This probably isn’t the place for farewells, but this is my last post. I’m done with “Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix” forever. I just annihilated my PS3 controller after losing a Scoreboard Match to a sub-par Fei Long. So I’m done. The rage this game fills me with is maddening and powerful; it must be sealed.

It’s been fun. I plan on getting into other Street Fighter games later, so I may be back some day. But not soon.

See ya.

public ragequits, u gotta love them :smiley:

Good game…peace out.

so are you quitting shoryuken and/or stupid street walker 2?
i’ve only played the 4th one and yeah, sometimes things happen in that game that aren’t possible.

why, we defintely lost a valuable member to the SRK community. That’s one less member that’s bombarded by ads, Why!!!1

Problem was you were playing SF2 on Pad.
Get a stick…

So, you’ve been on these forums a month, you’ve done nothing but complain about how your top/high tier character can’t just do whatever she wants in a match, and that you have to actually use your brain to get around rough matchups, and so now you rage-quit because you’ve got anger issues? And you want us to actually care about you leaving?


I guess it’s back to playing flash games and Barbie’s Pony Adventures for you my friend.


I like it when he posted that he wanted to switch to cammy. LoLz!! Complaining about top tier, wanting to switch to low tier. That I wanted to see. And calling someone that beat you “sub par”. Right, like you have any idea whats good and whats not in this game. lolz.

dealing with your anger is a part of street fighter. by raging and quitting, you lose…again.

also, threads like these are cries for attention. its as though you want people to tell you “no, dont quit, youre really good at the game!, etc”

if you really want to quit, just quit. disappear.

i dont understand why you thought anyone would care?

at least he is now gone for good?

^ “I may be back some day.” Nope. Back for more with a new controller and a mild increase in anger management ability.

To trolls: I’d feed you, but I’m too busy feeding your moms.

Noone in here is trolling.
You’re just getting that hard boot you deserve for posting such stupid shit.

This is what happens when COD fan boys decide to pick up fighting games.

Not that I don’t agree, but it’s not like the fighting game community is full of mature responsible players either. Unfortunetly that has become the exception other than the rule, especially anywhere online. Offline is usually much better but I’m sure offline is better in every genre.

Every gaming community scene has its share of immature players, but COD fan boys seem to be the worse of them. The FPS genre in general is full of immaturity nowadays, even in the casual offline scene as well as the online.

Difference being, if you act like an asshole offline, there are actual consequences. FGC is kinda rough like that.

News flash: This game ain’t hard. If your name is random, change that, that’s a place to start.

Well, I don’t really play COD (not since COD4) but hear that a lot so there must be truth to it. The only FPS I play a lot of is Battlefield and I think it attracts a different crowd than COD. Halo you get a lot of jerks, but I think the Halo community tends to be a lot younger.

ExposedD: Some were clearly trolling, while others were just being rude; like yourself. ElTrouble: CoD? It’s twelve year-olds, I’m twice that, but nice guess. LeonHeart: …My name’s fine. At least it ain’t XxX420LOL420XxX. As for the game’s difficulty, that depends on your matchup. Some people are just beast, and other times luck will screw you (grabs, namely). So it can be hard. EDIT: My posts keep eliminating line breaks, it’s annoying.