A team of scientists creates a mutated strain of the Bird Flu (H5N1)

So a team of scientists managed to make a mutated strain of the H1N1 bird flu. :confused:


Those wacky scientists, what will they think of next? :looney:

End of the world is looking real tight right now between 12/21/2012, the way the economy is going, rising tensions in Syria AND now this? Might get to live til the end of this rock after all.

Saw this on the news a while back. Probably the most retarded shit I’ve heard in a while, and in this day and age that’s saying a lot.

Full disclosure is a bitch! More viruses, please. It’s nature, please stop acting as if keeping it a secret will prevent an outbreak. :tup:

And they still haven’t fixed pattern baldness.

I’m just saying… the first scientist to figure out a way for bald guys to grow hair again and still get a boner is going to make about a million billion dollars. Just saying.

True dat, true dat.

Also known as the T-Virus…


We’re doomed I tells yah! Dooooomed!

And also cause the only restaurant around to be Carl Jr.'s and the only thing we (and plants) drink be Brawndo. And the #1 TV show to be “Ouch My Balls”

Excuse me, it’s bating time…

P.S. It’s got electrolytes…

Interesting. I do wonder what they learned about genetics.

Only Cornholio can save us now…

it makes me wonder what else has been made? AIDS? SARS? HIV? ect.

I wouldn’t put it past the Big Evil Hyperconglomerate That Runs Everything to try it, but I think nature still has us well outpaced in the ability to create plagues.

This was totally unnecessary (and fucking stupid: not only did they not need to do this, but you can’t use it in war unless it kills in hours. The us refuses to close air travel from places we’re at war with, so guess what: not only would we be getting enemies lying low and pretending to be regular people, but also the sick would bring this shit onto our shore), but we need to see a full list of people who work there. Any dudes with Arabic names (more than likely the Netherlands team has at least one mole) need to get kicked the fuck out, NOW and have everything related to this project confiscated. They seem to have this disturbing habit of turning on everybody.

Well…now I think I dont have enough time to make a child in Kenshiro’s image. Time couldn’t wait for me to insert my seed into the chosen egg of the end of century savior. 2012 R.I.P Big Dipper God Fist dreams and goals…or is it? I think I have enough time to raise a child put steroids in his sharkmeat mush, and appplesauce.


What the fuck.

Don’t get me wrong. This is awesome. I can hear “YOU WA SHOCK” in my head right now.

But what the fuck.

dont mind me im dumb. This thread does interest me though. Why would they do this? The world is already on edge…do we really need another disease.

Couldn’t be more pleased with this confirming the end of the world later this year based on how little I’ve accomplished in life, really takes the pressure off ya know?

Hey, I forget- did we make HIV to kill black people, or gay people?