Advanced Balrog (Boxer) Mind Games + Tricks

UPDATED 30/6/09

As a character, Boxer is viewed that he is monotone and straight forward. But how can you outsmart your opponent when you have mastered all possible combos? This thread is dedicated to discussing fun combos, mindfucks, and all sorts of ways to land combos etc. Please refrain from using excess theory fighter while posting, because it lacks practicality. The following isn’t based on theory fighter, but scenarios where you can apply some of these tricks which have contributed to winning some of my games.


Dash Swing Blow. A.K.A Overhead punch


51[23] - 51 frames to home in to its furthest distance. 23 frames if in melee range.

As we all know, we mix this move up in crouching block strings so we can land it when pressure is applied to your opponent. It combos into or xx headbutt into ultra. However, smarter opponents can easily throw us, poke us, shoryu us on reaction because of how long this move’s startup is. What other ways can we increase the likelihood of landing a move with such opportunity costs? Here are a few examples.
1.) jump-in, st.lp, OH punch or c.lp, st.lp, OH punch*

(the st.lp can be substituted by, for the additional damage if hit. However, the 2nd example would require your c.lp to be very close, or else the will be registered as (far), which cannot be cancelled into the special)


because the animation from st.lp to an overhead punch is VERY deceptive and most people think its unlikely you would do an OH punch from standing because your average rog keeps the down charge like their life depends on it.

But how can I still combo into it?

You have your back charge from the jump-in, the st.lp retains the back charge, and you move your stick down front for the OH punch. hold db immediately, unload as usual

While it does not mean you can keep your back charge for ultra, the combo alone does very reasonable damage on its own.

2.) (Your foe jumps backwards) - Ex Over head Punch.


When your foe is jumping backwards, most people have the tendency to hold down back (even non-chargers) because it blocks HL attacks without much drawbacks. Ex overhead punch homes in on his landing, and its unlikely that people pull their stick on a neutral-back position. The overhead punch would land, and you can combo into whatever you please.

3.) In combos that ACTUALLY land. (Scaling reset)


For example, like my name, I abuse ex-loops because I have meter. For this scenario, I do:
c.lp x2 xx exRU, c.lp x2. *

Your opponent is in hit stun, and ex-OH can be used at some point in a combo that lands to reset damage scaling, making your ultra do so much more damage and catch your opponent off guard. This can be applied from any combo that hits, and you feel that you should rape your opponent harder by resetting the damage scaling factor. This does not combo, but it fucks your opponent thinking you’re just gonna keep unloading.
4.) Overhead punch, EX overhead punch.*

If he blocks it and counters with a crouching kick of some form (usually cancelling into a special of some form), it indeed does own them to think you’re only using it once. Then unload as usual.

5.) Wakeup overhead punch (do not attempt when opponent has ultra or anything that can rape your face in reversal) Also not on quick stand.

Self-explanatory. When they wake up, some people are not so quick to reversal to counter rog’s overhead punch. Instead, instincts tell them to block low (you know, the block people think blocks everything) Hence you can land if you time their wake up properly. This is one of the most useful setups on opponent wake-ups if they’re not familiar with your style. I personally do it ALOT, until i feel they smartened up.
6.) Whiff Overhead Punch on knockdown >, xx headbutt.*

If you did 5 at some point, 6 will definitely own them. The whiffed overhead punch when it seems like they’re waking up, should hit because they’d like to block high thinking you’re attempting the same trick again. OR, whiffed overhead punch,, c.lp, overhead.

7.) exRU (probably through a poke/hado absorb), c.lp, overhead.

The only prereq for this is a little traveling distance so the back charge could be buffered. My guess would be


"The overhead itself gives +10 hit adv so isn’t too hard to link since it hits on the 4th frame and hits on the 7th so there is quite a bit of leeway in timing.

C.rh hits on the 8th though so get double tapping just to make sure."

