A little help...?!?

ADVICE plz!!

He’s got great tools, the web zip line is great (even with the start up), he can swarm against long range projectile characters way better than most others, and he does pretty good damage on his own.

But his close range seems to be really bad. Standing M is like the only normal in the game that whiffs on most crouching characters (that I know of)! Really? It’s very annoying when I get the drop on somebody in the corner and accidentally pull out s.m instead of c.m, and they get a free punish where I should have. His normals are so short that his magic series often whiffs when I hit them all, but try to hit S. What’s even worse is that web zipline/glide/whatever to S (his best tool) pushes opponents BACK, even on hit, again, making my follow ups whiff, unless I’m in the corner.

I’ve been trying to have Spidey be one of my mains, cause I love him so much, and I even found a good team for him (Spidey (WebBall), Dormammu (Purification), Doom (Homing Missiles)). Tossing jokers into purification with forward throw (i think its forward) is too funny, plus it combos into maximum spider if you plan for it. Very hard to get off on a regular basis in a match though. They have a good DHC series too, with Maximum Spider->Floating Bomb->Sphere Flame. It does alot of damage, and you can even switch back to spidey after Dormammu or Doom’s super and hit Maximum Spider again, and it will hit. But it’s bad enough getting randomed out in MvC3, but unless I’m like mashing on jabjabjabjabjab all the time, Spidey seems to randomly whiff to much and gets exposed too easily. I don’t want to have to switch him out, but if he can even do what small job he does have, which is get in, hit string, air combo, etc reliably, there’s no reason to have him around. Stupid Capcom, can’t even get a simple character right!

Advice anyone?!? Pretty plz

I main spiderman and do pretty well with him, I either use spidey(shot)/viper(launcher)/doom(rocks) or spidey(shot)/ironman(bombs)/doom(rocks). My advice to you is remember spiderman is a mobility character, not a rush down character. I use the doom rocks assist if I want to get in on somebody but generally I try to play to my opponent’s weakness. If I am fighting a projectile character I use webzip only to get close to them. You should be keep pressure with your assist and webswing. Against rush down characters web shot is your best friend. Spiderman has an AMAZING wavedash and it is very low to the ground. Webzip can combo if you are coming from the air to the ground I believe. Play more patiently as well, I see other spiderman’s online constantly acting like they are another x23 or wolverine when really you should be constantly moving all over the screen instead of only at your opponent.

Yeah, man, GREAT advice.

I learned the not-a-rushdown-character thing when going against Wolverine and x-23 and getting out-prioritized,out-framed out of everything.

I was still having a problem after that, and it doesn’t really explain the whiffs either, but it helps give me a better idea of spidey’s overall game plan. I backed off a little, but still tried to get in my opponent’s face every chance I could get. Maybe I’ll try backing off a little more. We’ll see

I was whiffing magic series a lot too at first. I’m getting better at knowing when to use what. For example when coming in from the air with an S, I was coming down and using 2A, 2B, 2C. Now I just use S, 2B and I seem to have a lot of success with that. Love air dashing into a falling S, Web zip, S again for the double overhead into 2B, works pretty good.

Also I think 5C in a magic sting is better than using 3C as it has more range and still confirms to spider sting pretty well. Whenever, I was getting a hit I would always try for the 2A, 2B, 3C, Spider Sting/Bite, 5C, M.Webswing, etc. combo and I would find myself whiffing at some point in this combo due to spacing. So I told myself to only use it when I’m absolutely sure it’s gonna hit and instead just use magic series to launch when unsure on my spacing. I think this has really helped my Spidey game a lot. I’m starting to nail said combo with a much higher rate than I was before.

I’ve said it before, I think the biggest part of learning Spidey is getting used to his movement/speed and knowing exactly what to use at what time. Imo, you really have to put in some time to play Spidey effectively, he’s not a character like Wolvie or Sent that you can just pick up and play. He will take some time to learn, so you if you really want to use him it will take patience.

Also if you are playing online, well…ya gl with that.

