AE 2013 requests

Okay so, Capcom said that if there were requests for it, they would maybe do another update. While im generally against more updates, another free one wouldnt kill me. I ask you, what would you like to see for chun? I figure this might be a fun thread because this place is deadsville lately…

(I really doubt this update will happen, but like I said, just to get some activity around here)

Anyway here goes:

No nerfs of any kind. Shes already bad.

1) Hosenka should start up way faster so that cr hp xx legs linked to u1 is easier. No damage nerfs, this link only does like 430 anyway. Another benefit of this buff is that U1 would become way more viable in more matches as the corner juggle will no longer be the main way of using it (which often has bad damage imo), many bad matchups will become more fair with the fact that u1 is now more useful because many things other characters can do against her become unsafe.

**2)**Instant overhead stomp to light kick cross up should be safer. I think the crossup after it should actually combo if possible and she should be able to land, and potentially block anything thats being mashed. This will give chun li more mixups as theres a million different followups that can happen after this, all of which lead to the damage that she does not usually get. Most people agree that mixups are very important in this game (akuma, ibuki, seth, viper are all good), chun li should not be left behind, especially considering the overhead stomp game appears to be something capcom had in mind from the beginning.

**3)**remove back+medium kick for fucks sake. Very few people like that target combo, it does next to no damage and you cant follow up on it very well. I would much rather neutral medium kick to come out so that I can use it as an anti-air.

**4)**Less of a floaty jump. For obvious reasons its bad, but it defies the chun li archetype. Chun li has always had a really good jump in other games. a big chunk of her damage comes from the air target combos, it shouldnt be so telegraphed. Im not asking for a crazy fast jump or anything, but we should get something better…

these four things would make chun a very competitive character in my opinion. I pretty much want every single thing here, but** if even one of them is missing**, then I think her damage needs to go WAY up, including on u2. Also, EX SBK shouldnt be so easy to stuff, it should beat all dive kicks. If she cant have good offense, then she needs good defense.

ok prepare for derpness

  • air fireball
  • divekick
  • air SBK
  • air hosenka/kikosho
  • air throw, yeah air throw because one is not enough
  • did i say dive kick? well then dive kick with no height restriction
  • demon flip
  • SPD
  • 1500 hp
  • 1000 stun so we can keep it balanced
  • srk so that we can do some fadc into moar derps
  • full body invencible i mean it
  • +1 on block
  • +1/0 on block
  • we dont need that shit, or at least make it + on block/hit
  • remove bounces from stomps, we want seth like stomps
  • something sexy to do some swag while being derpy against ppl
  • remove blanka from the game

Scrubquotes is back! :tup:

No, chun is mostly fine in terms of options. She has enough options to cover whatever situations she may be in.

The problem that I have with her is a basic risk/reward tradeoff. Chun is a low-risk character, so she should get low reward, however with her damage output now, she just has too little reward, even given the little amount of risk she takes. Furthermore, the times when she does have to roll the dice, she should get rewarded more heavily.

That’s why I think certain normals, especially those used for AA, should be given a little bit more damage (I think everyone across the board should do a little more damage, make the game go by faster), and certain options, such as short hazanshu, should get just a small damage buff. More frame advantage on it would be good too, but not necessary, it would just be nice to make that link into low short easier.

gtfo, now

We’ll if there is any updates to make her better, it’s definitely better anti-air.

1 - d/f lk should have a smaller hurtbox and bigger hitbox for better anti-air (no trade).
2- If you use neutral medium standing kick her knee to tip of foot should not have a hurbox (hurtbox should be lower for better anti-air and have less or no trade). Neutral position for Chun is enough of a sacrifice, why not have risk/reward like this.
3- Standing roundhouse also should have a wider hitbox (from calf to foot) and smaller hurtbox (needs to be lower and less of a trade).
4- Hosenka still needs more tweaking… some characters just fall to the ground without animation finishing when used as anti-fireball (Oni for example…there are a few more characters, Blanka also sho)
5- Definitely agree that she needs to be less of a floaty on jump.
6- Definitely agree on better EX SBK and SBK, should not be so easily stuffed. Hit box should extend to her ass (if it get’s stuffed, at least trade).
7- Hasanshu’s should come out quicker and needs more stun on opponent.