The following character specific OH notes:

**Fei Long, Gouken,E.Honda, Zangief, Dictator, Abel: **OH ~ xx hb

Akuma, Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Chun Li, Claw/Vega, C.Viper, Rufus, Sakura, Rose, Dan: OH ~ xx headbutt

Guile, Blanka: OH ~ xx HB*

*Thanks Hoonyo/DS for the update 24/3/09)

Seth, Boxer, El Fuerte, Gen: OH ~ C.RH (EXOH ~ xx hb only works during an absorb, but whiffs on crouch)

Cammy, Sagat: OH ~ C.MP xx DSP (OH ~ xx hb whiffs on crouch, OH ~ <-- whiffs)

Courtesy to Mr.Trite (EDWIN LOL) for confirmation of the above info

Overhead Punch on Counter Hit stands your opponent up.

Landing an Overhead Punch against a crouching Sagat on counter hit stands him up, allowing to link with ex-RU, c.lp x2, headbutt. ( will always whiff, but will always hit, so its possible to sustain pressure with Overhead punch,, hp dash straights, which is the best option vs sagats).


Rush Upper

This move is very quick, and the best thing is that it whiffs on crouchers. Mixing this move up with dash straights allow you to get in and throw when you take out the RU. Since most of rog’s punches look identical on startup, it allows you to get in and throw those annoying turtles while seemingly appear to hit your opponent.

Its also excellent for people who like to jump backwards.

The ex-variant of Rush Upper will be focused much more, because of its combo loop properties. It can continue combos, Start combos, and allows you to chase jumpers and absorb a hit in the process.

A very common use of ex Rush Upper in combo building is:
exRU, c.lp x2, headbutt. *

This causes you to break through 1 hit pokes, between lariat spins, and catch your opponent in recovery. It stops stupid kens from sticking his feet out. the headbutt ender allows an ultra juggle. Its allows rog to not sit on his ass and block incoming junk. You must be very aware of what your opponent’s SA breakers are. (i.e I wouldnt do exRU on a blanka or sagat knowing their shit breaks my face)

Another use is AA. while C.hp is a very long range AA, sometimes, people like Ken’s feet have huge ass frames and is outside of rog’s c.hp range. exRU puts them back in their place.
j.hp/hk,,, exRU, c.lp x 2, headbutt.*

Hard Trial 5, and the combo I have listed in the thread Combo Troubleshoot. This exRU in the middle of the combo allows you to land 2 HKs, a HP headbutt, and a rush upper, doing ridiculous stun. (Around 800) Seeing how a Ryu has 1000, Akuma has 850, Gief 1200, this stun is reminiscent to Makoto’s SAII frenzy. I cannot emphasize more that if ever your opponent gives you that opening, this combo does ridiculous damage (more than crazy buffalo) with one bar of ex. If I did,,, EX OVERHEAD PUNCH, xx headbutt > ultra, it took off 70% of chun’s life.

NOTE:,, xx exRU, c.lp c.lp headbutt is a +1000 stun. it will stun a ryu straight up on connect. It’s recommended that after c.lp x2 , one overhead punch will stun a shoto already (also resetting damage scaling so you can repeat the same set and do over 80% damage from one jump-in - i’ve done it and it works)

Mixing up your combos with overhead punches, rush uppers is a completely different level of rog rush down.


Dash Sweep Straight

An often overlooked punch because of how safe the normal dash straight is. I find it rather effective from over mid-screen to use an ex-DSS because if your normal style consists of DSB, dash straights and whatnot, most opponents dont choose to block low when a rog throws a punch over a screen away. Many people don’t think of countering too (unless they have an ultra ready) The sweep does not allow quick stands, and the whole rog mind-game resets to your favor once again. Mixup with your overhead setups, so they can effectively keep them on their toes.


**TAP **

As someone has already mentioned, a blocked TAP is a good way to bait your opponent to counter, when you buffer an ex Headbutt and beat their counter. I wouldn’t recommend this too often and wear out its surprise factor.

