ABC X - The Voting, The Drama, The Fuckachunkz

Ok! here are the entries for the 10th avatar battle challenge!

I think this may just be the best ABC yet, and I’m very pleased. A big thanks goes out to everyone who entered, everyone who’s judging, and especially to OrangeCat and Boleslaw for actually providing money. You guys all rock! (Even you, Bear Ryoma!)

Ok, the standard rules:

#1: No one discusses the avs until ALL EIGHT judges have passed judgement. This is to prevent people from giving away who the artists are. This is not limited to the artists. Even if you did not submit an av, please refrain from commenting until after the judges have voted. The judges do not know who has submitted an av, and I don’t want you giving away to them that you DIDN’T submit an av by starting to comment on them.

#2: Judges: you are to pick your favorite 3 in each category based on whatever criteria you want. You will then order them from 1 to 3. Your #1 pick gets 3 points, your #2 pick gets 2 points, and your #3 pick gets 1 point. The points will be tallied, and a winner for each category declared.

**#3:**Judges can feel free to discuss among themselves any aspects of the avatars they like. They may confer with each other before voting, but do not have to. Feel free to discuss what you like or dislike about any of the avatars --1 Restriction, tho! Judges may not speculate as to who the artists are, as your speculations may affect the other judges.

The judges are:
Master Chibi

#4: After the judges vote, the points will be tallied and I will reveal the artists behind the avatars. Discussion is then open for anyone and anything about the avatars.

#5: The prizes are as follows:
Prizes are provided by OrangeCat and myself, except where otherwise noted.

1st place Animated:
DVD - Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1 Volume 1
6 months of premium membership (courtesy of Boleslaw)

1st place Still:
DVD - Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1 Volume 1

2nd Place Animated & Still:
DVD - Street Fighter: The Movie

3rd Place Animated:
Music CD - quiche’s choice

3rd Place Still:
Music CD - OC’s choice

4th Place Animated:
5 lbs of Fresh Step Kitty Litter

4th Place Still:
5 lbs of Tidy Cat Kitty Litter

5th Place Animated & Still:
A Chocolate (fucka)Chunk Cookie

That being said, here are the avatars (in order by title…as in all the previous competitions, if the artist did not provide a title, I made one up)

It is interesting to note that several of the entries bend ABC rules. A couple have filesize or canvas size slightly larger than SRK avatars allow (lol,“The End of Justice” is just a few pixels too wide. It sticks out past all the other entries, “Out of Order” is just past the 50k mark, “Millia” is over 60k, and "One Photographer’s Problem is tipping 80k!)) user’s screennames in the avatar (“Can O’ Fuckachunkz” & “Chunks N’ Violence”), etc. All these are allowed in the spirit of fuckachunkz. What’s more fuckachunkz than trying to win with an illegal entry? I did have to draw the line with “Daft PunQ” though. That was too fuckachunkz! (LMJAO! What were you thinking?!? You know this is an avatar contest, right?)

Also, the “identcal twins” award goes to “Very Funny” and “Very Fuckachunkz” for both artists not having seen the other one’s entry and both coming up with the same idea. How fuckachunkz can you gooooooo?

Also, mad props goes to “iAm” for having the balls to be about eight ABC’s too late to be relevant.



Bay 6

“Baiken Ricepaper”




“Chibi Millia”


“Dizzy Memories”




“FuckaJamz Tries To Win Kitty Litter”




“Heaven Or Hell Black & White Centerfold”


“I Keep 'Em Clean”




“Ky Kiske”


“Metal Sluggachunkz”

The Damned



“Mishima Steve”

Shim Sang Joon

“My Crew”


“O Ky?”

Bear Ryoma

“Robo Ky”


“Sentinel Upgrade”


“The End Of Justice: 'If only we could have talked one last time . . . Just the three of us . . . '”


“Unlock My Dreams”





“A Can O’ Fuckachunkz”


“Chunks N’ Violence”




“Guilty Gear On Game & Watch”

Bear Ryoma


tuff daddy



“I Wanna Dance The Night Away”


“Low Tech Fuckachunkz Time”


“May Airforce One”


“One Photographer’s Problem”


“Very Fuckachunkz”


“Very Funny”


“Vic Viper vs. Victor Sagat”


“Where Is It?”



