A-Nakoruru Tips, Tricks, Combos, & Questions

I’m going to list practically every little trick, tip, tidbit, question, combo, and CC I can think of with A-Nakoruru.

EDIT: kcxj has just recently blessed me with some frame data concerning some of Nak’s normals… good stuff!


**close s.LP **
300 damage
+8 advantage if connect
2 startup, 4 active, 5 recovery if whiffed

  • +8 is a lot. Can link practically anything afterwards
  • fastest hitting normal upclose
  • unfortunately, you can only do 1, maybe 2 until you get pushed too far away
  • whiffs against ducking short opponents (maybe make a list later)

**far s.LP **
200 damage
+5 advatage if connect
2 startup, 4 active, 8 recovery if whiffed

  • +5 isn’t her best, but still good
  • fastest hitting normal
  • long range
  • good for links and after d.LKs

**d.LK **
200 damage
+7 advantage if connect
3 startup, 4 active, 6 recovery if whiffed

  • +7 is a lot. Same as shoto d.LP, allows links easily
  • Nak’s quickest low hitting normal with 3 startup
  • 2nd fastest normal
  • you’ll be using a lot of these

**c.LP **
200 damage
+6 advantage if connect
3 startup, 4 active, 6 recovery if whiffed

  • I can’t find a reason to use this move… d.LK is just as fast, give better frame advantage, and cannot be blocked high.

**c.MP **
800 damage
+6 advantage if connect
4 startup, 4 active, 14 recovery if whiffed

  • 1 frame slower than d.LK but 4 times as powerfull
  • can be used to hit pokes around knee height
  • can be linked into itself or after d.LK
  • main use is in combos and upclose
  • allows qcd+P to easily combo afterwards

far s.MP
800 damage
-1 disadvantage if connect
6 startup, 6 active, 21 recovery if whiffed

  • only use I can see is far anti-air

**close s.MK **
700 damage
+5 advantage if connect
4 startup, 7 active, 10 recovery if whiffed

  • can be good meaty attack
  • Apparently jpn players like to link into this after a d.LK, only purpose I can see is to combo into the qcd+P

**c.MK **
700 damage
+6 advantage if connect
5 startup, 8 active, 8 recovery if whiffed

  • 1 frame slower and 100 points less damage than d.MP
  • but hits as low as possible
  • my favorite meaty attack, possible +13 advantage
  • the tip of her foot seems invincible?
  • total 21 frames, same as bison. Whiff for meter! Watch people applaud your skill

far s.MK
*** damage
? disadvantage

  • only purpose I can see for this move is to avoid attacks and hit pokes/specials
  • is invincible low after startup
  • Her kicking leg and below seems to be invincible
  • can be useful after blocked low shorts, will hit most all d.LK/d.LPs, etc

**df+HP **
1100 damage
+6 if connect
10 startup, 12 active, 18 recovery if whiffed

  • Deceptively safe if blocked
  • s.LP and d.MP will link fairly easily after it connects
  • 12 active means it’s easy to set up as a meaty attack… Should give possible +17 advantage! But strangely, I don’t think it does.

**d.HK (sweep) **
1100 damage
-6 disadvantage if blocked
6 startup, 8 active, 24 recovery if whiff

  • longest ranged normal with s.HK
  • allows crossup afterwards
  • stays out a while, can be used as meaty, against crossups
  • Possible +1 advantage (blocked) if used as meaty attack
  • can combo into firebird super, but I play A-Groove so I don’t really care. :slight_smile:

far s.MP
800 damage
-1 disadvantage if connect
6 startup, 6 active, 21 if whiffed

  • only use I can see is far anti-air

d.HP (anti-air)
1000 damage
too much disadvantage if not canceled
4 or less startup

  • I don’t know exact numbers, but it’s at least as quick as d.MP
  • great easy anti-air
  • can be used in combos for more damage

Jump HK
Points almost straight down and has good stopping power. Her jump is quick so you can hit pretty high with it and still combo.

