925 Beatups! Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Livermore, etc. THIS SAT! [11.14 7p-2a]

i live in san ramon (between crow canyon and bollinger exit off the 680) let me know when the next get together is, i may be down to come

I’m down, as is a friend of mine who is trying to get some gathering experience in.

Okay everyone, IT’S ON!

This Sunday Sunday Sunday! 8 o’clock on. I’m hosting this in my garage. Bring your sticks!

I’m looking for ppl to bring set-ups. I have 2 Xbox 360 setups. I have a PS3, but no SF4 for it. I also have a SVGA projector which we can use if someone brings a 360.

I can only host about fifteen people, and priority will go to those bringing set-ups. I’d like to include as many local heads as possible. Just PM me.

Let’s do this!

I might be down for this, granted I’m not doing anythign that day. I can bring a PS3 copy of SF4.

shit… i may be down, but it is fathers day, so i may be piss drunk by 3pm… i shall see

hmm this sounds pretty legit, I need some actual people to play against in 4s
so I can suck less; playing with the same 2 guys all the time gets old quick…

I will also be doing Father’s Day stuff, but this is at night, so we’ll see.

Man, I would come but that’s my birthday! Next time, dudes!

i’m down for sunday and can bring a 360 w/game and 2 sticks.

is it cool if me and a friend comes through.

K- Oh snaps dude, you made a thread and all that.

Hey homey, tomorrow I can’t do. Heading north on a camping trip. Next time though. And I still owe ya that $40. I wound up using an adhesive backed vinyl overlay, so i still have that plexi if you need it for anything else.

Jay - whats up brother. its been hella days. you should hit me up and we’ll get some games in some time.

Bring your PS3 copy and your sticks. The only stick I have for SF4 is my own that I’m in the middle of dual modding.

That’s the whole reason of hosting a session in this area!

Swing by after dinner. PM me if you’re down.

Happy birthday mangsta! Live it up!

I’m PMing you.

No prob.


If the ppl who said they are bringing set-ups come through, then we’ll have 5+ set-ups to play on. As a special treat for those actually going to EVO, I have the same model ASUS monitor that they’ll be using! Just got it in this week and it’s my most favorite screen to play SF4 on.

If anyone does bring a stick to play TvC (I don’t have any.), it can be played on my projector. Would be nice to see someone competent playing that.

Don’t think I can make this one since its on fathers day :confused: maybe next time. Sounds like you got a nice set up going.

:lol: I might be able to make it. I’m doing stuff father’s day but by that time in the evening I think I’m free but not 100% sure yet though. :confused: Would be sweet if could come through. :razzy:

Yuro do you think you can pm me your address i will most likely be coming to this.

:lol: I should be able to make it now. Could u Pm me ur address? thanks :tup:

Pm’d Ramin & Batman77.

I’m washing chairs right now. It’s cool. I’m ready for some matches!

need that address too :slight_smile:

hey, this is john b, id love to play but im hosting a party at my bar tonight 9-2. if some of yall wanna take a break from sf4 and come thru, first rounds on me. 21 over only must have id Johnny B’s Bar & Lounge 2500 sycamore dr antioch