I have done blocked TAP > ultra when I was nearly dead to bait some invincibility move. (gief’s godhand) and it managed to win me games. Its worth a try at last resort or if you’re leading by ridiculous amounts of life.

It can be SA cancelled, so if you really think your TAP was way too meaty for your own good, back dash cancel it (like some queer gief meatspinning a 720)

Super Cancellable too. Watch the video below for jokes:


Also, can be linked to a super if you catch opponent airborne (or back-dashing)


Saving Attack

People think this is actually a useless move in rog’s arsenal, but it really does beat jumping in mindlessly at your opponent to no avail. Personally, I after a jab or two is blocked, I would SA (if its not some grappler) because ryu love to reversal the blocked c.lp to transition. holding it to SA 2 to keep your ground game strong is very advisable.

SA on jump-in is also great to learn too, but you must be aware that by holding it too long, you’re prone to be thrown. Use it SA for some mobility and closing distance while playing it safe so the grey life can recover while not taking chip damage.

My BnB SA combo is currently, SA2,,, exRU, c.lp xx headbutt. (Very solid damage)


Saving Attack Cancel**

Some people may think its not advisable to SA cancel rog’s specials because its not necessary. I beg to differ. If your opponent is very safe and defensive, throwing is the most foolproof alternative to keeping your game strong. After a blocked string ending with dash straight, SADC > throw is a very good alternative to keeping your opponent’s health lower than yours. Another variation is SADC >, once again using a crouching kick starter that must be blocked low (because of its long startup its not as effective) Lastly, SADC > c.lp x 4 HB (to mixup the throw attempts)

Another thing is that Dash Swing Blow can be dash canceled. I was not aware of this until this morning (maybe its old news to some of you). On block, it can be cancelled into a saving attack (holding it to SA2), and land a SA bnb (above). You can also dash backwards for safety or forwards for a throw.

You can also Overhead punch (hit), SA cancel (SA2), and bnb combo/ultra. This isn’t practical, but its possible for shits and giggles, because it definitely connects.

(Due for an update: AA SA2, SA1 counterhits 5/7/09)



Its awesome. Abuse it. a blocked crouching hk CAN be saving dash cancelled for a throw. Rog has the only that can saving’d AFAIK.

It saved my life on a round 5 game where it caught my ryu friend off guard. (We’re both at sliver’s worth of life.)

this and beats lp electricity if gloves knocks him. Cannot be meaty.
this loses to lariats.

both can be linked off a far st.lp (+8 hit advantage makes this a 1f link)


’Wiggle Punch’ or Neutral J.HP

This move ‘wiggles’ because it can move according to the direction you press. it can move forward and hit the croucher thinking you whiffed. if you move forward, hold down front, c.lp, xx hb. works as a jump in with deceptive range. Depending on distance, might not link after a far wiggle punch, so play it safe and use c.lp x2 or the variant. A very good negation of jump-ins too, and an excellent way to counter your opponent’s baited throws or command throws. I use wiggle punch, xx hb.



This move practically negates all jump-ins angled from 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock. Its one of rog’s essential anti AA abilities. Standing HP (close) is also a good AA (SERIOUSLY) if your opponent is too close for c.hp, and is about to get in your face. take out the close. st.hp and he sits on your glove and flies off as if rog’s glove’s got spikes or some shit. I havent tried this enough to recommend it, but so far it’s still good for keep away. Its also good to AA a cross-up attempt after a blocking a string.

Beats lariats up close.
Beats Non-Ex Buttstomps


Forward/Backward J.HP**

My choice for jump-ins because of the range and it beats almost anything in the air. It beats lariats if you jump backwards and do j.hp while the tip of the glove taps his fists. I would sometimes throw one out after a dash straight to see if they like to jump in, and they get knocked back for trying. If they don’t follow you out, its a sign for me to keep rushing down seeing they don’t like to straight up counter my stuff on instinct.


