A-Nakoruru Tips, Tricks, Combos, & Questions

hrm… even though I’m supposedly +7 after the spinny knife drop off the bird, I can’t combo after it very easily at all?

The frame data for those bird move is kinda kooky anyway I think… It’s obviously gonna be different if you hit them high, vs standing, vs ducking, etc. Or maybe I’m just retarded.

kcxj: does the book say what state the opponent is in or who it was for these numbers?

+7 ?

try doing hp drop cross-up (meaty) and u should be able to get a combo in. hhmmmm… technically it should work… after the hp drop cross up -> c. lk, c. fierce xx knife slide… i gonna go try that.

yeah, when doing meaty spinny knife drop I can combo afterwards.

Um… don’t be afraid to post any tactics or tricks in here either. My list is mostly just a big list of stats and numbers.

I usually just try to use my speed to get in close and go for throw or combo… A good quick jump-in or dash. Or use my sweep or specials for knockdown and then get in. If I can’t get in I try to fend them off with pokes and anti-airs while looking for the knockdwon or another chance to get in.

Some more things I’ve noticed… far s.MK owns psycho crusher and one hit scissors from bison. IF you can get it out in time. d.MP also owns cammy’s drill.

RC bird grab, then shooting knife or spinny drop seems really good too to avoid pokes and specials.

The frame data for any move always assumes the opponent is grounded. The reason you’re probably having trouble comboing after is because of the distancing. All the air to ground moves in this game are funny like that. The book says Sakura gets +10 everytime she does dive kick for example. If you play Sak for yourself, you know that sure as heck isn’t always the case. The dive kicks have to be done deep, and preferably in the corner, for you to be able to combo every time after.

Try doing the Nako spinny knife on a crouching opponent.

Hrm… maybe +7 is the best possible advantage you can get?

From the sounds of it though… maybe the opponent can stand up and take the hit, then hit you…

That’s what the book says, so that’s what I’m going to assume. Why do you ask? Have some secret meaty setup or something?

Anything that gives you a positive frame advantage is pretty difficult to be punished. You’ll eat a throw at worse is my guess. The fact that Nako gets +16 on the block for that move is much too good to pass up though. It’s more than double what she would get if the move hit.

I’m having trouble with Nak’s resets. All I know is that they use her bird hop and projectile and CC continues, all I can figure is that in a corner just hop on and lp launch the bird and standing fierce xN to bird super.
I am not sure if I’ve got this down right or not. Anyone got anything on this?