Jump LK
Stays out a long time, has good priority, and can easily crossup. Again, her jump is quick so you can hit fairly high with it and still combo afterwards. Against medium sized opponents and smaller (shoto’s etc) you can throw it out early and hit as high as you want and still be able to combo afterwards. If you do hit high, your best bet is probably s.LP or d.LK afterwards. You also crossup with j.MK and j.RH but it’s difficult.

Jump MK
Since it’s so hard to connect with against mid-sized and smaller characters, it can be used as a fake crossup. Whiff fake crossup then go for low shorts or throw.

Jump HP
For those rare instances when your opponent is above you air-to-air.

You cannot do hawk specials unless the hawk is at or above his default height and in hover stance. If you stray too far too quickly he will go into flight stance to catch up and won’t return to hover until he is directly above you at the default height.

For a lot of the airborne specials, the height at which you hit the opponent (ducking/stand/tall/short/etc) will probably change these frame data numbers a bit, I’m not really sure.

Also, for the projectile specials, if done meaty you could also possibly reduce the numbers, not exactly sure on that either.

He flaming hawk projectiles are not like normal projectiles. The obvious is the funny angle they can travel at, but they also don’t negate when meeting other projectiles or when nullified by specials. The Hawk will keep going through it’s normal path, but will no longer be able to make contact with the opponent. They also cannot be reflected, as the same thing will happen. (ex: Bison Paint, Yuri Saifa, Rugal Reflect, Athena Reflect, Nako Reflect all do this). It also cannot be absorbed by Yamazaki’s or Eagle’s projectile absorb and send back specials, but in this case it just hits them straight up. I’ll probbaly missed a few… someone let me know.

qcb+K - leaps up and grabs hawk

  • 15 frames total (could be more if bird is really high)
  • Nak is airborne on 0 frame
  • can be used as reversal, if you get hit you are in the air so it’s not as bad
  • if RC’ed, you cannot be ground thrown out of it (airborne on 0 frame)

qcb+K, HK - drops down off hawk

  • drops the instant you press HK
  • 6 frame recovery (ducking?) when you touch the ground

qcb+K, HP - drops down from hawk with spinning blade

  • 2 frames startup, 6 recovery after you land
  • direction can be controlled (nuetral, left, or right)
  • +7 on hit, +16 on block (!!!)

qcb+K, qcf+P - throws down flaming hawk

  • Nak leaps backward after throwing the hawk
  • different strengths determine the distance the hawk will travel (duh)
  • will knockdown if connects
  • LP leaves -4 if blocked
  • MP leaves -3 if blocked
  • HP leaves -2 if blocked
  • all version have 1 frame startup when the throwing down the hawk, 11 recovery when landing if whiffed

qcb+K, qcb+P - Nak shoots off the hawk towards her opponent with her knife

  • 4 startup on hawk, she then shoots down, 22 frames recovery if whiffed
  • different strengths detrmine the distance nak will travel (duh)
  • all versions have same frame data
  • knockdown if connects, -8 if blocked (not safe)
  • cannot be blocked low (it’s a quick overhead)
  • if used meaty I think you become safer, but can still be hit by quick moves
  • ducking recovery?

hcb+P - Nak points at opponent, flaming Hawk dives towards them

  • all versions have 19 frame startup, 40 recovery once bird is active
  • will knockdown if connects
  • LP leaves 0 advantage if blocked
  • MP leaves +1 advantage if blocked
  • HP leaves +3 advantage if blocked
  • after punch throw midscreen
  • after any knockdown/anti-air normal near the corner
  • diving hawk distance is determined by where the hawk is, not Nak.
    So if you dash back, the hawk will be out in front of you and travel farther than the qcb+k, qcf+p diving hawk would, and vice versa if you dash forward. Jumping first up can also make it travel farther.

qcd+P - Nak shoots across the screen with her knife

  • hits low, long, quick and can go under a lot of projectiles.
  • can be used to punish whiffs from afar.
  • but main use is in combos because of the risk
  • cannot go under Athena FB, Sakura FB, and Sim FB/Flame
  • really risky unless you know it’s gonna hit
  • cannot be used to pass under any FBs if they’re right in your face
  • this can be remedied with RC or CC
  • if blocked, you give up free hit. Is it EVER safe?

