Abel Match Videos

Place to post a bunch of good Abel match videos, which I’ve found are pretty hard to come by.

Heres some I liked…

[media=youtube]GDx2rumOiBw[/media] (Sagat vs Abel)
[media=youtube]258wcOo55gk[/media] (Abel vs Ken)
[media=youtube]tBOFMbhZoq0[/media] (Abel vs Ken)
[media=youtube]-55YxHBnsoM[/media] (Abel vs Ryu)
[media=youtube]xhQzW1CmfXA[/media] (Abel vs Sagat) Remember, when in doubt just throw it out!!!
[media=youtube]noIXeEUicCM[/media] (Abel vs C.viper)
[media=youtube]dmguHbU4x_M[/media] (Abel vs Ryu/Ken)
[media=youtube]dSkuOxi3wsY[/media] (Abel vs Guile)
[media=youtube]Y-i8yo_BpFQ[/media] (abel vs sagat)
[media=youtube]j3KI8lTDeDQ[/media] (abel vs rufus)
[media=youtube]Q1ppItXk6Eg&feature=related[/media] (abel vs rufus)

Wow thanks for the links to the videos. I’m still new to the game, and currently using Abel. I’m trying to learn the COD-FADC-cr.hp-ultra combo, no luck yet. Reading and watching can only do so much though. heh

no new vids?

hey abel vs civiper vid he lands ultra in the corner

man, it’s painful to watch this Ken miss so many opportunities to counter-Ultra all those goofy Sean kicks and end up pulverized by one in the end.

come to think of it–in all the match vids i’ve watched lately, i can’t recall seeing someone using Ken’s Ultra as an answer to something like Abel’s swing kick or those EX Messiahs that Rufus players love throwing out. seems like it’d be a GREAT answer.

Ill find some more, but I suggest making a nico nico douga account :wgrin:

whats a nico nico douga account? lol

its a japanese youtube (basically)…they have a bunch of sf4 vids!!!

account created, thanks. :slight_smile:

Abel kicking ass

What a great match. Sagat had no idea what to do without his Tiger Shots in the last round. Also, that white costume is sweet for Abel.

so did abel just WIN A TOURNY? http://blog-imgs-27.fc2.com/t/o/k/to...l?id=sm5651835 OH SHIT HE DID! (thats part 4)
http://blog-imgs-27.fc2.com/t/o/k/to...l?id=sm5647894 (part 1)
http://blog-imgs-27.fc2.com/t/o/k/to...l?id=sm5648335 (part 2)
http://blog-imgs-27.fc2.com/t/o/k/to...l?id=sm5651705 (part 3)

links not working for me man…unless I’m suppose to do that nico thing…

arg fix the links

thats weird anyways here is the link to the site i found them on. http://tokka.s59.coreserver.jp/search/searchbig.php?q=ストリートファイターIV&sort=f&mode=search&v=&m=&k=&page=1

its the 12/22 TRF matches parts 1-4

i dont know why the links dont work, they are the exact same ones that i posted in the sf4 video link thread and those work fine. oh well

Nice,finally an abel that won!!!

Lol at the missed Ultra at the end (damn ex sky fall/falling sky)

The forum abbreviates the links. So if you copy the abbreviation that’s all you’re gonna get. Notice the … in the link. Just edit your post with the real links.

I’m glad Abel can still win. He seems to have been slipping in usage.

here are the direct links for you lazy folks, hopefully this works i just took them from the post i made in the video link thread and those worked fine.

how do i watch that ABEL KICKING ASS video? Its all in japanese? and i dont know what to click