Far St. HK

Im not talking about the close (the hook). I’m talking about the far hook that smacks your opponent’s jaw. Its far, and I throw it out after a straight to catch them on counter. Landing one or two of these is pretty in your favor. When its far, you’re not prone to a straight counter most of the time. Its just a good fail safe because most of the roster cannot straight counter your with anything, or counter in between dash straight and aside from shoryu. (but even so i’d do it once, and not do it again, baiting a counter which could be taken advantage of)

its -4 on block, 0 on hit.

Its worth it considering the distance you cannot be countered indefinitely. (In most cases)

can be linked from a (f) st.lp


Standing far HP

Rog’s longest and not really a safe poke. But sometimes its nice if your opponent likes to wobble just outside hitting range. Another usage could be beating silly jabbing guiles because of the range and how safe you are if you hit on tip. its a good follow up after a blocked dash punch, but should be used sparringly (like once per match tbh)


Recommended combos to link Super/Ultra for optimal damage

J.HP/HK, xx HB ~ Ultra - 502
J.HP/HK,, xx HB ~ Ultra - 51X
OH ~ XX HB ~ Ultra - 499
J.HP, ©st.HP xx Super - 5XX
exRU, c.lp, xx HB ~ Ultra

If your combos exceed 5 hits, post-SA, post-Stun, follow a combo-loop, its not recommended that you also link the ultra because its not worth the measly damage off some half assed juggle (unless your life is on the line, obviously.)

**Remember: Rog’s specials are not everything. A solid rog will always play smart and not mindlessly charge shit like a blanka would do. Rog normals are beastly, and are excellent to pressure your opponents without resorting to his specials. Use your specials sparringly, effectively, and unpredictably. **

Thats as far as I can remember. There’s probably more. Anyone got anything to share? Many of the above tricks saved my life due to their unpredictability. What’s important to remember is that conserving meter and conserving charge does not win your games, playing smart does.

Any feedback, input, corrections is very appreciated.

This is pretty good stuff.

After a Saving/Focus, I’ve been using standing roundhouse to low short ex rush upper.

Of the things you’ve mentioned, I have yet to try standing jab to overhead, I’ll give that a try tonight. Sounds like it could look tricky.

Resetting EX upper loops with the overhead definitely works sometimes. Justin was doing this to me when I visited him in NY last December and I added it to my game pretty quickly.

This is really really great stuff to share Ephemeral. I’ll have to think if I can add anything to it.

Here are some of what I would consider to be “advanced” Balrog tactics. I am not claiming to have discovered all of these, infact I have given credit to where I have first seen the “trick”. This post is to serve as a central resource for Rog users wanting to level up their game (and hopefully discovering and sharing their own tricks too!)

This is a long post so the topics covered here are:

