AE Laura: Ten More Years of Electric Tears

Here’s a list of Laura changes for S3/AE (not final):

[details=Spoiler]st. LP
• Is now +1 frame on block instead of +2 frames.
• Increased pushback on hit.
• Decreased pushback on block.
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.

st. MP
• Hurtbox has been changed.
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.
• Can now hit opponents behind Laura.

st. HP
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.

st. MK
• Startup changed to 7 frames from 5 frames.
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.

st. HK
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.

cr. LP
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.
• Hurtbox has been changed.
• Pushback on hit has been increased.
• Pushback on block has been increased.

cr. MP
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.

cr. MK
• Hurtbox has been changed.

cr. HK
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.

j. LP
• Hitbox has been changed.
• Hurtbox has been changed.

j. LK
• Hurtbox has been changed.

j. HP
• Hurtbox has been changed.

j. HK
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Volty Line (V-Skill)
• Damage has been decreased to 70 from 80.
• V-Gauge gain from hitting the move has been increased.

Volty Line (V-Skill) (V-Trigger State)
• Damage has been decreased to 90 from 100.
• It is now +4 on hit instead of +3.
• It is now -6 on block instead of -7.
• One frame of recovery was eliminated.

Spark Show (V-Trigger State)
• Is now a 3-bar V-Trigger instead of a 2-bar V-Trigger.
• The length of her V-Trigger has been increased.

Sunset Wheel (Regular/V-Trigger State)
• 8 frames of recovery have been added when whiffed.

EX Sunset Wheel (Regular/V-Trigger State)
• 8 frames of recovery have been added when whiffed.

Thunder Clap
• Can now be V-Trigger-canceled.

Thunder Clap (V-Trigger State)
• Can now be V-Skill-canceled.

EX Thunder Clap (V-Trigger State)
• Can now be V-Skill-canceled.
• 20 active frames have been added to this move.[/details]


My thoughts about the current announced changes:

  • st. MK has two more frames of startup, so she doesn’t just lose the ability to combo into st. MK on CH but also any combo into st. MK. I think 6f would’ve been fine but people raged so much about this normal we should’ve expected it.
  • overhead loses a little damage in exchange for more meter gain and in VT1 it gives more combos and can be made safe on block… I’ll definitely take it.
  • thunder clap cancels into VT and VS were totally unexpected, I’m excited to find out the new tech this opens up.
  • I’m glad st. MP will finally be good against crossups. Keep in mind though this and the air normals nerfs are a universal change to make jump-ins more dangerous.
  • with the overhead and thunder clap buffs, EX clap staying longer on screen and VT itself lasting 50% longer it’s safe to say that VT1 will be even more retarded even if it is now 3-bars. We need to wait and see if VT2 is also as dumb as it looks.

Hey guys! So here are the reported Laura changes for season 3. Take into account this is not the final build!

The st.Mk nerf is horse crap. Out of all the bs normals in the game how is that so hard to deal with??? I wouldve been fine it going back to a 6f start up, but I guess since it can combo and get her in they have to adjust the risk/reward ratio. Whatever. But it seems there is universal nerf to everyones main normals so I guess I can’t complain too much.

But honestly this really isnt too bad. will now hit behind…IT WILL FINALLY HIT BEHIND!!! Other characters got hit much worse so I think minus the st.LP nerf I’m fine with all of this. The command nerf, well if you whiff it even now youll get messed up regardless so it doesnt matter how many recovery frames really. Between the vtrigger buff and vt2 being strike invisible and an AA, I’d say they buffed her a lot for S3. Her VT1 and 2 seem well balanced in what they provide so you can really just plan what you will really need for those pressure matchups. No complaints here!

Ugh Ocean beat me to it! :’( :s

Yeah, I’m bummed about st. MK (as if Laura needed worse pokes) but the more I think about the other buffs the more I’m excited. Her VTs are both equally strong and different enough to be true alternatives to pick according to the MU - if I need more offense I pick VT1, if I need better defense I pick VT2. My mind just melts when I think at all that those clap cancels might open up… I can’t wait to hit the lab in 12 days.

Oh and if her oki didn’t get touched as it seems it means she will likely have better KD pressure than most of the cast!

Clap cancels will be the source of extreme rage, believe you me!

They thought st mk was bad?! Watch what people come up with off of clap cancels.

st. MP hitting behind, man FINALLY. I hated having MP clap come out by accident just because I was crouching and had to back up st. MP to deal with a crossup. Please let this one stick.

Being able to cancel clap into V-trigger seems like it’s meant to replace st. MK -> VT1 as the safest entry since st. MK looks pretty badly nerfed. But wow, being able to cancel clap into V-skill when in VT1 state is going to be interestinggggggg… yet if VT1 is 3 bars that kind of takes some of the magic away. You’ll pretty much have to land some overheads now to charge the meter, if you don’t then you’ll probably be near death by the time you get it charged. It’s a change that can only add more risk to her offense. However cancelling clap into VT2 might add an interesting twist to her projectile game. Throw a clap, they jump, VT2 to dodge the jump-in and choke choke choke.

I’m surprised they left st. LK alone. I was sure they’d do something horrible to it. But this isn’t final so we’ll see.

I will miss standing MK, but nobody on this forum ever believed that move was going to go untouched in S3.

