Abel Combo Thread: the Emo Mercenary's Arsenal!

I was looking for something easy as this. Thanks this helps a lot =D

because its a combo list? ^

I think pressure strings should go in the strategies section, this is just for combos i think. Unless im wrong of course, you can tell me otherwise, haha.

haha, sakeido, why did you put the Taste the painbow in the retarded combos list, lol XD

it is a retarded combo, IMO. Retarded awesome!

actually it kinda sucks, it only does 20 more damage than falling sky, uses meter, and it is a techable knockdown. If you combo into it, it only does 10 extra damage for a 3 bar combo. It just looks so cool though

if I listed all those, this would be a ridiculously long list. for pressure strings, mix up shorts and jabs. Ideally you would end with a jab because it is +3 on block, but this is also a bit of a tell and shows when you will try your F+MK so even something like c.lk x 4, s.far lk, F+MK has its uses

I have been able to stuff Gief’s lariat a few times with neutral rh a few times, but the timing is strict, plus I believe it has to be during the lariat’s startup. Most of the time it trades tho, which leads to ex green hand and big trouble for Abel. I’d stick with j.lp, it’s safer and a little more reliable.

Here’s a overhead combo you should add to the list

OH -> st.lp -> fwd.mk -> st.fp -> CoD

Really usefull combo that works on most of the cast and it doesn’t have to land as a counterhit either.

I’m assuming that the overhead causes the st.lp to hit meaty ? If so, that’s pretty freakin cool… will be trying this tonight

pretty damn good

I’ve been trying to do this combo with no success. I tried this on Ryu, Sagat, and Balrog, and it seems that either I get pushed to far back for the st. lp to hit, or I get it to hit but it doesn’t combo. Any tips?

You have to stick out the lp at the last possible frame for the dash kick to connect, its pretty tough at first but once u get a hold of it the oh actually becomes a powerful tool.

I’ll make a vid later when I have time to demonstrate this

Please do, seeing this in action would definitely help get the timing down.

Yeah, getting an ultra from an overhead is amazing, good stuff on finding it. My Abel game would be so buffed up if I could do this consistently.

Good thread, sakeido.

So this is an actual combo? They can’t block it at all?

Thats pretty awesome if so, but im struggling to do this in training mode :frowning:

So it has to be an overhead roundhouse yeah? should i stick the dummy to crouch then switch on autoblock?

^ it HAS to be the overhead to work, it can’t be the first part of the roundhouse.

The reason is that the OH puts them in the perfect range and state to complete the combo.

Just put the training dummy to crouch block and try it out.

Tried this for about 20 minutes on Chun Li last night with no success – I couldn’t get the st.lp to hit meaty, so I was only getting +6 on hit, instead of +7… I figured it would work against her since Abel has a st.lp infinite… Any more information we should be aware of Strider ?

The lp -> dash kick is deffinetely the hardest part. The lp has to land perfectly meaty to allow the kick to connect, and even then its a 1 frame link.

Only advice is to practice it. Try to get the oh -> lp timing down so it lands meaty, only then will the kick connect

EDIT: I see people are having a hard time with the combo, so I’ll say this. After the oh connects and the opponent starts reeling backwards, try hitting them when they are at the farthest part of their animation as possible. Doing this will create the same effect as the infinite to allow the fwd mk to land. {Lp hitting with its last active frames}

Thanks Strider… Will get back in the training room tonight… 2 successive one frame links… Sounds easy :confused:

does the OH have to be counter hit? i’m having the hardest time linking this

The lp is easy, linking the f+mk is a bitch.

I’m starting to doubt the possibility of this (no offence Strider, just running through the facts) … OH -> st.lp is a one frame link. If it’s a one frame link, theres no way (from my understanding) that it could hit meaty, since it will HAVE to hit on the very first active frame for it to combo, meaning you can only ever be +6 on hit, which therefore means no f+mk

I’d love to be proved wrong, as any new ways to land Ultra could be potentially brutal, but the facts just don’t line up. The only way I can see this working is if you landed the overhead, then scored a counter hit on the st.lp

Any progress on that vid Strider ?