925 gathering/tourney Sunday 10/17

SSF4 (?)
Starcraft 2 if it had lan(thanks blizzard)

Tourney is standard rules, no button mapping, no turbo or wireless controllers, etc. It will be $1-$10 Depending on what people want and we may do multiple tourneys. Most tourneys will start around six but some will be even later.

I’m going to need a couple tvs and consoles to run these simultaneously. I’ve got a 360 for hdr and would like setups for everything else. O and I think I have marvel.
From 4:30pm-12-am

Concord bitches. 2944 Concord blvd, Concord, CA 94519
Will edit more stuff in later.

Who: For the people that made those 925 threads. Where are the games at? Right here! You better damn well make it homos. It’s open to everyone though.

Usually we average around 12-20 ppl. This is kinda last minute, so I hope things turnout well.

sup shinobi! ill see u on sunday forsure! regardless if theres a tourney or not… MAHVEL 3 BABY!

ill be there… sakura represent… what system for ssf4?

ill be there im glad the scene out here is getting better

Wow wtf, you back in the bay? I might have to hit this up.

I would make an appearance, but I’m going to be in Ohio for Season’s Beatings.

SC2 LAN would be serious.


Vestax Hope you can make it.

Concord isnt to far from Brentwood so Ill try and shoot down. as a side thought biweeklys for these or more often or a session spot? concord seems perfect.

Remember please bring a console/game if you can. Unless everyone wants to play hdr and marvel(someone bring a dc and copy of game just in case) which I wouldn’t mind lol.
Umm someone call AURthur too. I dont like calling over there.

As far as these being bi-weeklies i dunno. Maybe. At least once a month if not twice.

count me in

Saturday ill be having some casuals goin on to practice for this event i live in antioch so i you wana come through just shoot me a pm

So the blackest ninja of them all is back in town, eh?

That weekend is my sister’s birthday. I’m not sure if she’s planning anything (I really don’t think she is).

Will be good to see you again. I’ll be in touch.

Would somebody be able to hook me up with a dreamcast compatible japanese stick? I want to enter in Marvel but my stick’s only PS3/360 based. >.<

Fuck yeah! It’s been way too long since I’ve seen the concord crew. Who needs a ride from Fairfield?

BRING YOUR DREAMCAST STICKS! Marvel is happening, I’m bringing a stick and console. I’m gonna be pissed if I’m the only person with a dreamcast stick, haha.

P.S. Someone should burn me a copy of Mvc2, I can’t find mine :crybaby:

We should do some Q zar stuff also for HARDCORE MVC2 action and they have SFA3 ( they are working on fixing SF3S on the cab also ) Maybe if we HYPE up fighting games there we can get more Cabs in there.

Gathering in the 925? Does not compute. More of a stream monster nowadays.

Get off that steam nub. TF2?Source? = trash lol

mike sweet it’ll be good to see you guys. Sans Nate :frowning: loser

im down the street by concord high, i might stop by if i dont got anything happening, i got a Dreamcast with an old Dell Monitor i found with burnt copies of CvS2, CvS1, SF3S, MvC2 and SFA3. Would Anyone Be Insterested in those games? or just marvel 2?

I am known to dabble in cvs :slight_smile:

is this gathering at someones house?