Ooooh, man, qft. Sooo true, but I don’t have too much of a choice, since there’s not oo many players where I stay.

But that is some great advice for the whiffing. I was thinking the same thing myself, but I would get to anxious and go back to try and nailing the entire magic series again. You seem to be a very patient player. Your advice is really helpful, and I appreciate how you break down your whole mental process behind it

you are making a lot of assumptions like zip, S is his best tool. When in fact web zip has about a million uses and depending on your followup, S may not be the best choice.

spidey’s in close game is quite good if not great. There is no need for standing M in a hit confirm unless you’re trying to use it for AA. Maybe against sentinel I would use it. But in the meantime, you can just rapid fire standing jab. Most characters can’t crouch it, you can throw it 4-5 times for an easy ass hit confirm, mash friendly. Then I just typically cancel into standing\crouching H after wards then web swing on hit. You turn the 4-5 jabs into a block confirm and go for an advantageous layer.

Against someone good, 4-5 jabs always gets pushed blocked but thats what you want. When you start getting pushed you work a very simple mind game. Wait jab or jab, jab, or jab, jumpupfwd for pressure.

spiderman not a rush down character? you guys are smoking rocks!!! spiderman has far better rush down than magneto in this game currently. The reason spidey sucks @ zoning is quite simple, web ball only has 2 durability points. Arthur will beat that, so will the dog, sentinel drones or sentinel spit check, IM projectile, dormamu stuff, modok stuff, magneto beam, random storm hail storms will eat a web ball up hella quick. Pretty much all the zone characters out zone spidey. HE CAN ZONE but its really risky for him as the zone basically does 0 life on hit. You have to call your assist and zone and against projectile characters, that = boom super.

when doing a magic series, stay crouching, the whole way through. s.C is very unreliable as well as s.B. s.C will often kick the opponent too far away to combo into spidersting / launcher.

also when jumping in using S, have ur follow up be c.C, its got really amazing range.

now i have a question, does webswing hit high? does the web cast by webswing have a hitbox, because i swear i think it does, but i’d like it confirmed.

s.c is good, it hits amaterasu crouching so it will hit every other character in the game crouching.

Best follow ups after using jump S are immediate fast low c.A or dash c.a. These follow ups are mutli purpose. jump S, c.a is a high\low pattern that is much faster than jump s, c.c. If jump S hits from far, dashing low will still combo and on block, they can’t jump. The most important part about these layers is anti guard cancel. If they push block the jump S, you will either wiff a c.a or dash depending on which string you go for. Wiffing c.a is nothing and you can still maintain pressure. If you always swing with c.c and you get pushed, you have to deal with all that recovery on wiffed c.c or cancel out with something. Dashing or immediate low are far better options currently.

the swing doesn’t have a hit box but the zip does, s+attack. Its not a high\low, you can block it any direction and that one does have a hit box. Its +17 on block and +28 on hit. If you’re not using this move about a million different ways, you can’t play spiderman.

I don’t think web swing hits high on its own. But the strategy guide says that there is a ‘tiger knee’ type input for web swing (like with cammy) where it can cancel out of a jump into an overhead webswing. Which would be GREAT if it could work, even if it was difficult to do. If he has that, then MAYBE he can compete close range near the level of akuma and storm (BIG maybe tho). I could never personally get it to work though. i never seen the web from web swing hit anything though, sorry.

also, yeah, c.C definitely has great range. also, that and s.C is his only means of comboing web ball (A) into anything, which is vital for his supers. But both moves are totally unsafe, I think s.C and c.C are like -8 and -11 or something like that. even with push block, against the wrong character, he can easily get caught in a combo still (don’t be in a corner!). That WOULD be fine and all (being that this is a fighting game, and moves theoretically SHOULD come with a risk/reward factor), but this is a Capcom game, and once again, they prove themselves to have absolutely no sense of risk-reward anything, except for on a character basis. Characters like Wesker or Wolvie can mash that move to death without leaving any feasible opening themselves, especially when combined with a good lockdown assist. in short, it is a very high likelyhood, that even in good positioning, using s.C or c.C will lead Spidey to get carried into a punish combo, unless you use it on characters who can’t punish well, or only when you KNOW it will hit (which is a freaking joke)

