A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks

So you, uh, didn’t get the job, eh?

I’d nominate this if I could.

I’m sorry, but I’ll take 2009 SRK over today’s SRK, anyday; I miss rep. Shit, I’ll take 2010 SRK too, even if it had that stupid contribution system, at least it was still vBulletin.

$50 says SRK will go under another huge overhaul because the admins can’t make up their minds.

Wasn’t it funny how one simple rep bar was enough to keep fools in check? I registered in 2009. I am an 09’er but I only got shit for it once, from a retard who was just trolling everyone.

The repbar was a stupidity censor and a BIG RED TARGET on people with shitty posts.

Having positive rep back then… felt good. felt like you were actually contributing something to discussions.

The front page has no direction, it constantly stops itself from promoting featured articles by putting up little bullshit to push content to pages 3 and 4, AND the articles that do get publish are of dubious need for the community. Somebody is beyond asleep at the job. If you are ok with this, you can sure as hell go to Kotaku and deal with their dribble.

While all that is correct, I do expect articles to be properly edited. It may not seem like much but if people are going to get paid for something, it needs to reflect that some money went to it. Otherwise do it for free, let it be shitty and have that money somewhere else that is going to reflect the investment.

I think maybe I will go through and apply next time SRK hires writers. I wanna bring some awesome quality and new stuff to the SRK homepage.

How was I supposed to read that? It didn’t have any pictures of fighting game stuff with stupid internet faces pasted all over it.

Another thread for this shit?

Is this gonna be a daily thing?

Whatevs, Rep bars were just another way for new members and forum scrubs to circle jerk each. The like button would be better if people STILL didn’t quote walls of text and images/vids just to say “THIS”


Rep made people cry.

Except for Nando, wasn’t it?

He was full red like a Sith Lord’s lightsaber, and only grew stronger from it.

What ever happened to…


He responded with a quote, plus one word, plus all that is implied with said act.

You can get infracted for quoting a wall of text and giving a one word response, ESPECIALLY “this”.

My favorite part about this thread is it’s got dat old SRK salt OP.

I agree that it’s a bit out of hand now but…keeps me updated and I don’t like looking at event hubs. Whatever.

Tips 5 and 6 made me ROFL



In the 2010’s we had a writer apocalypse. In 20 years time we should get what we need. Will “Big Valley’s” writing antics ever cease?

I know this.

But it has been allowed to slide in the past, whenever the mods agreed with it.

One would like to think that people who go the whole “quote a wall of text” route would at least adopt Graduate Student Term Paper standards, and add one to two sentences of their own tacked on at the end.

“This” is so very modern day secondary school of them.

man that volunteer work is serious business

The problem is that the overwhelming majority of the stuff on the front page is not ‘news’ and are columns and editorials. Ironically, I’ve found that the best ‘articles’ are those that barely have any writing in them and simply summarize actual news (info on new game in development, location test play, etc.) in sentence or two and link to the source.

Cop out comment. Writing for the front page is a fantastic opportunity for those who were chosen to have solid material they can submit as writing samples. There is no reason to let it go to waste on badly fleshed out ideas and sloppy editing. This is a great opportunity for the community to have content on its main website and to establish different voices to start communicating to the outside world like the legit people we are that they don’t understand.

Considering I’ve done my share of volunteer work, I take offense at the fact that somebody wouldn’t take it seriously.

I will headbutt the FUCK out the front page. That settles it: next time the opportunity arises, I’m applying and getting a position.

I learn far more from option-select.com and sonichurricane.com than the front page of SRK.

Sonic Hurricane’s Footsies Guide is God Like.