720s FTW! (T-Hawk thread)

I dont have this game yet but I would like to know how my boy T-Hawk is doing. Is it easier to link his crouching attacks into his super or harder?

I played T hawk for a couple of hours and hes ok so far, his jab jab cyclone is much easier to land as well as tick into super. cross up j.fierce s.forward fierce DP does a lot of damage and stuns often

i swear i did that combo at the start of the round then cross up j.fierce s.forward cyclone for about 90 percent life lol and his normals are better than before…kinda like o hawk

well he is by far one of the bect characters in the game

Every character is a monster now lol.

Hawk has definately been improved 10 fold.

From playing him in Remix so far, I’ve noticed a couple of things. First off, when doing the dive, if they block (or connect, for that matter) you don’t fly all the way back now, you land relatively close to them, so it’s easier to close distance. His srk still has decent invincibility to go through fireballs, but I’m not sure it’s quite as good as O. Hawk’s. One other thing to note is that he actually has an animation for whiffing his cyclone now, so it’s a little easier to punish if you miss a reversal cyclone or something, but at the same time it feels like he has longer reach and the active part of the move lasts longer. I think that you can still do the 720 and not waste it if you miss, but I’m not 100% on that yet.

Not having a joystick until next week is killing me. Hawk is definitely loads better. Hawk dive improvement plus the normals is so good.

HK throw, walk under, close s.mk, 720 is soooo strong D:

Hawk’s jump up jab cleanly stuffs Guile’s RH Somersault Kick at near max range. You can jump up and down inside its range(but outside of the range of the other versions) with jab and it will always win.

I am extremely saddened by the loss of O.Hawk far standing short. :frowning:

Anyone else find it weird using the diving hawk to hit over fireballs, only to fall down on the fireball afterwards? Gonna have to get used to that.

I still land on fireballs sometimes, just gotta anticipate em’ a little differently… like, you still can’t react to them, but you can’t anticipate them too preemptively. It’s weird.

Still, O Hawk was my secondary character in ST and I’m lovin’ him in STHD. There’s something to be said about not feeling like you have to get in and 360 someone to death or you’re screwed. I even use his Elbow Smash grab mixup more often, now.

I’m liking Hawk, but I don’t see this super Hawk everyone is talking about. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen one person play Hawk against me.

hawk can juggle with his dp’s

Hawk is so ridiculous now, if only because the SPD is so easy to do, although I think i’ve only played maybe 1 other T. Hawk online. The only matchup that’s a bit harder now is against Zangief. Hawk dive used to own Gief up, as long as you angled it to hit him on top of the head. Now, because the move doesn’t knock down, if you hit with the dive at certain angles Gief can reversal SPD you for free.

He’s practically the only character I use in casual matches, but he might make it into the ranked matches rotation soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I found so far that Hawk has gone for all or nothing to all or to-near-all. He is NASTY.

I can actually do his super on the ground now. :rofl: He seems really, really powerful.

Cool, so for people like myself that can do cr.short XX super in vanilla ST it will make it that much easier. Awesome.

After playing and getting my ass beat ad nauseum by Sagat last night, the only really good matchup I found to beating his ass into a pulp was picking T Hawk. The threat of the dive suddenly shuts Sagat’s spam down, or at the very least, renders it a genuine risk for them. It leads to easy combos. T Hawk’s cr.jab, s.jab and even jump jab beat a ton of Sagat’s moves.

His super also seems to grab from much further away than you would expect. Got a few people from almost half screen last night!

It’s probably nothing new, but Hawk’s j.MK hits honda headbutts cleanly if you’re high enough (well, maybe not the jab headbutt). Makes jumping towards him from a distance a little safer.

People saying hawk is incredible because of walk up 360 or easy 360s are silly. any player committed to hawk could have done that in old st and NEEDED to learn it to fight some characters. hawk is still gonna be bottom. it sucks but whatever. hes my main and i love him but no chance he is gonna all of a sudden shoot up in ranks cause of walk up 360. the BIGGEST thing helping him is safe hawk dive. fucking getting punished by sim everytime cause i mistimed it just a tit was gay.

hawk will be MID at best.

How do you juggle DPs?