Web Swing, jump, or web zip S IS his best choice. I’ve checked. I also haven’t heard any reasons to why it isn’t from anyone else either. j.C has a funky hit box, to where it sometimes misses or won’t combo if you pull it out too high, and if you use it from tip reach, u can only realistically combo into the aformentioned-risky s.C or c.C (which is fine if you KNOW it will hit). j.A is not even worth mentioning, and j.B/j.BB is good, but only combined with j.C or j.S (needless to say, it works well only at certain angles). With j.S, it has a really good hit-box, it’s quick(good recovery), has a funky angle that makes it difficult to get hit out of, and stuns for what seems like an eternity (much longer than j.C). In fact the ONLY bad thing about it is that in several angles, it pushes the opponent back, once again, messing up his close-up game, unless they are in the corner.

as far as jabbing multiple times, yeah it works decent, but, once again, it pushes back, making any B move useless, thus (again) messing up any confirmed magic series, and forcing Spidey to rely on s.C or c.C. Oh yeah, not to mention STANDING A is great (4 frames), but not CROUCHING A, which is 6 frames, and can be beat out by alot of characters, such as Cap, Wovie, X-23, maybe even Storm, Mag, lol, even Zero (if I’m right), most of whom have MUCH better range (and thus, combo ability).

It (partially) is for all these reasons I listed above that Spidey is NOT a rush-down character; like a third of the cast can fill that role much better than him. He excels at it, only with a decent assist to back him up. If you ask me, Spidey is GREAT for run away, but not much else – I’m trying to get help to make him COMPETENT at least in close quarters, but the game is too baseless for that

I think one of the best ideas I’ve seen is to just make sure ALL of his ground moves crouch…that’s pretty much the only semi-reliable tactic to use, i think

No wonder you think spidey is a zone character. You don’t even know what you’re doing… All of your concepts about the character are flat out wrong.

why would use S all the time after the air dash\web zip? If the opponent is above you, why would you a poke that extends below you? that makes 0 sense. Just from that and the thing about missing s.m during the strings, you don’t even know what you’re doing. All of those pokes after air dash\web zip have practical applications and you need to use them all to round out his air dash game. SJ, air dash BB is one of the few double high patterns in the game and you’re telling its not useful…that pattern hits high twice, stops jumping, +frame ground series that allows follow up pressure. If they happen to jump and get hit you dont need to chain to C as you can land, jump bbcs+assist.

I hate to be brash but thats just how it is.

spiderman can zone but he will not win the zone game EVER. He needs to zone in order to create a mixup. His web ball only has 2 durability points, do you know what that even means? It means against most of the projectiles in the game, its going to get taken out.

@shoultz: the issue with s.C is not hitting character with small hitboxes, it’s what comes after it. if u try to jump in, or use multiple jabs until jumping into ur magic series, chances are s.C will knock them out of range for your spider sting, whereas c.C will almost suck you right on in.

@blackstar: wow thats awesome if TK webswing is an overhead (actually am a cammy player… AND juri haha im used to the motion). just to let u know u can quite easily hit confirm 1-3 s.As into c.B -> c.C. im pretty sure the developers gave spidey a less than stellar c.A due to the nature of his web moves (possible too strong high/low mixup game). unfortunately only his c.a and c.c hit low.

to apply pressure your gonna wanna use web zips/swings airdashes and the ensuing aerial attacks to generate hit/block stun and work off that. don’t be afraid to resort to tick throws, with spidey its your job to force the opponent to advance guard/attempt to tech the hell out of you, its your job to then bait and punish those habits.

^^ thats what you should be using web ball for (and UWT resets), im not sure why you’d use it in a combo (unless you REALLY wanna hit a crawler assault). oh also, j.s is a really good jump in, but i find the j.b (followed by j.s or another j.b then j.s) is incredibly handy for a couple of reasons.

