Adon FAQ's Thread: Quick Questions & Answers!

So I have noticed in recent times the Adon forums have gotten a massive overhaul of new players joining the ranks and becoming very interested in the character. Thats great news!

You know what’s not so good news? STARTING A NEW THREAD FOR A SOLITARY QUESTION!! :tup:

So now that that’s out of the way, WELCOME!

This is where you’ll be able to sift through questions people have brought up and the place where you will be able to ask whatever you may be curious about. ANY question Adon related is welcomed here. And if you have a question about anything else we will try and help you out the best we can but let’s not get side tracked too much :china:

1. What is Adon?

He’s a SSF4 character that uses the Jagga joose to lay the smackdown on his opponents.

2. Well what are his best pokes?

Arguably his best pokes are s.rh (Standing roundhouse) and (Crouching Medium Punch). Then the rest of them are a little more situational.


Calm down bro. His best anti-air is HK Rising Jaguar. This version grants invincibility. All this means is that if you time your DP correctly, it won’t get beaten out by 85% of the jump ins in the game (Rough guesstimate).

4. Bison is such a terrible matchup JESUS CHRIST! All he does is standing
roundhouse and scissor spam me all day and he shines purple and and…

Well, you have to play footsies with him. Don’t let him think he can just throw out his leg that goes for days at you whenever he wants. Counterpoke it with and If he does the scissor spam, try and get out by using lk Jaguar Tooth, backdashing, etc.

5. I Am The Best Adon In THE UNIVERSE! All Hail me…

Well that’s wonderful. I bet you’re stoked to show us some proof! And if you have some lets see it! Cause if you really ARE the best then we would all learn millions from you :tup:

6. WTB good Adon player to spar with.

Generic Adon player volunteers to fight generic Boxer player.

7. What is Adon’s best punish?

I think he has two and they don’t differ in damage, they differ by distance. a) s.fp~HK RJ. b) RJ. These are the two options. One for point blank and the other one is used for punishing stuff between footsie range and almost outside footsie range.

8. Ultra 1 or Ultra 2 man?? They both look so cool!

I agree. Except they each have their own particular uses. Ultra 1 proves day by day to be more useful than for just fireballs. I found out you can U1 any of boxer’s rush punches on reaction(Minus the really short ones). Ultra2 is used because you have more of a guaranteed chance of hitting it if you combo.

9. I was a Honda player in Vanilla and ever since that once guy did so good at that one big tournament I think I’m gonna play Adon. What tips can you give me?

Well, sir… You can start by watching this: [media=youtube]en0USfKWGV0[/media]

Now that you have some basics, you can sift through these threads and look around to see what else you can learn about this interesting character :slight_smile:

10. Uh, dude… One more time. Can I start a new thread if I have a question? It’s so much more convenient!

Yeah, it’d be convenient for the person asking the question. But why don’t you look at the big picture? What if there are 40 threads with a single question each? If we had this thread in the first place, it would be ONE thread with 40 questions IN IT! Now, dude, wouldn’t that make it easier for everyone?

I will update the front page with the most important and interesting questions I find. So it makes it even easier to find what you are looking for!:tup:

Hope these were enough examples for you to get an idea of what is to be expected of this thread. Just for the sake of keeping things organized sirs.


Nice thread too bad few will prolly notice it lol

I use ~ lk.RJ for my slightly farther away punish, I like that it hits low just in case my timing is off and they have an opportunity to block, gives me a slightly better chance to connect. Am I losing out on distance? I know the kick is a frame slower…

I just started trying to pick up Adon, and one of many things on my list to master was all that instant j.MK xx IAJK —> combo business, but using fuzzy guard to get it to connect only seems to work in that Option Select video. Any tips on how to get it to connect after a blocked jump in on an opponent attempting to crouch block? I just can’t seem to get it to work.

delicious jagga joose

Well first, let me just say off the bat, if you’re just starting with Adon, you should probably focus on the more important, fundamental aspects of his game before looking at specific stuff like the Fuzzy. I know it’s appealing because it’s so awesome, but you have to be careful not to pass by the fundamentals to get to the cool stuff, or you’ll wind up lacking the basic tools to even get your opponent into a situation to use the Fuzzy to begin with.