qcf+HP - Nak shoots into the air with her knife

  • main use is in combos
  • don’t see any reason to use any strength besides HP?
  • little priorty as anti-air at the beginning of the move
  • can be remedied with RC, but can be airblocked
  • allows corpse hop aftewards
  • allows walk back, crossup aftewards vs slow get-up
  • cannot be done with hcf+P motion, will get qcd+P move instead
  • best move to punish blocked Blanka Ball
  • odd stuff like against Vega’s wall dive and people who bounce off the wall, etc.
  • only special that can’t link to CC
  • quick get-up opponent recovers slightly before you, unless you connect with it very late in the move
  • if blocked midscreen almost all characters can jump and hit you, throw a FB, run in/dash sweep, long range super/special, even superjump-in combo.

rdp+P - Nak whips her cape in front of her (reflect)

  • if you connect you can mash P to get 2nd hit to come out
  • if you whiff you can supposedly rdp+P again to get the 2nd hit to come out… I can’t get it to work
  • reflect move itself can hit, and also reflect projectiles at the same time
  • have to be really clean when trying to RC or might get qcd+P instead
  • is also her Alpha Counter, seems to have same reflect properties
  • increases the speed of the reflected FB
    Kooky combo: Ryu throws FB, reflect hits ryu+slow FB, connect with reflect FB, qcf+HP


When doing combos with Nakoruru, you basically have a couple of ways to end them. QCF+HP, QCD+MP, sweep, CC, or super.

Both qcf+HP and qcd+MP are REALLY not safe if blocked. So it is a good idea to perform 2 or 3 normals first, so you can recognize if they’re hitting or not. If they hit, you can safely cancel into special. If they’re blocked, you can do something else instead.

When using the sweep to end you combo, the only ways you can it are after close s.LP or d.LK. Really though, if you are connecting with your attacks, you should probably combo into special/CC instead. Using d.LKs then sweep is extremely tight. One of those infamous “1-frame links”. But because of the distance you can push yourself away with the d.LKs, it’s fairly safe if blocked when you mess it up. Beware of quick supers though. Using sweep after close s.LP is really easy. But you have to be really close when you sweep so it’s not as safe if blocked, and you don’t get many moves to recognize if they’re connecting or not.

Using CC in your combos is just a matter of linking. After jump-in RH, meaty d.MK, d.LK x2, d.MP, df+HP, etc. All about precise timing.

Comboing into super is usually just an extension of the sweep combos. Cancel the sweep into firebird super. I find the best motion is f, df, d+HK, db, b, hcf+P. One great thing about the super is that it’s totally safe if blocked. You even get advantage afterwards. However, If blocked from afar (d.LKx3, sweep, super) there is a tiny hole between the sweep and the super. But Nako recovers so fast that if they DO use a special/super/RC/CC during the hole, they will still have to hit you immediately with a really fast move or you can recover. Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend comboing into super unless you really need the damage. It’s probably best to save you meter for CC. You can also combo firebird super off a close d.HP

When using either qcf+HP or qcd+P in combos, they both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • extremely easy to use in combos.
  • connects quicker than qcd+HP
  • will work from farther out than qcd+P
  • slightly safer than qcd+P if blocked midscreen (but never totally safe)
  • can be used to bait quick get-up->attack
  • you have to know your opponent’s height, width, if they’re ducking, blah blah
  • you don’t recover as quickly as if you had used qcd+P
  • doesn’t leave many options after it connects
  • you have to connect from as far and as late in the move as you can in order to be safe against quick-getup opponents
  • leaves MUCH better position and options midscreen after it connects
  • is totally safe from quick getup (you always recover first)
  • much harder to incorporate into combos
  • easily punished if blocked
  • harder to connect from further out
  • if used after 3 light attacks, it can be blocked vs standing opponents unless you do the light attacks really really fast.