1: crossup potential. j.C is garbage as a crossup (and pretty useless except in aerial combos). while i THINK u can cross up with j.S, the angle is much stricter, and really difficult to hit without flying over ur opponent if doing a grounded web zip. you can also use j.b -> j.b in a manner so only the second hit crosses up. J.S is a solid crossup on high air dashes.

2: web swing. A and C are still useless. when using a webswing, when you cancel and start chucking out ur normals you are throw upwards a slight bit. this makes it difficult to use j.s because you cant do another aerial post j.s, and opponents will tend to exit hitstun by the time you land.

3: hit confirmation. since if you start with j.b, you can usually fit in one j.s or another j.b + j.s. this lets you go straight into heavy when you land allowing you to completely avoid lights and mediums in your ground string, this can prevent a fat sack of damage scaling from happening.

hey you might know the answer to this. how many durability points does the zipline have? also, i FEEL like if you superjump then airdash, you can do it lower to the ground or faster or something, am I right or are my eyes playing tricks on me.

You guys are building a fucking home with those walls of text.

Two Questions:

1)How the fuck do you get in with spidey? I try to do down forward zipline into S to get in but it never works. I’m a scrub btw, so I’m not gonna say I’ve tried everything but man I’ve been playing this game for 5 days straight and I can’t level up my spidey for shit.

  1. What’s his best normal to try to use on the ground? c.A seems like ass, God damn Taksmaster can spam that charging star shit and beat it clean and Akuma…fuck akuma with his like 4 frame c.C, that asshole punishes you for even thinking about pushing buttons.

ARGHHHHHH I mad. Somebody help me, I really want to make the best of my team as much as I can and not pussy out to Sentinel or Dante.

Any help is much appreciated.

consult the house of text.

seriously, we’ve been going over spideys options against character with wicked fast normals. dont use naked c.a, it’s too slow. only use it if they are put in block stun by something, then either apply pressure or meaty time it to frame trap em.

Wow, look I hate to be brash myself, but OBVIOUSLY we don’t read before we post.

Reading. Yeah, pretty fundamental. For a forum.

A. I NEVER said he was good at zoning. EVER. As a matter of fact, the only things I said he was good at was the run away game, and the close-up game, IF he has a good assist to cover him up.

B. If you want to know why I use jumping S, AGAIN, read said post. You didn’t address why I was wrong by debunking my reasons why I believe j.S was a good tool AT ALL. NOR did I mention how often I was using it. NOR did I mention that I WASN’T using his other tools either. As for j.B/j.BB, AGAIN, read the post but I’ll mention it here. j.B/j.BB is a GOOD move, but stun doesn’t last long at all, nowhere near j.C and definitely not near j.S, so to make up for it, unless you’re coming down from a steep angle, you have to combine your j.B/j.BB with C or S (unless you do a special), which leads to the SAME DISADVANTAGES as using j.C or S by itself. Well, maybe not C so much, since you’re already likely to be pretty close when it comes out.

Again, SRK=Forum=lotsotext=reading??? Should there be a warning sign?

Read these walls of text, they practically address where you’re coming from before you even ask, because it’s the same stuff we’re trying to figure out.

1)j.S = Is a really good move with tons-o-stun/great hitbox/hard to be hit out of, but PUSHES OPPOSING PLAYER AWAY except in corner or in certain angles. Magic series will likely not hit, since s. (whiffs on crouching characters) or c.B (stupid short range) will likely miss. the only solutions seem to be a)start magic series with B when touching the ground, b)again, after touching the ground, skip from s./c.A to s./c.C, which is risky and punishable
2)c.A is (again) 6 frames, which means it can get beat out by a good chunk of the cast from neutral (which makes NO SENSE, good ol capcom). Your best chance is to try and stay with s.A, which is 4 frames

Y’know, I’m really starting to hate repeating myself… :confused:

you are an awesome dude, and probably a good player.

