhead.
  • Give HK jackknife some special property. As for now, it doesn’t serve much of a purpose, aside from following a MK jackknife. Dare I ask that it be FADC-able? (Ok, it’s not likely.)
  • Make cr.MP a better poking tool, with an advantage on block (now: 0f) and better hitbox (yes, I want an MP worthy of ST DeeJay).
  • Close st. HK: give it an advantage on block and hit. Right now, it’s really nice if you can get close enough to use it and cancel into super, but that’s it.
  • Air Slasher: fewer recovery frames. Just a few. Maybe just one or two.
  • Give him something “broken” or at least “dangerous.” It seems like every character has something that makes one say, “damn, that’s cheap!” DeeJay has nothing like Sakura’s j.HP, Cammy’s EX Cannon Strike, Rufus’ dive kick, Ken’s kara throw, etc. It would just make things a little more interesting.

I consider the super into ultra combo pretty " broken" . The chip damage is ridiculous and u dont even have to time the ultra, u can input it directly after inputting the super =]

cr. mp is already good. it being 0 is pretty helpful. helps me gauge my opponent after they’ve blocked it.

super to ultra is great.

if you’re having trouble closing out certain matches, then you can get 135 chip for free. kind of like a late round SPD.

if you’re zoning game is up to par, then you’ll get it every round.

Here is list of things I wish. Probably too much if all of these were to happen.
-U2 on hit, better recovery for DJ or opponent needs to recover from further.
-Knee shot doesn’t hit some crouchers. Need fix.
-Ex jackknife hit crouchers too, or more invincibility for ex mgu so we can have somewhat reliable air reversal and ground reversal.
-Maybe make st. hk into overhead or improve startup.
-Close HP special cancellable on second hit. Currently I have no use for this move at all.
-To ease Ex mgu dash u2, maybe reduce ex mgu juggle arch so you wouldn’t have to dash.
-LK sobat to super drops. Need fix.

i’ll agree with U2, knee shot, ex upkicks. lk sobat xx mk super is the only way to make it fully connect. just make the conscious change there and you’ll be fine. adjust before asking for changes.

st. hk overhead would be nice or better start up because it is terrible as an AA or even a long range poke.

cl. hp is a good frame trap, but should hit crouching opponents (can’t remember if it does or doesn’t) second hit cancel might be asking for too much. I also think it makes a true blockstring when cancelled to fireball.

Ex mgu dash is already easy enough to do. I can do it on pad. Many other deejay players can do it now. before it was just me (on P1 side 90% and P2 side 25%) and akimo. Now i see it from even mid level deejay players.

Wish I could do it on pad - and I’m solely a pad player as it is! I’ve tried relentlessly and just gave up after hours in training mode. I’m pretty sure it’s the dash that’s killing me – I lose the charge. Oh well, I’ve gotten use to using it only in the corners or off a rare slide, otherwise it’s U1.