Overall, the qcd+MP seems to be the better choice. It leaves more options and is safer from quick get-up (a lot of people play A and K). But the motion IS harder and you don’t want it blocked if you screw it up. Whaddya know… the harder option is better. How does capcom always do it?

close s.LP is easiest attack (besides meaties) to link after at +8.
next is d.LK at +7
then d.MP, d.MK, and df+HP at +6
and far s.LP, and close s.MK at +5


  • d.LKx2, d.MP, qcf+HP or qcd+MP
  • d.MP, d.MP, qcf+HP or qcd+MP (best damage)
  • d.LK, s.MK, qcd+HP
  • close s.LP, d.HK
  • d.LKx2 or 3, d.HK (very tight)
  • df+HP, d.MP, qcf+HP or qcd+MP

close s.MK can be used as a meaty attack to give a possible +11 if timed perfectly.
However, d.MK can give a possible +12 and has less recovery if you whiff, and also hits low. I find it much easier to time as well.


  • meaty d.MK, d.MP, qcf+HP or qcd+MP
  • meaty d.MK, s.LP, qcf+HP or qcd+MP
  • meaty d.MK, sweep
  • meaty d.MK, CC, d.MP

df+HP is the best meaty on paper because it stays out for a long time, allows combos afterward even if you time it wrong, and could give a possible +17 adavantage if timed perfectly! But I can’t get it to happen. I just can’t get the advantage out of it… I should be able to link a sweep no sweat, but all I can do is land the same attacks I can link if I hadn’t of done it meaty.

I think I figured it out though. If you do it meaty or just connect with the last part of the move in general, the move will slow down upon contact… Maybe this robs you of your potential advantage? Kcxj has suggested to me that it could be because her blade is behind her at the very end… Either way, you don’t get the crazy advantage you should.

But even so, it is still a good meaty because it’s so easy to place and still allows a d.MP, s.LP, or CC to link afterwards.

Other Combos

  • d.LK x2, s.LP, qcf+HP or qcd+MP (Sakura Combo)

Obligatory VS Gief Combos

  • crossup MK, d.LK x3, d.MP, qcf+HP
  • crossup HK, d.MP, d.HP, qcf+HP (ducking)
  • crossup HK, s.LP, d.MP, s.LP, qcf+HP


Possible Custom Combo Openers

  • jump HK, CC,
  • tripguard CC, d.MK
  • meaty d.MK, CC, d.MP
  • df+HP, CC, d.MP
  • meaty sweep, CC, d.MP, sj.RHx3 (sj.MKx2 if midscreen)
  • d.LKx2, CC, d.MP
  • counterhit jab, CC, d.MP
  • CC, walk thru FB, df.HP xN
  • CC, qcd+HP through close FB
  • CC, qcd+HP under far FB
  • corner, hcb+P, CC, df.HP
  • corner, end of qcd+P, CC, d.MP
  • corner, qcb+K, end of qcb+P, CC, d.MP
  • corner, qcb+K, qcf+LP, CC, d.MP
  • corner, anti-air reflect, CC, d.MP
  • reflect FB, CC, qcd+FB

The reason a lot of these have d.MP after activation is because of speed, range and height. While d.HP might be just as fast it doesn’t hit at the same height and doesn’t have as much horizontal range, which is especially important for the later CC openers. I don’t think you HAVE to use d.MP but I find it makes them much easier.

Close Ground CC
CC, d.MK, df.HP x15, sweep, wait slight second, deep s.HP (2-hits), hcbx2+p 6600+ damage
Easy and works anywhere. If you start with df.HP you get 7000+

Far Ground CC

  • opponent is halfstage or closer to the corner, CC, qcd+HP, df.HP, sj.HK x3, sj.HK x3, j.LP x4, j.LP x4, super 6700+
  • opponent is halfstage or more away from the corner, CC, qcd+HP, df.HP, sj.HK x2->MK, walk, j.HK x3, j.LP x4, j.LP x4, super 6500+
    You can squeeze more jabs (try super jumping instead) and possibly break 7000.

