707 thread version 4.0

There are more tournaments on the way, and I don’t want to have to make a new thread for each tournament. So here we go!

Which 707 players attended Evo2k3?

BTW, unfortunate note… Fairfield Bowl just closed down. This place used to have quite a selection of fighters (first 707 location to get MK2!) but, sadly, fell off in the later years. RIP.

I wanted to go but norcal obligations and all…

By the way, I put 360s on the CVS2 so everyone let me know how they play. I noticed a bit of “squirreliness” on quick B->DB->B stuff like high/low defense. Fight Night should break them in nicely. I’ll be at the arcade tomorrow night to work on my GGXX, which is the only game I’m feelin’ right now.

Prizes and tokens will be given out at the tournaments but I’m not sure if it will be for this one. Most definitely for the next. I am working on some BIG prizes for a fall tournament but it depends on whether people will be resting after EVO and dropping games like MVC2. We’ll see.


I doubt any games will be dropped now after Evolution. But I have to say, MvC2 was the least entertaining game with a few people who were making any splash like Soo or Rodolfo. But, I think 3s will be picking up very soon…

Since Brian moved the next Tilt tourney date to the 22nd I have no doubts that I will enter GGXX and SvC. That is the only day I have off from work so I’m going to take advantage of having that Saturday off. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it’s on the 23rd instead because 22nd would be on friday and I work on that Friday.

22nd works for me, I dont think I would have made the 16th one anyway. :smiley:

The 22nd, huh? Thats great, more time for preparation. My CvSNK2 was a bit rusty but i’m sure i’ll be in perfect condition.

Yo impulsze, i guess we can fight afterwards, eh? It will be an interesting fight. Prepare yourself in GGXX, i’ll be finishing better than in the last Tourney.

Wait the 22nd is a Friday, I have school on Friday. Dammit!

Shit u serious? 22nd is a friday? Damn, i might not be able to come then… Damn it…damn school…You have to postpone it to the 23rd! Saturday is always easier for people, Friday people are getting off of work and shit and are tired. 23rd would be the best, anyone agree?

I say sunday the 24th is a better day. Always have said sundays are better days for tournies. Most people have obligations such as work, homework, family, etc. that fall on saturdays. Sundays are usually kick back days, leaving nothing much to do but b.s. around or go to tilt and play a few random games. So, I say sunday is a better day. So long as we start around 12-1 the tournies will finish by closing. But, my vote doesnt count.

Sunday tournaments have pros and cons…but I’d rather have them on Sunday than Saturday.

Saturday or Sunday tourneys are fine with me, I have weekends off. I just cant make weekday ones due to school/work.

Sure sunday would be coo with some folks but what about the peeps that gotta go to church?

in the tournament discussion threads, brian posted the tournment as being on the 23. thats a saturday.

so which is it?

My vote is for Saturday.

Keep in mind that the mall closes at 7 PM on Sundays… meaning that if we have any sort of problems or delays, we would be running into a wall pretty quickly. The alternative would be to start Sunday tournaments earlier (say, before noon) which I am 100% against.

Ah so the 23rd is Saturday. I would vote for Saturday as well.

hey does scandia at rhonert park have CVS2? I know they got Mortal Kombat 2 and all. Maybe we should have an MK2 tourney, lol

hey for svc what is teh button layout like?

I think it’s SNK style, I can’t remember though.


That is the layout at Tilt.
A = light punch
B = light kick
C = hard punch
D = hard kick

The layout is closely related to CvS.

SNK style it would be A B C D