V-Trigger cancel into Thuderclap… damn. I’m waiting to see the nutty stuff peeps come up with using that.

How on earth is Akuma, Urien, Rashid, and Guile getting away with no nerfs or adjustments? And Abigail was already an issue theyre gonna break him at this point if those buffs are the same. Especially if theyre not going to adjust his hurtboxes.

Then again, they said this is not official so there’s that…
Then again, this is Capcom we’re dealing with…

But yall Geif got trashed to hell…


Totally agree. The buff was needed since Season 1. It was depressing watching the likes of MrCrimson, Strider, Idom, and Wolfkrone get hit because they would either mess up and get her fireball or get crossed up even though theyre at the right range. It would cost them alot.

I think the extra bar is fair enough with the buffs it got. Yeah she’ll be below 50%, but I think its moreso to help her be able to combat against characters who shut her out so easily like Guile, Gief, and Menat and such. Not only do you get an extra VBar, but when you pop it you can now charge quick and get in for a longer period and you get to pop off even more.

I think they probably still wanted Laura to have a way to trick the opponent into the command grab. St.lp was easy as hell. But I see alot od characters are getting nerfed on advantage on block so at least its almost a universal thing.

So after watching them go over Laura’s VT1 on the Capcom Unity stream, it looks like even with the longer timer for VT1, the cost for canceling clap into V-skill is 50% of your V-gauge. I guess they knew how strong it was going to be after all.

(side note, the salt in the chat while this was being demonstrated was a raging blizzard)

Interesting note. Half is gone for that specific cancel? No wonder they extended it. I believe that will give you less time in v-trigger than previously if you go that route. But it is crazy powerful though.

I was impressed with her new v-trigger. It will definitely help with button pressing maniacs. Its not throw invincible, but it is special invincible right? It that is the case it will throw a wrench into some of those wake-up DP characters, particularly Guile. Demonstrate you can do it more than once and you can condition them to fear their own wake-up options.

I don’t think it is better than VT1, but it could be useful in certain match-ups.

Also that Zangief CR-Jab, their isn’t a Zangief player out there that would not agree that nerf wasn’t warranted. That move was stupid good, it could single handedly shut down many characters offense.

On stream they said that it is strike and special invincible but can be thrown. Early on Afi used it to completely dodge Sakura’s CA. He beefed the follow up but it was a cool moment nonetheless.

It seems like getting the grab after the sway is tight. Like you need to grab them with the choke during the recovery of whatever you made whiff. Afi was eating lots of counter hits after a successful sway but I’m assuming getting hit during the start up of the choke. It will be interesting to experiment with.
It’s over guys. We’re gonna be feasting on salty tears for an entire season.
People will never call for nerfs as hard as after Tuesday lol

When I tell you that the Matsuda Sway is gonna piss EVERYONE off! It avoids even the majority of CAs in the game and acts as Ryu’s Parry!! Deciding between VT1 and VT2 is gonna be so hard because they both have so much BS to abuse!!! =) =) =) =) =) =)

And now I have a boner!!

So first things I found after some labbing:

  • VTC off fireballs point blank is +17 on hit and +12 on block for lv1. Basically they have to fucking hold that. [edit] also it combos with f+HP on hit!
  • in VT1 canceling fireballs into command dash makes fireballs +3 on hit (+4 if you cancel as fast as possible), -2 (-1) on block in lv1 and +2 (+3) on block in lv2. You can only cancel fireballs on first hit, but EX clap will retain the juggle properties for the last 2 hits.
  • VT1 EX clap travels almost full screen… LOL
  • VT2 sway has a relatively fast startup (4f) and lasts for very long. You can react to fireballs with VT activation > sway, cancel into command dash and do whatever you want. After a regular grab or a H bolt you can do dash > sway and it will beat everything 4f or slower, and after M bolt knockdown it will beat 3 framers as well.
  • VT2 choke hold is +19 and will combo with both f+HP and EX grab. I see no reason though to go for EX grab since it wastes meter and does less damage and stun. f+HP > HP xx H bolt seems the only good option to me.
  • you can cancel sway into command dash very late so make sure the move you’re avoiding is not active anymore before cancelling into anything.

edit: oh yeah, an interesting side effect of st.MK being slower is that now after a sweep you can fwd dash and mash st.MK to have it +5/0.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that stand MP is waayy better than before as an anti air. So many times jumping fools went in and I hit it thinking I was a little late or they were crossing up and, to my surprise, it worked!

Standing MK feels terrible. It’s going to take some getting used to. I’m not going to complain because it’s early, but she really lost a lot here.

I’m trying to use Matsuda sway but I don’t have the timing down at all and I keep wasting it lol.

Get ready for a million Sakuras. She’s a good character but I don’t think she has anything Laura can’t handle.

Also, all of the rage quitters who had previously lost interest are back on for a little bit- so enjoy kicking some free @$$!

Looks like AA potential is not the only thing that got buffed in st.MP…
meaty crossup st.MPs baby

I discovered today through the official frame data that her command dash becomes projectile invincible if you cancel it from Matsuda Sway. It’s a nice meterless alternative to EX command grab.

I must say I think Capcom did an amazing job balancing Laura this time around. The buff was probably the biggest buff in her arsenal. I LOVE her VT2. She still has main weaknesses, but at least its balanced around other other buffs! Im so excited for this S3 Laura!!

Holy fuck, this is really, really good.