VS Chun Li/Guile CC
CC, qcd+HP, qcd+MP x6 (use HP when you’re near the corner), df.HP, sj.LP xN, super. 7000+
Good to know because you can use this CC through their FB poke strings and is does more damage than the other qcd+P CCs. You can also possibly use it if you land a hcb+P midscreen.

Blocked CC
Uhh… qcd+HP xN? df.HP xN? anyone?

Use qcb+K, qcf+P… continue CC. Remember, you have to have the bird in hover stance or else you will just fuck up your CC with s.RH.

I can’t find a true anti-air CC.

yeah, shitty title

Upclose you best bet is usually s.LP, d.LK, or d.MP. Link into combo if they connect.

Walking jabs. What to do if I score a counterhit? Prolly just sweep?

After blocking Psycho Crusher best moves to hit it seem to be s.MP or d.MP. s.HK or d.HP can also hit him but I find it is tighter. Qcf+HP is even harder.

After blocked Blanka Ball, qcf+HP is cake.

Whiff d.MK for meter, or whiff rdp+LP (or kara d.HK into rdp+LP)

Her roll seems shitty. VERY shitty.

No priority reversals outside of RC and CC. Don’t get crowded.

Hawk specials upclose (during block strings, etc) can lead to good results, especially near the corner, but extremely dangerous if the opponent anticipates you.

She can dash over low projectiles

qcb+K, RH seems better than jumping straight up over slow FBs

Questions? Comments? Corrections?


Nako has no anti air CC.
The bdp punch and qcf punch is very bad anti air.

The best move to build power is bdp LP.

Sad to say, but I don’t think I have seen any real good Nak players in action. (Besides myself of course! HAH! :))

Most of this is just stuff I figured out on my own, or had bitten from threads/people on SRK. So I’m probably missing out on a lot of stuff…

Anyone know where to get some vids of Nak in action? Any at all really would be great.

I just gaffed some Nak info about comboing the qcd+P and followups from Buktooth in his tips thread.

I thought it would fit in pretty good here.

If you mind Buktooth, let me know.

Also got some more frame data that I will work into the above posts later…

where you play at? I play Nako for fun a lot of times… may be we can see who get the better nako :stuck_out_tongue:

Usuallly with some pals in a house.

I’m not claiming to be a Nak master with this thread… Just trying to create a Nak resource to maybe help me become one. :slight_smile:

I just trying to see how different people use nakoruru :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone in my arcade place use only capcom character.

Updated the combos section… Tried to incorporate some of what Buk posted.

Just finished watching DJ-B13’s Nak video… Can’t believe I never thought of looking for it before. I liked the reset idea… Never thought of that. Using MK as fake crossup is good idea too. Is that guard crush CC airtight? I was amused to see my CCs were practically the same tho… Hey! I got something right! :slight_smile:

Either way, it’s a good vid to bite from.

Still need to update the normals and other stuff… more frame data too.

Oh yeah… anyone notice that Sakura is really freakin’ hard to crossup if she’s already standing???

Anyone else like that?

I have been playing nako for like a year and a half. I learned to play from Trent aka gimmethemshoes. His nako is fuking awesome. Anyway I havent seen a good nako player besides us. Ill read all ur shit today and post some other shit up. Nako is like my favorite char. I play her online alot, since she dies to RC vega/blanka and anyone who is smart with a decent Anti air pretty much. Thanx for the nako frame data I have been wanting that for soooo long. Thanx again man!!!

DJB-13 came to FL last year and got rocked by Trent and Alex navarro. Trent used A nako at the time. I think I have the videos. Oh BTW can u link me to DJB’s nako vid I was wondering if he just copied our shit…LOL MY IM is RICKYS35 hit me up on IM if u see this.

Sorry, I don’t have IM. But I sometimes get on the goforbroke hub on Direct Connect. That’s also where I found the nakoruru vid… you should be able to find it in there no sweat. If not, i’ll send it too you. I’m “Drunk”.

