925 gathering/tourney Sunday 10/17

is this gathering at someones house?

So is there anyone coming that would be so gracious as to let me use their DC stick during matches for this event? I really want to go, but 99% of it’s my found love for Marvel.

We should do weekly mvc2 Sessions = )

I would be in love with that idea! I really only grew to appreciate marvel after its big time and want to play at every opportunity I get. XD If there’s a way to get to a Marvel gathering from BART I want to be there. :smiley:

I’ve been waiting for Mvc2 gatherings for some time now, that’d be great if we got enough of a turn out of players. I remember the competition was pretty sweet back in the day…
And fuck alpha3, we need to get on some alpha 2!

If we Can convince Q Zar or another Arcade in the area to get another MVC2 cab ( q zar has one really nice one and a multi game cab right behind it ) We can have an awesome sessions and the multi cab has like every Sf vs Xm game every alpha and all 3s games its just I need talk them into redoing there button layout… But yeah MVC2 eastbay hype


how many set ups you got going so far?

1 lol hazeandfires 360. Someone bring a ps3 or 360. Mine wont be back in time :frowning: my ps3 red lighted a few weeks ago. Sending off my ps3 friday. If Eddie hadn’t offered his I wouldn’t have done this at all.

I still lack current generation consoley goodness. :frowning: or else I’d bring one so we can get this rollin’! :smiley:

i may not be able to stay the entire time, but while im there (probably till around 10:30pm) i have an xbox and a ps3, both with copies. but only 1 tv max

this would be cool if it was weekly or bi-weekly since Shadowbrooke aint having anything happenin for some reason, nobody has responded regarding that situation

Q zar is forever overrun by children and would be a horrible place for a gathering, haha. People need to just bring they’re consoles Sunday! I’ve got a 360 and one stick and a DC with 1 stick. I need to look for my second dreamcast, I know it’s somewhere, but more importantly we’re gonna need DC sticks! Noone ever brings them :crybaby:

I want to play Marvel, is there any kind of converter someone has for PS3/360 to dreamcast? :frowning:

We need a sick ass arcade to play at… if Antiochs golf and games or whatever had some decent fighting games it would be perfect but the manager seems like fucking spaz and most likely they are focused on batting cages.

I Got A DC Stick, If I Can Come ill bring that and the DC and Monitor, how much is it?

where in the east bay you live at? ive been thinking of getting some some gathering going maybe bi-monthly at my house.

I have another tv, but you dont have to bring everything. Hopefully one setup for ssf4 is fine.

im in concord

How much is what?

Anyone else down 4 poker? we have 2 people so far.