A&C Ultimate Gamer - UMvC3 Qualifiers Tournament (Aug. 1st) @ 7p

A & C Ultimate Gamer - Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Season 1 Event

Recruiting Tournament is on Aug. 1st. There will be a tournament to decide who will the Top 8 Players. First come First Added In The Bracket. Don’t be late.

Apply here:

After you qualify, here are the rules for Participants:


  • There will be a double elimination tournament, best 2 out of 3 (3 out of 5 in Grand Finals) to determine the 8 players making it to A & C Ultimate Gamer - UMVC3 Season 1. Losing player can switch characters.

  • 2 top players from the fighting game community will be selected as coaches.

  • 8 players will be selected to compete from a draft event (the 8 players will be determined after doing a round robin/double elimination competition with X amount of participants). Players cannot be considered a top player/OG player.

  • The 2 coaches will draft from the 8 player pool, making 2 teams of 4

  • There will be an event to give one of the coaches the choice of drafting first or picking the first match up. For the 1st round, the match ups will be picked by one coach, than the other till all 4 matches are picked.

  • Will be played on PS3

  • Loser gets to change characters

  • It will be a first to 7 match wins.

  • It will run 4 weeks (Week 1:Draft Day, Week 2: 8 man-4 Matches, Week 3: 4 man-2 matches, Week 4: Grand Finals + Coaches Showdown., each match the winner gets $10, loser gets $5 and eliminated.

  • All players are expected to attend all 4 weeks, whether or not they are eliminated, to continue to learn from the coaches and train and support the team.

  • The Grand Prize is $100 ($70 for the Winner, $30 to the winning coach) plus being sponsored by A & C in the next A & C Games Tournament.

  • The goal is for all the players to learn and prepare for big tournaments and to find out who will be an A & C Ultimate Gamer.

The goal in our event is to find, help build and develop more top players who will compete with the best in the world!

All those that are interested in participating or interested in this in general feel free to write on the wall or join. It’s open to anyone who wants to learn UMVC3. More info coming soon! Suggestions are welcome.

Also ignore the time for this event, it’s for recruiting only and may be extended or shorted as needed. Actual event will start once we get all the contestants and coaches signed on. Some of the event may be filmed to be put on youtube.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


good luck with this

Is there a registration fee?

There is no fee to join. Just the venue fee and be there by 7p.


Will there be casuals? This is like the one day im in the city :confused:

The 360’s will be available for casuals and as the tournament dies down, we will free up some systems.


Your Ultimate Gamer Marvel Edition Top 8 Players are:

What is in store next Wednesday?
-Blue Captain (RDK) and Red Captain (Quan) exhibition of a retro game to decide “First Pick”.
-The captains will choose their team.
-There will be a Team Blue vs Team Red exhibition.

Catch the action next week on stream.


Yo shout outs to everyone who entered yesterday and to the a+c crew and the organisers. Had some great matches. Good shit all. See you next week.

Also, I only need one eye. :slight_smile:

that jing guy is pretty good

Some Might say, Too good… learn to sandbag imo

stay fray

Hes ass and free @ every other FG, Feels himself at an all scrubs only tournament meanwhile hes placed top 3 in other tournaments before, this brag is so disgusting and an embarrassment to top players all across.

Stay mediocre

And that guy Dice will see you in the finals and body your business

My moneys on you :wink: (the zero players you put in losers) haha

Why so salty? The rules state that “Players cannot be considered a top player/OG player”. People have mixed feeling whether I am a top player or not and I am definitely not an OG unlike yourself. I asked the organizers and they gave me the green light. MVC3 was my first fighting game and I was never talented but I put my time into the game. Went to almost every tournament and casual so I can play the best players. Thats what new players don’t understand nowadays, to be the best you have to train with the best.

Hopefully there will be a rising star next season but I am taking the title this season, so COME AT ME BRO!

so once again, why are you still entering scrub tournaments if its not to feel yourself?

free money?

sigh…this is why these scrub tournaments are a joke…idiots like you

While calling them “scrub” tournaments provides no benefit, implying that they are inherently a “joke” or of lesser value because they cater to new players, Scott makes a salient point. Jing’s statement, “Thats what new players don’t understand nowadays, to be the best you have to train with the best.” clearly indicates he does not consider himself a new or inexperienced player. By his own admission he has traveled to a wide variety of tournaments and events; clearly a player who belongs in an event that is “Open to anyone wanting to learn UMVC3”. There is an incredible lack of distinction between the spirit and the letter of the rules pertaining to these events. These events will continue to to be mired with controversy until players understand they do nothing but look foolish by joining events they are well above. It benefits no one and does nothing to aid the community; presumably the goal of these events.

they are a joke and will continue to be until shit like this stops happening…the only legit tournament was first one for ae

I dont understand how they are a joke? Yes they are for “scrubs” and don’t benefit the top players in the community, but in the long run, the more people who are joining tounaments, the more competition the og players get, the more money there is in the pot and the community as a whole will grow. Players (like me) find it hard to commit a lot of time off work and school to go to tournaments when they know the competition is way ahead of them. Thats why tournaments like this get people out to try out the whole tournament experience and hopefully get players wanting to level up. Its like, if you wanted to learn how to play soccer, you wouldn’t go on to challange the likes of ronaldo or messi, just to get embarassed and lose your spirit, you would want to begin playing with other amatueres, build morale, and work your way up if you enjoyed the experience.