**- Safe Jumps + Setups

  • Ambiguous Cross Up (more info here: )
  • Corner Cross Up
  • Frame Traps
  • How To Punish Players Who Constantly Mashing Throws/Jabs/Shorts
  • Using The Ultra Start Up Animation To Burn Time Off The Clock
  • Evading Cross Ups, Meaty Attacks, Safe Jump Ins **


~~~ Safe Jumps ~~~

“Safe Jumping” is present in this game. If you are unfamiliar with how a safe jump works, please refer to this tutorial video as provided by David Sirlin.

[media=youtube]t8dD3K2_Pz4&feature=related[/media] (5:49)

He outlines the concept using ST as the example but the same principals carry over to SF4, only with different timing - you will have to get used to the rhythm of when to press the attack as well as spacing through practice and repetition.

Firstly, there are knockdowns which do not allow your opponent to do a quick stand / recovery. They are:

  1. All sweeps (cr HK)
  2. All throws (LP+LK or spd style).
  3. Certain special moves. Balrog is one of the few characters (if only?) who also has a special move which performs a knockdown from which the opponent can not quick rise. This is his ground rush punch (charge back, df + punch).
  4. Supers and Ultras

These are the best kind of knockdowns to follow up a safe jump with because you are able to anticipate when your opponent will rise (since they can’t quick stand!).

You can use this to your advantage and land a free jump in, leading to instant offense (block string mixup or combo… see one of the many Ephemeral setups above).

For Rog, I prefer using either HP or HK for safe jumping because of the size of it’s hitbox. However, depending on who I am playing against… the timing on the safe jump in is hella tight.

In terms of spacing, I try to perform the safe jump such that only the tip of Rog’s glove hits the opponent. I do not want to overlap any of Rog’s blue (inactive) hit boxes with my opponents blue hit boxes. (NOTE: This still requires some experimenting to confirm what works against which character. I am hoping some of you on here can help out with this!!!)

For example against Sagat, (more often than not), I trade my jump in with his Tiger Uppercut. This leads to a f+HK, followed by an Ultra … all for either not spacing properly or pressing a button fractions of a second too early or both :frowning:

“safe” jumping won’t work against characters that have special moves that have startup invincibility frames. this includes all shoto dp’s and move EX moves (messiah kick, headbutt, blanka ball, etc)

You just have to find the “sweet spot” of where to press the attack in the arc of the safe jump with HP or HK.

however it still works against players who will do wake up ultra. You will know if you have done this right if for example if a Sagat player does his Ultra as a wake up reversal against you. During the Ultra flash, you will see Rog in the air with his HK animation out but after the flash Rog will land safely and you will be able to block! Not that it makes a difference since only scrubs will use Ultras as reversals on wake up :\

*Side Note:

In the end, I think that safe jumping is extremely character dependent on what kind of reversal specials / ultra they have. It might be harder to safe jump in on certain characters rather than others.
End Side Note.*


~~~ Safe Jump Setups ~~~

***** After a Headbutt Throw (f+LP+LK) *** **

  • dash forward (f,f)
  • take 1 step forward
  • safe jump in with a late HP/HK

***** After a Grab + Punch Throw (b+LP+LK) *** **

  • dash towards opponents
  • take 2 steps forward
  • safe jump in with a late HP/HK
  • note: the Japanese mook made a typo with this throw and listed it as building 0 (ZERO) gauge. This in fact is incorrect and it builds the same as Rog’s forward (headbutt) Throw.

***** After a (max range) Sweep (d+HK) *** **

  • take 1 step forward (you will have to adjust your space depending on the distance of which you performed the sweep)
  • safe jump in with a late HP/HK

***** After a Ground Rush Punch (b, df+P) *** **

  • take 1 step back
  • safe jump in with a late HP/HK

***** After a Super or Ultra *** **

  • I will leave this open and let you Rog users come up with some effective ways to setup a safe jump (and build meter as well!)

Try and combine your ideas with the opinions of this thread!

Video Examples:

[media=youtube]vmv_ak6FuyA[/media] (4:36, 6:16)


** ~~~ Ambiguous Cross Up ~~~ **
*Credit: XnoyHoy aka Ronstoppable - Original Thread: *

After a knockdown, Balrog can also perform an empty jump on a grounded opponent timed such that Balrog will be landing next to the opponent the same time they are getting up. Sometimes it can be very difficult to tell which side Balrog will land during the jump in!

The most common setup for this is after landing a headbutt AND if your opponent quick stands. The reason is because of how the timing works out and situation described above will occur.

So, if you are Balrog and you land a headbutt (ie combo ender: cr LP x cr LP ~ cr LK x HP Headbutt), you can hold up/forward to immediately follow up with a jump in. You can also take half a step forward and then jump in immediately and Rog will cross up the grounded opponent with the empty jump.

After landing, you can continue with the block string of your choice or throw.

However as a note of caution, this is not 100% safe. If the opponent is mashing wake up throw or reversal special / super, you will get smacked. So use this trick sparingly. Also, if they don’t quick stand at all, you lose the timing completely.