THANK YOU for addressing what I had to say in detail. I really appreciate it ^________^

I tested the jab thing too. It depends on the character. you can get 3 jabs (like on Dante and Dog, I believe) to 5 jabs (Sentinel) to where where c.B still connects in a magic series. The problem is this is from where there is absolutely NO distance inbetween you and your opponent at the start of it. This is not always the case when you jump in on somebody in a match. Standing B has better range, but as we all know, has the high chance of whiffing, even after hitting a character. The only thing I can seem to do about it is to ENSURE my jump-in/zip-in is good, and continue the magic series without confirming it. I dunno tho, that’s bad practice in itself though…

As for the rest of your post, man you raise up some good points… I really want to try that out j.B as a jump in tool more often now. It’s starting to seem more like his best jump in, and you are the first one to actually address WHY. Again, THANK YOU

but I do want to say this:

  1. with practice, web ball (A) is useful for comboing into Maximum Spider and wall crawler. I might be wrong, but i think that’s its best use in my opinion, because of a)damage!, b)DHC’s to get spidey out of Dodge and let the pain continue. It’s useful for zoning, locking down too, but it’s not near dependable to an extent like Ryu or Akuma’s fireballs or Dooms beams

  2. Web swing A is +6 on block, pretty much ensuring you that you can lock them down with anything you want (except hypers of course). Web swing B/C are 0 on block, which is still really good, but best used when in a combo already if you ask me

I think the hit confirmation is the best thing you mentioned. That’s probably the safest way to land a jump in into ground series and land all of it, now that I think about it

thats really nice that light webswing is plus on block, i’ve been using that move more and more to apply pressure and it’s been working.

just curious, whats bread n butter are u using for combos? it sounds like your using magic series -> web ball -> super or another series into air combo. i’d recommend getting down magic series-> spidersting -> spiderbite -> s.C -> S -> j.B j.B j.C -> C webswing -> super/j.B j.C j.S.

I’d like to tell you to throw in after s.C a B webswing -> j.B j.S -> s.B s.C then launch. honestly though I have not tested this combo with jump in’s/assists/extra lights, and I got a funny feeling that hitstun decay will let the opponent pop out, or scaling will make it not worth it.

also, j.B is strong and has applications, but pairing it with j.S is really nasty. j.S looks alot like a ground attack if done low to the ground and this hit confirms great for you.

i think spiderman actually is a zone based character, but not a keepaway zoner. he’s more like guile, in the ryu guile matchup. guile wants to be at a range where sonic boom and hadouken cancel out, so guile can backfist ryu. spidey zones in the sense that he loses the battle at point blank range, and he also loses the far screen projectile battle. but i feel if spidey hangs just outside the opponents normals he’s extremely effective. he can combo with web ball and zips from that range, his c.A has the reach to hit opponents (thought it lacks speed, it will outrange a lot of other c.As). just my opinion.

I somewhat agree with you. He’s WAY more space dependent than any of the other characters I’ve played (Yes, even Wesker). Positioning is going to definitely determine high level Spidey play imo. That’s why Web Zip/Glide is such an amazing tool… it puts you exactly where you want to be at any time. Need defense? Run away. Need offense? Put yourself right in front of their face when they do something wrong and punish them hard for it.

The thing about that though is it is far easier said than done. I keep that mentality when I play the Web Head but it doesn’t always translate well. If anything, my Spider-Man game is probably the weakest out of all my characters on the team and I’m trying to fix that but I realize that he’s definitely a much harder character to get down than someone like Wesker, who seems to be able to perform well even with a little practice given his high damage output for relatively little meter/work.

Of course, if I have the wrong mentality feel free to correct me.

I think he can mount a deadly offense. He gets +6 frame advantage off a blocked L Web Swing and +17 off a blocked Web Zip. Does any other rushdown character have this kind of shield?

Maybe we definetly just shouldn’t start strings with c.A like he’s some Storm, Magneto or whatever, but rather make sure the opponent is pinned with Web Ball (you can dash behind it like a poor man’s Sonic Boom), Web Swing and zip.

Btw I just got to read the guide and I recommend it to anyone who wants to play Spidey.