Adon: Super or AE Version?

Hello everyone and my fellow Adon users,

now we all now that the SSF4 : AE DLC will be available in a few days. I think that most of you are going to purchase it. We also now, that there will be an option, which gives us the possibiltiy to choose between Super and AE balance.

Adon is Super: Obviously he has only one big advantage and unique property which is his very fast
wake-up timing.

Adon in AE: Positive changes we definitely know are the change on EX JT, faster start up of his
super, better frames of his cr. HP. That are the only positive things, I have really noticed
so far and which are also confirmed.
Officially the SSF4 Dev Team said, that they buffed a lot of his normals, so that he is
stronger now while on ground. BUT: we don’t have any official list of all the normal
attacks changed nor any frame data, which could confirm the positive effects on his
changes, that’s why I don’t consider them as a buff yet.
The only negative change we know so far and also officially has been stated is that nerf
on his wake-up timing, which is a very hard one for him in my opinion. They didn’t
increase his health or his overall damage as a compensation.

So, with all this information we got so far…

My question for you is:** are you going to stay with Super or AE Adon and why are you going to stay or change to AE?**

There is a option to pick between the Super, and AE version? May I have a link?

Im moving to AE and not going to play any super. No reason to play an older game :slight_smile:

I think you’re misunderstanding “picking” between Super and AE. If you buy AE AND PLAY Super, then you’ll ONLY vs people playing Super (which could be a dead crowd).

You CANNOT use the Super balanced characters to play people who are playing Arcade Edition balanced characters.

Having said that, the whole topic of this thread is kinda redundant unless you’re interested in falling behind the whole SF4 community by not playing AE.

If you download the patch you have the ability to play both versions. The thing is if you play against someone who does not have the patch bringing them into AE, you are forced to play the Super counterpart. So really it all depends upon the room you set up. If you set up a room which allows for super players to join (AE and Super players allowed), then you will be playing super when you play them or if they play someone else. If you make an AE room only, then only AE players are allowed to join. From what I recall reading, we have a choice and it will probably benefit most players to create rooms which allow for both groups (AE and Super) especially for us Jaguars.

dito @ Durant. That’s exactly what I was going to write down here. I thought almost everyone has read the official faq on SSF4 : AE, but it seems like there are some fellas who didn’t o_O So, with all the confusion about being able to switch between Super and AE gone, I hope that somebody is going to answer my questions above. :wink:

Even if I was willing to play a game nobody else was for the sake of one character (I’m not), I still think AEdon will be notably superior. The speedy wakeup was nice, but it’s not like you could build a strategy around it.

@Durant - There’s always that “choice”. But why would anyone purchase AE and limit themselves to Super, just because 1 particular character’s balancing, mainly being wake-up time in this case?

In all honesty, this thread should be deleted.

I Jaguar I has been trolling the forums about the same topic since late last year.

Really I think he wanted to know the general opinion from Adon players about which version of Adon they think is superior. I agree its still premature but not worthy of a deletion.

I am not saying we should limit ourselves. I was explaining further in case it wasnt clear. Really I feel you should play both. Whats the point of focusing on AE and then getting trapped in a room that allows both? So when you play against a Super Guile are you going to use the excuse “Oh that was super version…”. I think not, so play both as both will still be relevant.

I doubt I will be playing any Super at all, and only joining “AE only” lobbies, unless there are no AE lobbies available.

Most people who are even somewhat serious about SSF will probably go AE and never look back.

I think that will happen eventually but not immediately. Still not fully bought on the AE only rooms. Time will tell.

I got this off Event Hubs and it supposedly right from the devs. He seems much better in AE than in Super…

Normal Moves

• Many of Adon’s normals were buffed.

• Crouching Light Punch, Close Standing Medium Punch and Crouching Hard Punch all had changes made to their frame data.

• Close Standing Medium Punch, on hit, will have a frame advantage of +6, so it’s possible to Link specials moves to combo, although it’s still not Cancelable. This move was -1 on hit in SSF4.

• Far Standing Light Punch, Far Standing Medium Punch and Crouching Medium Punch were given bigger hitboxes.

Special Moves

• EX Jaguar Tooth will not do the yellow EX Flash until he gets to the wall and is invincible to projectiles until grounded.