If you DO plan on getting it, would you mind sharing those vids you talk about as well??? :slight_smile: I’ve only just started to pick up Nako, so I’d like to see some veterans go at it.

Oh yeah, updated the specials section with some frame data, etc.

The way you wrote the frame data to this move is a little misleading. Nakoruru has 40 frames of recovery regardless of whether the bird hit the opponent or not. Projectile frame data is split into two numbers. The first number (19) is how long before the projectile leaves the hands. The second number (40) is the time after the projectile has already left.

40 is nothing to get excited over. Sagat has at least 45 recovery frames every time he does a Tiger Shot. Shotos all have at least 42. Does this mean these moves are no good or shouldn’t be whiffed? Of course not. You’re commited to doing something that’s all. Sagat meaty d.HP, link d.MK xx low tiger is still good no matter what. Doesn’t matter whether it has 45 recovery or whatever.


Also added some stuff about flaming hawk being reflected.

Also, one thing has to point out is. The MP verison of ground slide leave you in front of the opponent, HP verison leave you behind them.

Air slide is only punishable after hit if you fly toward a wall. Its safe as long as you don’t hit the wall.

i played nako ever since it started, i have a thread u could use thing from. your thread seems more organized anyway, btw i hardly get hit after diagonal knife slide even after quick get up and i always use jab… someshit…

df. fierce, jab, knife slide

2x d.strong xx knife slide (either seems to work)

c. short or c. jab , c. fierce xx knife slide ( 7/10 times i get it but its really to tight to risk… but then again its just a fucken quarter…

drunkenmaster do live in so. cal.? camelot? i play there sometimes…

Live in so. cal? i wish! Nosir, I live up north. Let’s just say I saw a moose in Wendy’s parking lot once. :slight_smile:

About the qcf+P. I use the HP version because it’s works the best for combos (it’s longest range). But I never checked about the Lp one against quick get-up really. I’ll do that.

As for quick get-up it’s like this i think… The later and further away you connect with the qcf+HP the better.

VS cornered sagat for example. If you do the combo d.MP, qcf+HP, Sagat can quick get-up and nail you with a reversal uppercut. Midscreen he can nail you with super. But if you do the combo d.LK x2, d.MP, qcf+HP, you can block the reversal uppercut and midscreen block the super.

I think he still recovers slightly before you do… maybe a s.jab could hit you, but during recovery Nak is ducking so it whiffs. But anyways, I don’t think they can ALWAYS hit you unless it’s a SPD or something, and if you land midscreen it’s even hard to hit Nak unless you have a fast long move.

i haven’t checked all the possible strings or anything, but seems right until someone corrects me… :slight_smile:

Here are the combos listed in the CvS2 Bible:

j.HK, far s.HP (3 hits)… oops, that’s the Brady games guide…


-d.LK x 1~2, d.MP xx +HP
-+HP, d.MP xx +HP
-close s.LP, d.HK xx firebird super

There’s an interesting A-groove combo that involves activating after hcb+MP. I’ll edit this post later after I translate some more.

Against quick Quick Getup grooves. I always do the mp ground slide. It puts u in perfect position to s.mp slide again if the Quick Getup.

I think someone mentioned this against dizzied opponents but… Jumpin HK c.hp xx slide. Or df.hp c.mp xx slide.

Usually after a knock down I hop on the bird and fly up and back about a character spacing. Ill either throw the lp bird if the DP, if the roll I HP fall back off bird. The HP back off bird will beat DPs clean, to be more clear, Lets say U are about half a character space in front of them and are at normal bird highth. When u Back HP fall it will beat a DP since the invincible frames are done and it kinda hits the side of the DP. Works against cammy sagat shotos. I think SNK chars like ryo kyo and iori u can do either side. Front or back drop. Ill test it out more, but I use it alot and the only time I trade/loose is when I drop a lil from normal bird heighth or when forward a lil bit.

I am kinda more busy than I thought here at work this week I will try to post up all I know soon.