“Daft PunQ”



Worthless Scrub

“Out Of Order”

Worthless Scrub

Get voting, judges!

I hope this has been extreme for you all.


go go power judges

wow, lots of entries.

Kitty litter is one of the prizes? Is that serious or a joke prize?

these avs are craaaazy. :lol:

aww hell naw…


clear yo pm’s Nas, you aint dont yet!!!1

Doh! I sent the wrong version. Good job me. Looks like the MS Paint skills will have to wait until next month to be crowned champion.

lol. Is that what the deal was?

Usually when people submit entries I won’t accept I let them know, but when they come in at the last minute like that, I don’t always have the time to get it back to you to let you know to fix it.

The moral: if you’re gonna fuck up, submit early.



Reminds me of something.


…there we go.

P.S. This is hot. lol Oh yeah





See Adam Epstein

I only have one gripe about it, and that’s that it shouldn’t have a border. Reason being is because since it’s supposed to be underwater right?(or maybe it’s not cause it’s bizzaro world) But to me, a border shouldn’t be included. OOORRR better yet, have the border just cover the sides and the bottom, like a fish tank. As a matter of fact, if this av was inside a fishtank it would be undisputed #1 instead of just barely making it.
Also, this av could have easily placed in animation if the water was animated aswell as having the lil fishies swim on by.



Adam Epstein uploaded this image to

This av placed 2nd just on how smooth and complete it looks to me, because i couldn’t tell you what the hell is actually going on in it. I guess that would be fuckachunkz. I mean, it seems like some chick that’s falling in some dimension. I think the background really helped with me coming up with that thought, cause the background looks mesmerizing.

Good job.

Sentinel Upgrade:

See Adam Epstein

Hillarious. This one makes you do a double take. Like WTF? Oh shit.
Again, another comment about people’s borders. This border is way too thick.

Honorable mention:


Adam Epstein uploaded this image to

I think that the text really did it for me on this one. What font is that? The background is dope, Millia blends in really well, and the text wraps it up real good. I also like the hair going across the av. I wouldve put this one in the top spot, or probably 2nd place. Why didn’t I? Cause it’s over 48kb. Damn man why the hell was this over 60kb? If they didn’t know then that’s fine, still wouldnt vote it. But if this was cause of the fuckachunkz theme then that’s not fair at all, that’s not a good constraint at all. I think that having to downsize avs to fit into the 48kb competition limit is a BIG PART of the ABCs and that shit aint right to get away with having avs that’s over the limit. The things that I could do or anyone else, if they knew they could get away with posting avs way over the limit. If you allow avs that go past the constraints dimensions or size then who’s to be the judge of what’s going to far?

But besides that though, that Millia av is tight.

I’ll get the animated ones in a min.

Jesus H Christ. Some sick shit this time round, gonna be close. And FFS quiche, who said YOU could enter?! :wgrin:

I’m not a judge, but I agree with slide. Letting any of the entries slide if they don’t fit within the general rules is bunk and far from fair to the other artists.

I’m assuming this rule isn’t in effect for this challenge?



Low tech fuckachunkz time:

See Adam Epstein

Winner. Best animated entree. Not by a lot though…


Can O Fuckachunkz:

See Adam Epstein

Man I think I couldve flipped a coin to come up with the top 2 choices. I think the reason why Low Tech beat out this one is because, Low Tech could work and be hillarious just about anywhere. Can O Fuckachunkz is like an fighting game community inside joke. Well, I mean just the whole fuckachunkz thing itself is, but I think everyone understands what I’m sayin though.

… ya man I just needed something to seperate the two so I could place one over the other. That’s all.


Where is it:

See Adam Epstein

Simple and funny.

