A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks

Most of the editorial articles are really, really, really bad. I’m not even talking about quality of technical writing here. Like the subject matter is just stupid and poorly handled. d3v especially writes utter garbage.

Not to say I don’t think they can improve or should be removed or anything, but is sacrificing the quality of SRK’s frontpage worth having more content in the long run?



Editorials being horribly written and edited is one thing, but most of them are utterly pointless. They are a pain to read and some of them should be fired. No reason to have that many “writers” to begin with.

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SRK </3 ;_;

Here’s an example:

Excellent article, however, this is the LEAST IMPORTANT THING to know about competitive play. Why is it part 1 in a series? You’re overbearing people with limited knowledge that would take a first step into something and insinuating “controller matters” to someone at a very entry level here. They’re now thinking about things other than “Just go and play”. That may actually be HARMFUL to helping the scene expand.

This is the problem with editorials. While they might push up the activity, keep people coming back to SRK and make the site money (which, face it, that’s why this is happening), it may be doing more harm than good for long term success and limit community and competitive expansion.

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It would help to clean up your language, use specific examples, and tone down the ranting. You’ve got some valid points, but it’s hard to take you seriously.

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What I take from this rant is that OP believes that there is no editorial direction to the articles AND that the actual writing quality of them is horrible.

I agree.

Tone notwithstanding, I mostly agree with what you’re saying. I’m far from Keits’ #1 fan, but if I had to choose between someone that biased but who also has some (very slight) grasp of what constitutes a newsworthy article and what we have right now, I would choose Keits as the lesser of two evils. This is some eventhubs level of professionalism here. First there is the issue of plastering the front page with non-stop mediocre material (so much so that it almost feels like 4chan), but if you’re going to do that at least take the time to write a real article; don’t just clumsily regurgitate the already piss-poor description from the actual video verbatim. Little Jimmy may have taken 12 seconds to make his combo video AND write a description for it, but I expect a little bit more from the guy in charge of the front page.

I can’t help but feel that the new guys either don’t care and just post anything and everything under the sun, or they simply lack a discerning eye for these things. If they somehow made up for it with wit and entertaining quips, I might let it pass, but every article so far has been slipshod, full of spelling mistakes and generally poorly written.

Meh, if I had to guess, I’d say this is the typical SRK cronyism at work. Call it affirmative action for fighting game players if you want to.

Edit: Oh yeah, and shit like this happens all the time:

This video gets posted on the front page today:


No disrespect to Neo-Artisan it’s a nice video and stuff and I like the combos, but I posted this 2 days prior in the Thor forums:


Now I’m not making a stink so much at the fact that my video didn’t get posted because, frankly, I slapped it together in 5 minutes; the point is that they could have looked up the Thor forums in maybe 5 minutes to see if what they’re posting is redundant, which they clearly did not do. In the end it just makes the community look bad. I know srk has been a really grass roots organization from the start, but I think they’re slowly trying to distance themselves from the e-thuggery and generally hostile/rough around the edges kind of image that’s historically been associated with the scene. Hiring junior high kids to run the front page is not the way to do it.

front page is separate from the forums. posting things in the forums does not mean they will be looked at as the front page staff and the forum staff is largely independent. Things front paged are either found by front page staff or submitted through the tips email, which only keits has access to as far as I can tell.

Keits trying to be the sole editor for over 10 people seems to be a bad idea. I’ve caught frequent typos, mistakes, and repeats(things from roundups being their own article/vice versa) The amount of editorial content is a lot for one person when the people writing don’t have actual assignments/areas to cover as far as I can tell.

I think the timeframe for hiring writers was much too short. The application window was under 48 hours meaning they didn’t get the best possible people, just those who applied the quickest. Not hating on front page staff in the slightest, but I think the application process should have had a set time limit from when it was announced especially with an undetermined amount of spots open.

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Anyone with even the faintest notion of how a proper journalist conducts themselves knows that you should fact check and look up your sources. It’s not as if it would have taken then more than a couple of minutes anyway.

I just gave that as an example, but you don’t have to look far to find other instances.

Very nice post there Pertho.

Yeah for sure, but a blog format isn’t treated like anything resembling actual journalism most of the time.

With FG content you’re just digging at youtube, facebook, twitter, and fg related sites trying to be first out the gate. Being first is more important than being accurate or having your stuff well written when it is going to be off the front page in a few days.

Who cares if you have the best Thor combo video is when the one submitted to you is right there? If you’re getting paid on a per article basis or have a minimum, all of those little things just eat up your time.

I think this is a harsh judgement. I understand and agree that there are a lot of new articles going up, but prior to the front page being fleshed out I did have my favourites link going straight to the forums. Now I have it going to the front page because there may well be something of interest to see there before entering the forums. I like that, I would have that stay as it is rather than go back before anyone was writing for the front page.

It is okay to critique the writers, but lay off of taking the piss out of them. They are afterall trying to do something for the site, some because they want to contribute and others maybe for the experience. My opinion is just to give it time, perhaps these new writers for the front page are just eager to get an article of their own up whilst they are fairly new to the process. Im sure regardless of this thread that the front page will have changed in a years time.


Only premium members could rep you up/down, I think. And i think people who had been on SRK for a loooong time too.

Rep was absolutely pointless in the grand scheme of things. For a lot of us It was just a fun way for us to weed out the shitty posters because they cared too much about what people thought of them; on the internet of all places. What was especially fun was signing the neg reps with usernames of people we hated and watch them bitch about getting PM’ed about it.

The rep system was a fucking dumb, broken, and simply not needed system. The illuminati hated it. All the mods hated it. Most the users hated it except for the above reasons.

And only premium members and admins had access to raising/lowering rep

I miss our galaga shields and ships though. :frowning:
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