With that said, there are two key aspects to getting the Fuzzy to work. The first thing is the most common failure point, which is the blocked jump in. You’re probably focusing too much on the instant nj.MK, when in reality, the blocked jump in is your problem. What you’re looking to get out of the blocked jump in is the maximum amount of block stun possible. So for that, you want to focus on landing your jump in as deep and late as possible, so the block stun starts as late as possible before you land. Also, it’s important to use a jumping attack that generates as much block stun as possible. For Adon, nj.HK and j.HK are the go-to attacks. If you notice in the video, both in the intro against Dudley, and then in the Fuzzy section against Ryu and Sagat, the blocked jump ins are extremely late. Try to duplicate that. Adon’s j.HK has relatively slow startup for a jumping normal, so it might take a little getting use to when you have to push the button to get him to hit the j.HK as deep as possible.

If your blocked jump in was timed well, you should be good to go. The only other important thing is making sure you do your nj.MK immediately after jumping, but this is very easy, and as long as your blocked jump in was timed well (deep), you don’t need the nj.MK to be perfect.

So yeah, odds are extremely high you’re having a problem because of your blocked jump in. Remember, for the fuzzy to work, the opponent has to still be in blockstun from the first jump in when they get hit by the instant nj.MK. That blockstun is what makes the fuzzy work.

Thanks for the help; I’ll try that out.

Does anyone have correct frame data? SRK wiki is wrong, says close hp is +2. Also claims diffrent Ultra startup frames than other sites.

Not sure who to trust, anyone know a correct one?

I’ve been told that the SRK wiki is the most accurate frame data, or at least more accurate than the Eventhubs frame data

nice, i look forward to updates.

really, Dictator match up is a nightmare…

any tips about avoiding headstomps and how to punish devils reverse?

Exploid: I’ve been using EventHubs Frame data and it seemed pretty accurate to me every time I verified several things.

Nacor: Block the headstomps high and then U2 the devils reverse if they are stupid enough to try and chip you with it. Also on the ground you have to play footsies because of his which is awesome. If he jumps in, AA. If you jump in, bait his EX PC. If he teleports, option select with lk jk. force him to waste his meter.

I can’t seem to pull off the FADC consistently. What tricks do the better adon players have, that use FADC, to practicing it. I have spent some time trying and I don’t seem to be getting more consistent. Thanks.

Practice DP~FADC in training mode. don’t even practice the followup. Just practice the FADC itself and when you’re comfortable wiht it, try following it up with another DP or ultra.

The way you input the FADC is you input the DP(263+K) and as soon as you input that you hold mk+mp and as soon as you visually see you’re focusing you hit forward or backward twice. Good luck broda:3

thanks Kelso :slight_smile:

another question, is it possible to dash under Dictator headstomps? and punishing it on reaction with a jump back mp?

Dashing you definitely can. Because you can dash under Tiger Knees lol but if you’re gonna dash under headstomps (on wake up you mean?) then just DP on their way down. See if that works

thanks; the last good Dictator i fought did a lot of headstomp and EX headstomp after lk scissors; i just didnt know how to scape from that pressure…

also, after headstomp he devil reversed using that technique that crosses you up at first but hits in front of you. It really messed me up, it was hard to punish with U2 because in fact there is a few frames where you change sides (i tryed to RJ but Adon performed a grounded JK instead, eating the following combo)

i have to train against that…

I was practicing it for about an hour last night. Was getting used to it and then I couldn’t pull it off. Might have been fat fingering it too. Thanks for the tips.

Hey guys im a new Adon player and want to make him one of my tourney characters.

What Ultra do you guys use for certain match ups? You dont have to name every character in the game but a few key important choices would be great.

Example- I use _____ because it just stops ____ so easily


he cant do ______anymore. etc etc.

Basically, im looking for match ups where u1 is more viable and why.

What other AA do you enjoy aside from HK rising jaguar? I really can’t seem to like/get into this anti air. What do you feel about st MP? I use this more than anything actually and am fond of it…

Also, thoughts on jag tooths and times to use them? the ex version? I use it mostly for escaping situations but i like to use ex to get in close sometimes.