2 honorable mentions

See Adam Epstein

It’s pretty boring. I mean, who hasn’t seen an av like this done over and over. A plain background and sprites just moving along trying to be funny. If it was more original I would have probably been close to ranking it. But it does get a mention.

See Adam Epstein

What a shame. Cause this wouldve been the easy 3rd place for me. But it’s over the size limit, cause I DO like it better than Where Is It.

Quiche, man are you changing the rules or something? I read your intro post, but I mean you let too many slip through, where did you even draw the line at kb size this time? I know it’s ATLEAST to 60.

quiche,your pms.check them

wow, quite the selection here… TOP TIER though… .props to everybody

Stills top 3:


Adam Epstein uploaded this image to

what can i say? the colors are SIMPLY AMAZING. perfection of color, imo


Adam Epstein uploaded this image to

Blending’s hot, font’s hot. a lot of GOOD use of old school techniques.

“Robo Ky”

See Adam Epstein

another phenominal work

Animations Top 3:

“Out of Order”

See Adam Epstein

Good stuff. what i think i like about it is the vertigo causing seizure of an animation. it’s odd, but i like

“Guilty Gear On Game & Watch”

See Adam Epstein

Innovative. Me likes

“Vic Viper vs. Victor Sagat”

See Adam Epstein

random as hell, but me likes

Ok, clearly the artists didn’t realize they were going over the limit. As for “Out of Order” and “Millia” I really don’t think they’d be any different if they were forced to into the size constraints. “Out of Order” is only over by like 1-2 kb, and Millia could easily lower the pallette count without changing it visually at all. As for the photographer one, well, if you guys really think it’s that big a deal, we can dq it or something.

No one knew I was gonna allow small rule-bends this time, so it’s not like anyone had an unfair advantage.

Besides, this is all in good fun, right?

Needless to say, I won’t be letting rule-bends slide in future ABC’s.


As I suspected, here’s what the artist behind “Millia” had to say:



Time for top-tier judging.

#1 Still “Baiken Ricepaper”:

See Adam Epstein

I love this effect. Whoever did this deserves major props for finding a color scheme that really does look like a ricepaper wall-scroll. This is an excellent example of modifying a color-scheme so it can do all of the work for you. Very nice, one of my favorite stills I’ve seen yet.

#2 Still “Sentinel Upgrade”:

See Adam Epstein

It’s very funny, the only gripe I have about it is the border. The border seems very imposing. I don’t know, perhaps another judge will disagree with me.

#3 Still “Bizzaro!”:

See Adam Epstein

This is just a cool avatar, period.

#1 Animation “Out Of Order”:

See Adam Epstein

There is so much I can say about this, but I’ll get down to the point. The main thing I noticed about it is that it’s almost seizure-inducing but it’s still readable. I can still tell what’s going on where, and I really like that. The effect on top of it is just absolutely marvelous. Excellent av.

#2 Animation “A Can O’ Fuckachunkz”:

See Adam Epstein

Hahaha! Excellent work here. I love parodies of SF moves, and I love the fact that popeye is beating up on someone else each frame.

#3 Animation “May Airforce One”:

See Adam Epstein

This is an example of an avatar that probably isn’t too hard to make, but must be intensely hard to conceptualize. Whoever made this, how did you come up with this idea? I like it a lot, and it took me a minute or two to appreciate it.

Quiche, well it’s a good thing you didn’t change the original entry file on the first post. For someone to try and change their entry after the due date is pretty much, worthless and scrubby… know’m sayin?

Still though, all I gotta say is that you should be inforcing the rules. I mean especially when you have prizes on the line. When there’s a prize or something at the end, and if someone that’s not following the size or dimension restraints happens to walk away with a placing and prize, then how fair is that? And what does that say about the credibility of the challenges?

Don’t you think that would actually turn away some future competitors? Rules can’t be inserted and taken out as see fit, when you establish them from the get go. I mean there ARE understandable circumstances and exceptions always, but things like file size and dimension is kind of absolute, because it’s a number set in stone. Letting people go over that isn’t right.

And it’s truly a shame that a good number of the ones over the limits, are actually some of the better avs in this ABC X.