It is more effect against those who like to play it safe (ie no wake up reversals) and instead try to guess which way to block on wakeup.

Video Examples:


** ~~~ Corner Cross Up ~~~ **

Same idea as above but also use this sparingly for reasons already mentioned.

SF4 has a strange property of where you empty jump on a grounded opponent who is in the corner, Balrog will switch sides and end up in the corner himself. You can use this to your advantage and make the opponent block the wrong way.

Most common setup would be after either an Ultra, Super or even a Torpedo Punch (b,df+k)

Video Examples: (youtube is blocked at work … will dig it up later)


** ~~~ Using The Ultra Start Up Animation To Burn Time Off The Clock ~~~ **
Credit: XKenoX, Gootecks, et al?

In SF4, the game timer continues to run during the Ultra startup animations. Balrog’s Ultra takes about 2 to 3 seconds off the clock. Keep this in mind in tight games where you have the lead.


** ~~~ Frame Traps ~~~ **

A “frame trap” is a situation in the game where you make the opponent think that it is safe for them to attack when in fact YOU (Balrog) have the advantage. In other words, Balrog is at a frame advantage and your opponent is at frame disadvantage. Here are a couple of frame traps that I like to use with Rog:

*** After They Block a Max Range Level 1 TAP, follow up with: ***

  • EX Overhead --> cr short x headbutt —> Ultra
  • Super
  • Ultra

*TAP can be substituted with an EX Rush Punch (-2 frames) or EX Torpedo Punch (-1 frames)

If your opponent is “pressing buttons”, they will get caught and eat a fat combo of your choice.

Why This Works:

Rog is listed at -2 frames after a level 1 TAP and intuitivley, you might think he is at a disadvantage. However one thing that that the frame data does not show are the ranges of the normals / specials. By performing a TAP from its max distance, Rog finishes just inside sweep range where he can be considered safe because generally there are not many moves in the game which have the require startup speed as well as the necessary range to punish him.

Therefore when special moves with negative frames are performed at the right range, they too can be safe! At the very worse you can hold down back with Rog, recover in time and block any counter poke attempt.

Side Note:
I can think of one exception, which is Zangief: his SPD has a start up of 2 frames and if you are not careful with your rush punch and TAP spacing, he will make your life a spinning hell for free. But IMO, you should be running away from Geif all match, and only ever using EX versions of rush punch very randomly and sparingly to attack him. But the Rog vs Geif matchup is a whole other discussion. I feel that I know this matchup very well now and may type up a little blurb at some point in the future.
End Side Note.

*** After They Block a Close st HK, follow up with: ***

  • EX Overhead --> cr short x headbutt --> Ultra

After blocking a st HK, Balrog gets pushed out to just inside sweep range. For some reason a lot of people who I play like to stick out a poke here (ie perfect range for a shoto cr MK or cr HK) … I think this is because of some sort of subconsious Street Fighter reaction that your brain is “trained” to do (?). Shrug.

Anyways, Rog is at a surprising +3 frame advantage on block, so you will be able to counter any poke by the opponent. This trick has saved my ass too many times on Ranking Battle online ;p


** ~~~ How To Punish Players Who Constantly Mashing Throws/Jabs/Shorts ~~~ **

  • Credit: Gootecks *

If you are playing against an opponent who is constantly pressing jab or throw (even during your block strings) in attempt to tech, you can use this technique to punish these players. Credit goes to Gootecks who shared this trick in his podcast and can also be seen in action in some of his more recent videos.

The setup is simple:

  • do a block string of: cr LP x cr LP (1 or 2 depending on your spacing)
  • add or substitute a far st LP if you are fighting Sagat, Geif or if they are stand blocking
  • take 1/2 to 1 step back
  • cr MP x LP dash punch (the cr MP should be at or near the absolute max range)
  • cancel the LP dash punch into super, if you have meter.