• Medium Jaguar Kick’s hitbox was changed, so Close Standing Hard Punch into Medium Jaguar Kick will register as a combo.


• Super’s (Varied Assault) startup changed to 7 frames, down from 9 in SSF4, and the first hit’s hitbox is extended downward more.

Other Stuff

• Wakeup time was nerfed. Adon now takes longer to get up off the ground than he did in SSF4.


• His buffs are centered around using his normals, so he will be stronger while on ground.

@ Mr Suplex
The stuff you listed above is known to almost every Adon player here. But like I said before, it has yet to be proven, which normals of him really got buffed and even more important: which further nerfs he got. According to the new SSF4 AE frame data, his MK and HK jaguar kicks got nerfed hard, if you take a look and the new frame data.And those nerfs are even worse than his wake up nerf, because they can be punished now after being blocked by normals which have at least a start up frame of 3. In SSF4, MK and HK JK punishment was not possible with both MK JK and HK JK being -1 on block. And now who wants to tell me Adon got stronger,huh?

Refering to the buffed normals: I’ve watched many,many AE videos with Adon so far. Although cl. st. MP got buffed, I haven’t seen top players using it. What I have noticed is the commonly usage of cr. HP. The buff on that normal is quite obvious, it really got faster. All other normals, they claim to have buffed, are unknown so far for us and must be tested for there positive difference to SSF4. Time will tell what really Adon got in AE.

At the moment I’m not planning to buy SSF4 AE due to my personal opinion that Adon got worse in AE and the fact - which is simply undeniable- , that it is an unbalanced piece of shit, produced by a man with totally crazy and weird fighting game philosophy (could have also called it Super Imbalanced Fighter 4 : S tier Yun,Yang and Fei Edition).
I’m sure that a lot of you Adon Players are going to get AE. So I will be waiting for you guys to test Adon in AE and find things out, that may not have been stated officially.
And if it really turns out that he definitely got better in AE, maybe I will give mushroom face Ono and Capcom my money.

Best regards, jaguar

Jaguar I understand your concern, however I do not see why you wont jump to AE. Wait and see? Okay. Wont buy because you are scared of the nerfs? Hell then why play Adon? In my opinion Adon is one of the riskiest characters there is. If he got nerfed, then either 1 of two things is going to happen:

  1. I force myself to the training room more to relearn Adon.
  2. I select a new main and put Adon as the secondary.

Dont let AE scare you. Adon is still “The Strongest Fighter!”

Thank you for the motivation and encouraging words @ Durant. :slight_smile: I know my behavour is very childish and hater-like, but what am I supposed to do? Adon is the only reason I bought SSF4 and I’m dead serious with that. I’m not interested in playing any other character at all. Truth even is: I hate them all except Adon and may be Guy, but Guy is one hard guy to learn and even master, tried him a few days ago. Like his fighting style, his moves, mix ups. Was thinking to change to Guy as a main in AE but he’s very,very hard to learn that’s why I gave up on that thought.So only Adon is left.

It’s such a big sadness and disappointment for me, that a character, that gave me so much joy to play with now is going to be weaker without rational reason while other characters got buffed to heavens and got no nerf at all.
Anyway, thanks for the kind words mate. Best regards, I Jaguar I

It sounds like Street Fighter might not be the right game for you.

^This is good advice.

As far as easy-to-learn characters go, take up Balrog. Simple combos that take a bit of practice and he neutralises some of Adon’s bad matchups. If you’re still not satisfied, take up one of the twins.

If you’re going to pass up on AE only because of a few “nerfs” that you haven’t even played yet, you’re obviously not much of a SF fan. I still honestly can’t believe this thread has continued on for this long.

I play Guile and I am Hype for AE. Deal with it. Move on, adjust the way you play and kick more ass. Everyone got nerfed so it evens out somewhat.

His jaguar kicks didn’t get nerfed. I’ve explained it here:

Air to ground specials have a range of frame advantage/disadvantage depending on when it hits or whether it’s blocked high or low. The person doing the frame data guide probably don’t know this so they probably took the frame disadvantage after Adon hits an opponent at point blank, which a player would never do. This is why Sagat can do tiger knee traps even though tiger knee on block is -10(LK version). It’s all about distance.