A serious mugen full game. No, really

So this is a thread about a serious mugen-based full game, which is an improved version of an existing Capcom game that Ono keeps bumping that he wants to do a sequel to, and is being made as close to accurate as possible.

Seriously, if you post criticism after reading just that, might as well leave, it’s been posted to death already.

So the game is a “DX” version of Vampire Savior, building the base game into mugen and then improving on the core design. By improvements this doesn’t mean juggle fest or everyone getting 100% combos like a few other things I can mention, but instead actual tweaks after discussion fixing what flaws were in the original, and graphical improvements taking advantage of the fact we’re not stuck with 16 colors anymore, like so:




(Speed being irrelevant here, blame different gif making software)

Thus far the following is done/planned:
-768x448 resolution. While this doesn’t mean high-res content, it does allow for smoother use of rotation and scaling effects for some elements of the game. When done a 640x448 version will be made available as well for those that want to play in the “intended” ratio.
-Everyone from VS, VS2. This excludes Shadow and Marionette, as there’s little way to include them with mugen’s current limit on character swapping.
-The movement and hit system has been overhauled to play exact like Savior. This includes the round handling system.
-Right now, the hitboxes are proving to be the biggest pain in the ass. They are the one essential bit of data I can’t find in the game’s memory while it runs with artmoney. Instead the closest I’ve been able to find is the pointer for the values, which revealed a few interesting things (see below).
-Once the original game is done, I would like to add two additional characters, but they’re backburner.

Now I’m posting this for help and advice as it gets developed, and I would like it to be taken seriously as a game. I know I’m not Capcom, nor am I trying to cheapen their game or say I can do better: I’m saying I want to.

Anyway, some notes from my findings on those hitboxes: you can’t use the Saturn Night Warrior’s debug as a guide for these, they were heavily changed. They’re also heavily recycled too. As a result, the following animations are shared:
-Stand, walk, standing turn, from-crouch
-Crouch, to-crouch, crouch turn, crouch walk
-Jump (any direction), aerial turn
-Interestingly enough, unlike NW the gethit boxes are different than the stand/crouch boxes. If you force these to be the same the game gets a lot more whacks in.
Now if I can figure out the data for these boxes, then I’ll be on a roll. :expressionless:

And please don’t post like an idiot in this thread with “lol mugen” and whatnot…I’ve heard it already. If you want more info or to suggest things, now that’ll help.

You really have got the Darkstalkers bug !
Vampire Saviour was possibly my favourite fighter as a younger one, ill be very interested to see you how you get on.

That sounds cool. If you really are making a serious remake then foremost you have to get the game to functioning as close as possible to how the arcade version of Vampire Savior works. That means all the bugs such as Bishamon’s proximity unblockables, the usual speed settings, (tourney standard is Turbo 3) how the Dark Forces worked in Savior. (See PS2 version of Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection’s Vampire Savior EX for how Dark Forces worked for the arcade omitted characters Donovan, Huitzil/Phobos? and Pyron)

One little buff suggestion that’s pretty obvious most of the Savior players that post here (myself included) is could you give Anakaris the ability to use Advancing Guard like everyone else can? Not being able to have at least some form of defense in this rushdown maniac game really gets you killed fast.

As for the hitboxes I cant really help you there.

Trying asking around and maybe gather some more interest in the main Savior thread on here:


Good Luck.

The thing that always strikes me with these projects is this- the author clearly has great programming skills and understanding for the fundamentals and intricacies of a fighting game, and specifics on a game like Vampire Saviour. With that said, why put in the toil and the man hours on a project like this when you could hex-edit the CPS2 version for similar or better results, or even develop a new game using assets like sprites from the DS games?

I realise this isn’t the response you’re looking for, but it’s a genuine question. Good luck, I’m sure a decent game can be made in MUGEN, but my feeling is that the limitations of the tools you have will become apparent when you try to recreate VS- it will never feel quite accurate. Good luck though, I’ll certainly give it a try if it’s not too tough to get going.

Good luck, I’d be interested to see how this turns out. Let us know in the VS thread if you want any input on game balance.

Dont add anything overly ridiculous. And if you coudl do something about some of the shorter characters models with the dark outlines ie: Demetri, Yeti, Fishboy…etc etc With the exception of LeiLei, Jedah, Morrigan, Felicia, QB and a few others the sprites look very crunched.

As far as characters:

Q Bee
-Let her fly for free. Not as ex. Q Bee fly xx unfly would be sick

Lei Lei
-f+MP needs active frames on characters jumping in. It only seems to hit in front.

-Energy ball should cross up if the ball is behind the opponent

Shiiiiit, KFM, I didn’t know you were on SRK (makes sense though). I found POTS here too.

I’m not exactly sure about this, but with ROM editing he can’t really add too much, such as improved sprites or extra characters, unless if he uses up space of other stuff, but again, not totally sure about this

Sounds nice, although I was hoping that this would be a “serious ORIGINAL mugen full game”.

That would pique my interest a lot more than all of the remaking of things from existing games versions that Mugen has become (in)famous for.

Here’s hoping you manage to finish before an official new one or port comes out.

mugen is still mugen; not sure why you’ve decided to go with this engine, but best of luck. no matter what kind of “original” mugen games i’ve played, they still “feel like mugen”.

^that’s the point I was trying to make. I relaly don’t think VS CAN be made in Mugen accurately- it will still feel like MUGEN with VS sprites, hitboxes et al- and if it can it would definitely be more trouble than it’s worth in comparison to editing the CPS2 rom or even trying to do something with one of the console versions.

Maybe he can’t add things he wants in a rom-hack, but it would certainly come closer to meeting his mission statement (balancing/improving on VS) than trying to make VS in MUGEN and it ending up, inevitably, playing like MUGEN. Not trying to be negative btw, just constructive.

Always fun to see what people can come up with, in projects like this! Ive always wanted to do something similar with jojo’s ba, but im waaaaaay to lazy for that.

Dash links or im out =P

Hmm… Start by releasing one character and have SRK look at it.

I wanted to see a download link qq

What exactly is “feel like mugen” anyway?

Plays like shit.

Should at least move the project to 2DFM, Mugen got too much of a bad rap for anything based on it to be taken seriously.

Not this MUGEN shit again.

Is there a reason why so many fighting game enthusiasts would rather remake their favorite fighting series rather than to make a new one on a similar calibur?

Because making sprites is about 5 bitches and a half or so.