Video Example [media=youtube]vmv_ak6FuyA[/media] (0:39, 4:53)

It is important to note that using cr LP works so well because it gives +4 frames on block. If you wanted to be “original” and use cr LK for example, it wouldn’t work as well since it gives even frames on block, leaving you vulnerable when you begin to walk back. The +4 frame advantage is the key that lets you walk back the 1/2 step safely.

If you are fighting against Sagat or Geif (or someone who is stand blocking) you can substitute a far st LP. This is even better as it gives Rog +5 frame advantage on block AND already puts Rog at a standing position to walk back.

If you guess right, the cr MP will stuff their poke attempt and cancel into a rush punch for a free 2 hit combo.

If you gussed wrong (opponent is blocking), you still get a safe block string of cr MP x LP rush punch.


** ~~~ Evading Cross Ups, Meaty Attacks, Safe Jump Ins ~~~**
The simple answer is BACK DASH.

Alternatives include:

  • Focus, (Hit Absorb), Dash Forward / Backward
  • TAP
  • EX Special of your choice

Properties of the Back Dash That Make This Work:

  • Initial startup frames (not sure how many?) of a back dash offer FULL BODY invincibility (not only for Rog but for ALL characters).
  • During the active frames of the back dash, your character is considered to be IN THE AIR.
  • This means that if you were to get hit during the dash frames (once invincibility has worn off), your character ?resets? (flips out of air and land standing). The distance of how far you flip back depends on the attack that you were hit with.

Back dashing on wake up can help you escape many of the high/low/left/right/throw guessing games that existed in previous SF games by creating space between you and your opponent.

At the very worse, you will get hit by a move (say a jump in), which will reset you but also knock you further away. After you land on your feet from the reset, you can simply back dash again to create more space.

Some people might call this ?running away?. I like to think of it as spacing.

I prefer doing back dash on wake up as if you get baited in doing an EX special on wakeup, they block and you eat a fat combo.

However this is not to say that you should always be doing back dashing. Just like any other tactic / trick / gimmick, once you start becoming predictable AND if your opponent has the ability to adapt, they will find a counter to your trick.

Currently, I find not many people using this was a wakeup option as the invincibility property did not exist in previous SF games (or was it present in 3s?? shrug). Another factor which I also believe contributes to this is previous SF games have ?trained? us to always hold back or down back after being knocked down (to either charge for a special move or prepare blocking on defense).

Anyways, I will describe some common scenarios that I have come across as well as the move which I use most often to escape.

** *** Meaty Focus Attack. *** **

You might come across a few clowns who will knock you down and then try and charge and release a full focus in your face.

Just dash back.

** *** Meaty Blanka Electricity, Honda or Gen Hands, Etc *** **

Same as above, just dash back and punish accordingly. You can also EX Headbutt as the start up frames have full invincibility.

** *** Deep Cross Up On Wake Up (from Geif, Abel, Bison, Shotos, etc) *** **

Dashing out of a cross up on wake up can be a little trickier to deal with because your opponent is well … crossing you up. Depending on how deep their crossup is, your “backdash” will result in:

  • you dash towards them (even though you get the back dash animation).
  • you dash towards them (via forward dash animation because you thought they were going to land behind you after the crossup but instead land on the original side)
  • you get hit by the jump in attack outright

Instead if I am anticipating a cross up ON WAKE UP, I will either:

  • Do a TAP (causes their cross up to whiff, due to start up invincibility frames. Rog ends up about 2 sweep distances away, and safe)
  • Focus Absorb the cross up and dash away from opponent

** *** Safe Jump Ins (Deep Rog HK, Shoto HP, etc) *** **

After being knocked down and you can see that your opponent is setting you up for a safe jump, to escape you can:

  • Back Dash. But you might get hit depending on how deep their jump in is.
  • Focus Absorb the jump in attack and dash back (watch out for those tricky 2-hit jumpins, ala chun li HP).
  • EX Overhead Rush Punch (make sure you have enough life to take the hit!)

