A little help...?!?

^^ you two got the right idea.
@tsukiyome: i use wesker with spidey and boy does that low shot compliment spidey’s game a lot, its too bad all of spidey’s assists are trash (though u can use webball for lvl 3 setups)

@otori: your exactly right, you cannot expect to be effective with spiderman by relying on his shorts for hitconfirm, they are flat out too slow compared to the truer rushdown characters.

it makes perfect sense that a guy like evil rahsan would use spidey, he always plays really odd characters, and yes, spidey is odd in this game. his spacing is gonna take time to get used to (hell i’m hardly used to how freaking fast his airdash and zip toss you through the air), but it makes it all that more chaotic for the opponent.

Ah okay, I’ll just wait til IPW does a guide.

Theory fighter doesn’t really help me and my problems right now.

Thanks for the tips.

Some wrong info here. Web ball has 5 points not 2.

i dont think you can do it lower to the ground no, just that a superjump takes less time to reach the minimum height for an air dash, so technically it is slightly quicker than regular jump air dash. ive been trying it out with other characters more than spidey though but im pretty sure thats the case.

Quick question when u guys do web swing follow ups do u guys double tap? cause i seem to land follow ups more double tapping then waiting a split second. Thoughts?

i just sort of slow mash, like 1 press every 8ish frames or so. i never have problems getting them out.