90% of kaillera = scrubs

yup… shit is getting disgusting, owning with no effort in xvsf and i barely play it anymore… to make it worse, im owning players that have been playing for years and years in mvc and i’ve only been playing the game serious for about 4 months, to make it even worse the chars i play = mid tier

edit: to make it even worse, i dont use infinites like i should be. imagine what i would be like if i used infs all the time

shit is disgusting…

yeah, well?

what can you do?


this is for char limit

Kaillera is becoming scrubbier…The amount of good KoF2k2 players that I’ve met is very slim nowadays…there are too many players these days that just toss out random things hoping they land. If they do land (because no one expects for someone to throw out such a stupid super randomly), then they get excited, but if I block and counter them to death, they don’t learn from it.

Moral of the day - stop throwing out punishable things out of the blue…it’s suicide, and if you win by it (with whatever luck you had), there’s no reason to be proud.

T-Kimura, get a new game…like King of Fighters 2002. Ownage there isn’t determined by infinites (there really aren’t any infinites in that game except Vice, Angel, and maybe a few others, and the 100% damage combos are way too hard to do to be practical).

That one of the reasons why scrubs get piss when u do them a set up for example in 02 when u are in max mode al srcubs would try to hit u after u done a special move what they forget is that u can cancel it even if they get beat by it twice they don’t learn that they should block and wait for the bar to end.

You sound a lot like this guy I ran into last weekend on kaillera… lol. I really hope you don’t go by 100%BAJAN on there. He killed me the first game and said something like,“You fucks on mame are easy as hell to kill.” Boy that lit a fire under my ass. I beat the fucking shit out of him the next 7 games and was talking some major shit of my own. Then he started trying to be cool with me telling me “nice” or some crap and I told him to just STFU… lol.

No, he goes by the name of…T-Kimura on kaillera. Speaking of which T-K, what happened to all those other guys like CS, Vice-Versa, etc? I don’t see them play anymore…they were quite good.

no what happend to guys like stunner or the regulars for the classic flaretech server now thoose guys were nice and they were good. I miss flaretech badly it had people there all the time. Shit I never even get to see king wakka or Tech9 now those guys were cool also. Man back in the beginnning of 04 kaillera was the shit lol. when did kaillera started to get sucky lol.

vice has no internet right now, and c.s cries and complains about lag since idgames is gone

wakka still comes on frequently…

Our of curiousity T-K, what kind of player are you? I haven’t faced you yet [Although I would love a match], I would like to know what is your “style” exactly?

Kaillera seems the same to me. Some people improve and some people play the same as they did 2 years ago. I am always in between the ranks. I win some and I loose some, hehe. I agree though, kaillera is getting more beginners nowadays. I rarely see the good people except for Darkcloud and CS who still hang around though. Whatever happened to players like Player-X, Skaterfox, and Phaseone, those guys were pretty tough. They actually killed me without using infinates and no turtling, hehe. In Sfa3, there is still some competition for me though, including Moley, Fivefeet8, and that guy whos name I cant remember. I guess that the only way for all the good players from the past to come back is if they made chankast go online. Once we see MVC2 online, thats when we will see all the good players return.
Oh well, even if kaillera is still filled with scrubs, it still beats the hell out of Xbox live, just as long as kaillera is free. :confused:

P.S. KingWakka is the biggest crybaby I have seen in kaillera. Last time I played him, he got mad at me because I was getting more wins than he did and he kept saying that he was better than me. I eventually played him a bit more and he was able to get a few more wins than me. After he got a few thewins, he left the game without saying ggs, and instead he called me a sucker and said I sucked :rolleyes: . I guess he thought I got mad or something, lol. I wouldnt consider him one of the best of kaillera though, I agree hes tough but not that tough. I always get an equal amount of wins when I play him and I consider myself an average player in MVC, hehe.

Kaillera is a bit scrubby now. Ive still yet to meet my match in VS, but Im meeting some good competition recently (Sairou Kyoshu, Young Ic3). Some of them want autoblock turned on though because of my high offense and some want to use autofire because they dont think its possible for me to attack and do magic series so quickly. I figure I may take up another game and leave VS alone for a while. Maybe by then players will meet other players besides me and learn tactics that might help beat me because the only thing youre going to learn from me when youre a novice or intermediate is that turtling and chicken guard doesnt work.

I’ll probaly try something like ssf2t, kof, or maybe sfa3. That ssf2 game is kinda fun even though I havent played it much. You guys have a suggestion?

well chibi your good in kof 98 and 2000. You got a crazy Athena so I’d say yeah kof or ssf2t hell you should play ss4 or 5 thoose are good to play for fun also lol. If we could get jojo bizarre adventure’s for kaillera that would be dope why don’t they have that game emulated yet damnit it’s not popular no more.

It’s cps3, thats why.

Yeah i aint had many good games on Kal for while, all day today i’ve had people drop half way or play so badly its that i win without having any effort. I had one person who allways picked blanka and just crouched in a corner and only used Hard punch over and over regardless of how many times i hit him with a fireball or dragon punch or anything really, i dont even consider myself to be that great at Street fighter alpha 3 yet i havent lost all day gotta be somthing up with that cause im not fantastic at this i should be loseing meh hope XBL with cvs 2 and SF3s is better

So true, kaillera is fucking scrubby i took a break of about 4 month, i come back and none of the good players are left. Only one that can match me in XvSf is T-K (you know my juggs is that nice :slight_smile: and in MVC its fucking even scrubbier. No one can pull out a combo. I feel bad playing against these kinda people.

Your lucky if i faced off with a high level player i doubt i’d last longer then 30 seconds but i aint seen any on Kal yet its like a myth with kal latly last game i won garou with about 250 ping i coudlnt even get half of terrys moves out cause of the lag yet still win against a player who had a ping around 20/30 few months back when i play kof99 on here i got owned into the ground i rarely manadged to take out more then one or two chars but now it feels like the people im playing dont even know any moves i end up backing off to see if they’ve laggged out or not cause half the time they hardly move oh well gives me something to do while bored i guess

haha. me > you for how many years now?

just playin’, homie.

i’ve been playin’ you off and on for like, two years now.

who the fuck cares its kaillera i’m surprised people take games on there seriously

I totally agree with True_Tech. Kaillera is too gross to be taken seriously. I find it funny that many of the players on there map buttons.