The EX Overhead punch works because majority of the time, people will be holding down / back to follow up their safe jump in with a crouching attack or to block the reversal move.

The armour of the EX overhead rush punch will absorb the safe jump attack and smack them as they are blocking low!

However this is not a 100% solution. The opponent can continue to pressure with a block string after the jump in (ie the jump in is absorbed by the super armor and then they could follow up with a quick jab to knock you out of your overhead punch).

  •   EX Rush Upper

This is a better option as you will get a hit absorb from the armor then followed by the upper hitting them out of the air before they land!

Lately i’ve been experimenting with dash canceling back if my opponent FA’s my dash straight, so that they still take the damage and I am still safe and possibly punish their whiffing FA.

I love this guide :smiley:

This is fantastic stuff Ephemeral.

Wishing someone would do something like this for all the other characters so we don’t have to filter through all of the “why won’t my jumping fire punches come out all the time” threads.

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Dooope ish, Ephemeral. A few of these techniques I’d already been using (Overhead usages, closings with Rush Upper, and this morning especially practicing common uses for FADC). I don’t know how I missed it, but I did NOT know you could FADC out of c.rk… Awesome stuff man.

I’ve updated my post above. Hope you guys enjoy.

Ironically I was also working on something similar to this but Ephemeral beat me to the punch. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to edit some infromation so that our posts wouldn’t be overlapping but the bulk of it is there.

Well, maybe I can deal with throws now.

Since there’s quite some discussion about dash punches, how often should I throw them out?

I’m used to doing either safe lvl 1 tap, c.lp xx jab straight rush or just block jab strings into straight rush.

Sometimes I just throw it out for safe chip. What’s the proper way to use them?

"You have your back charge from the jump-in, the st.lp retains the back charge, and you move your stick down front for the OH punch. hold on to the down front charge,, down-front - up front, headbutt.

While it does not mean you can keep your back charge for ultra, the combo alone does very reasonable damage on its own."

I don’t know if this is possible because I kind of don’t play Street Fighter, but could you do this:

OH Punch>Hold d/f for charge,, move to U/B! to initiate the headbutt and begin charge on the Ultra? The charge time shouldn’t be near as long as the headbutt and falling animation lasts, especially after watching [media=youtube]Jv67HQg_JRM&feature=channel_page"[/media].

Alternative annotation (best I can do to explain with this way):

4(charge)>3+Punch(hold 3 and Punch)> 3 charged)>7(charge)+Punch>646+PPP (3 Punches)

It seems to me like this should be possible considering the setups for headbutt>Ultra are - ch. d/b>u/b+Punch - and people are pulling off Guile’s Flash Kick>Ultra with - ch. d/b>u/f+Kick>d/b>u/f+3Kicks

Or am I missing something here?

Just tried it. First i tried:
:df: :ub: :hp: :l: (wait) :r: :l: :r:
which didn’t give you enough time, the ultra barely missed.
But then i forgot that you would do a lk -> headbutt and did it like this:

overhead end in :df: quickly :db: :lk: :ub: :hp: :l: (wait) :r: :l: :r:
and it worked.

I haven’t tried this myself yet but I trust Eph enough to have tried doing the ultra after the headbutt in this manner already

Nice thread Ephemeral. Good shit Jay

Great thread, a lot of clever stuff in here

Yeah the second way mentioned is the best way to do it


The charges in this game are that fast? I never knew :smiley:

yeah, its possible to ultra from trick 1, but i didnt bother going crazy with the buffering explaining with that trick alone. so at the moment you hold the punch for dash swing, hold db charge, and lk + hb distancing gives you enough time. for easy sake, i don’t ultra unless i really had to, so i just chill and charge df.

i cant wait to read jay’s post :smiley:

thanks for the positive feedback guys. play with training and be inventive :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not much, if at all, faster than any other sf game I think. It takes 55 frames to get charge. LP overhead has 22 frames of startup add to that the recovery, linking of and the cancel into headbutt and you can see there is enough time to charge.