A little Tron Bonne Combo video by me

Tron Bonne/infinite Combo videos by me

Hi, guys i was bored today so i made this tron bonne combo video. I made this video in just one day with Windows Movie maker so please pardon the lack of crazy effects and editing. This is just for fun and to satisfy my love to doing tron combos.

I have it up at Youtubes here :

Thanks Preppy for Uploading it to his Website :tup:

The song in the video is ???by Jay Chou(sorry I don’t know the english name for it). Hpe you guys don’t criticize the song, I was listening to it today and I thought “hey why not put it in the video” so its the song for the video :sweat:

update 10/29
here is tron FS infinite video - big thanks to magentro for hinting on how to do it , thanks

All commends are welcome

I dont like tron but that was very impressive


Who could hold any malice in their hearts for Tron Bonne?
I know not what kind of creature you are, sir, but you are not HUMAN!

P.S Tron AV==:pray: :pray:

Haha tron is the best

Strangely enough, I really liked that song.

:rofl: that was pretty cool. Some of those combos/resets were pretty funny. :tup:

She is so fucking hot. I want to pop her cherry.

thanks , haha of course I’m no where near your level in making videos :rofl:

most of those video are just for show, not practical in matches at all so whatever, glad you enjoy it :sweat:



Chibi!!! hope you like the video , Tron baby:wgrin:

Damn right I love it, Tron is the truth!

Yo going to NEC this year?

I’m getting back into MvC2, for serious this time :D!


yeah sure I’ll go to NEC . Get back to Marvel its crack that you can’t quit:rofl:

That’s why she has a chastity belt!
To protect her from mongoloid goons like YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Very nice vid! It almost makes me want to reconsider my signature! lol

Tron is the truth, haters need not apply.

Tron tier bitches

fuckin sweet

damn that video is sick

i had to mute the vid for the song
but tron is the truth

nice resets too

Tron > you

Tron > Gief

Oh its true its damn true

wow, I don’t really like MvsC2 anymore, but for one days work that was inspiring.