I think she’s fine in most situations. She just needs a bit more damage.

Chun-Li is probably one of the more difficult characters in the game to use. People need to stop only practicing flashy combos with her and actually learn her matchups and her amazing footsies, speed, and awesome simplistic yet effective combos.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. Do you mean you and your opponent jump at the same time and you use the air fierce punches and link Hosenka into the corner? And sometimes the characters just fall down and the full ultra doesn’t land?

Im pretty sure 85% of the posters that come here focus on matchup knowledge, and her combos suck and are a lot harder than what theyre worth, even though I can do all the common ones, including the lame ass loop that doesnt really do much damage for all the plinking involved. jabs into hp also does nothing, about the same as a ryu or akuma normal, but we get to plink. We’re so cool.

My bad, didn’t mean to generalize us Chun players like that. Honestly for me, I think Chun is really fair. Yeah she dies easily, but she has SO much options and so many crazy mixups that can really fuck with people’s minds that she can make great combos.

Many times I have had 1 magic pixel HP left, and made a total comeback and destroyed a guy with half HP. She’s fast, her damage is not that bad, but she can be really really offensive and defensive at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s hard to use still, but once you got her down she’s quite dangerous. I believe linking cr.shorts xx into Hosenka / Kikosho is probably her single most deadly ultra combos.

Dash ultra works great for fireball spammers, dash Hazanshu works great if timed properly against Sagat, she has “sniper” jump away roundhouse kick on shotos who try to spam DPs on wake up, I mean she’s just a great character.

maybe it’s just me… disregard what I say if you still think she needs buffs

I dont main Chun but what I would like to see for her:

  • Increase of meter build: Not a lot like Rose. But it would make her scarier IMO. People shouldn’t challenge her Super

  • Remove Tenshokyaku from the target combo and put it as a charge (up - down + kick): this could give her somewhat of a DP

  • Spinning birk kick motion: changed from up - down + kick to either down+back -> forward + kick or back - forward + kick

  • Add small vacuum effect to EX spinning bird kick

Small vacuum effect does exist. And spinning bird kicks motion is perfectly fine.

someone close this thread Dx

no this thread is fun, its turning into the “why chun sucks” thread. Soon, it will be why capcom cant make fighters anymore… lol

Dude its pretty much nonexistant and I would love if sbk was back-forward kick with the added benefit of having her up kicks from ST

Game engine complaint: Chun would be a lot better if some characters were allowed two meters. I hate capcom, lets talk about how much capcom sucks now :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. speed up st.Mk for god’s sakes / remove mk target combo
  2. ultra 1 juggles EVERY BODY for god’s sake

Wish list

  1. Give me a real anti air holy cow something like sakura or balrog

Not really, no. It’s more of the range of her legs/hitbox. Vacuum effect would be something like Rufus EX Galactic, or Seth’s super.

Honestly Chun would be pretty cheap and OP if these things were granted, and following that she would sooner or later get hit with the nerf hammer making her even worse/weaker than her current state is right now.

She’s fine. I have NO problems timing EX SBK as an anti-air tool as well. EX SBK is actually pretty damn good.

Maybe if they put her df+hk back to how it was in Vanilla? It’s too slow and much too easy to predict and block now.

Better buffs than endless crying about the have nots.I can play her v2012 self fine, but she’s outclassed by a lot, especially if you don’t play at your best. Buffs are welcome.

Also you’re playing sucky people who still fall for it and/or don’t know how to bait it.

I can still time a EX SBK but shit happens in this game because other characters are better.

Stuffer divekicks/shoryukens to the vajayjay :shake: