69 yr old man arrested for using golf club as cane.Cop makes "racist" FB comment and gets reassigned

So i came across this on WSHH. I didnt know if it was thread worthy or not, but i’ll make it anyways, as it does have some layers to it due to her facebook post.

So below is the 7 minute video from wshh

This is the shorter youtube version

She claims that he swung the club at her some blocks away while she was driving by, and i guess she circled around back to him. No video of that allegation has surfaced. She proceeds to tell him to put the golf club down, and he argues no for a while, and for her to call back up, because he doesnt know what the hell shes talking about. Eventually he gets arressted and takes a no plea deal, and now about a year later, the video of the incident has come to light.

If she thought he was a true threat, and swung that golf club at her in a offensive manner, why wouldnt she just stop her car there and immediately get out. Shes a cop with a gun, and hes an old man using a golf club as a cane. She made it seem like he waved it/swung it at her, and i guess she circled around back to him. I’d have to see her police report, because id like to know what her view of the events that lead up to the arrest were.

ANYWAYS, well below are some facebook post she made that lead to her being reassigned.

Really though. CHRONIC BLACK RACISM that exceeds white racism in the USA? Other races, genders, homeless, and gay people suffer far more prejudice than any black man does in the US? You mean combined? lol

This is that shit that i just cant ignore. I know its one person, yada yada, but i dont feel that it is. I feel shes one who got caught, and that there is a legit dellusion with some people in this country when it comes to racism.

The lady who arrested a 69 year old man for seemingly just holding a golf club, is now on her facebook ranting about black peoples paranoia. Oh the comedy.

Black people are more racist then their white counter parts? Thats not even statistically likely to exist just due to our numbers vs theirs alone. Shes probably right though, i did skip over those chapters in the history books where black people enslaved white people for hundreds of years, then beat, murdered, harrassed, belittled, and dehumanized them for another 100 years before the federal government even decided to give a fuck to do anything about it. Then the so called post racial society began, when in reality no.

I wonder what black person knocked on her door and let her know how racist we all are to white people? LOL. OUR SECRET IS OUT. We’re actually the true racist in murica. MUUHAHAHAAAAAA

Seattle police stay fucking up.

If you want to make the argument that black people aren’t horrible racist, SRK makes for a bad example.

Hey Disciple of Ryu sighting!

Anyways this needs to be posted in every Jimmy1200 thread:

Seattle policewomen are scared of black men apparently


Sounds like your typical SJW to me…

I’m shocked the old man survived, how come the cop didnt shoot him at sight? old man was a treat with a weapon in hand!

Saying white people are more racist than black people is racist. Stop being so racist, jimmy.



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Seattle policewomen are scared of black men apparently


Lol, dat bitch was trippin. I like how the other cops are just chillin, and shes the only one freaking out. (White people walking around and just standing) Female cop: GET BACK GET BAAAAACK!!! (No one knows what shes freaking out about) lol

I didnt. Well kinda didnt. lol :open_mouth: I said “Black people are more racist then their white counter parts? Thats not even statistically likely to exist just due to our numbers vs theirs alone”, in response to her saying black people are way more racist than white people.

Also, if i did say white people are more racist than black people, it wouldnt be racist of me to say that, it would be prejudice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the cop closest to the camera is just chilling out playing with his bikes handlebars and the lil bitch behind him is going off full AWOL. Actually on closer inspection all the male cops dont really GAF its only her acting as if shes getting raped or some crazy shit.

I can’t fucking stand female police officers. I got pulled over for going 5mph over the speed limit by a single female police officer. She made me get out of my car then when she realized I was a foot taller and had 60 lbs on her, nervously kept her hand on her gun and called for backup. It was 30 degrees outside and she made me take off my coat and sit on my knees outside with my hands behind my head until her backup arrived. When her male back-up arrived he rolled his eyes at how stupid the situation was and let me go.

Did you catch her info and file an official complaint? If she did that and then you got sick, she can be held liable for that shit.

yeah but police offers are very stressed, she was probably scared for her life. He kinda looked like hulk hogan.

Honestly, even as a white person, I get a lot of shit from cops, I can only imagine what it must be like being a minority. I actually know a guy who graduated highschool with me, he tried to be a programmer, didnt do so well in college and became a police officer. He is also one of the most racist, sexist, aggressive/hateful people ive ever met.

a cop, male or female, shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING all by themselves.
that’s how they get killed or injured by nuts.
I remember a female officer doing a basic traffic stop and got full fledged knocked out cold by a guy that was out with his daughter.
this is why they are naturally gonna be paranoid…
cops must must must always travel in twos.
whether in a patrol car or on foot. even on bicycles. don’t care. always in at least twos. for safety reasons.

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Oxford English Dictionary definition of prejudice:preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience…

(I lol’d)

Racism is alive and well. Some are stoked about the fact. Others are content to stoke.

(in before cries of “misogyny” despite the officer clearly being an incompetent, delusional kunt)

Meh, I can’t say I’m surprised by anything in this incident other than that, yeah, the old guy is still alive and she didn’t find some pretext to shoot him since she obviously felt “threatened” enough to find pretext to arrest him in the first place.

A lot of (white) people just flat-out believing that black (or Latino) people are just complaining about the sake of being lazy and that racism doesn’t actually exist anymore isn’t anything new though. It’s really only gotten worse since we elected Obama, really, since that supposedly marked the “end” of racism in America somehow despite the bunch of clearly racist slurs and attitudes still projected towards him; this when you can easily find something to legitimately dislike about him that doesn’t involve his skin color or being African.

I do have to wonder why he was using a golf club though. You think there would be better faux canes to use even if it is made out of metal. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever touched one, so my “use an object as a cane” knowledge is sadly lacking when it comes to golf clubs or anything that isn’t an umbrella or actual cane.

tries to remember if he’s played golf despite being black

While I generally agree with this, part of jimmy’s “point” was that black people aren’t more racist than white people, not that you could really easily measure that anyway outside of perhaps systematic racism and bigotry from institutions, which white people are most likely in charge of (in this country). Does that mean all white people are racist? No. It sure makes it quite unlikely that black people are “more” racist though; it also makes it really unlikely that black people are being collectively paranoid about certain things like the cop is trying to say.

Certainly, black people can be as horribly racist or as horribly bigoted as anyone else though–they certainly are generally more bigoted towards gays than whites are nowadays, which is mostly “hilarious” hypocrisy, and black people and other minorities hardly get along in general. Basically anyone can be horribly racist or otherwise bigoted though since it’s the basic nature of humanity to be petty as fuck and hate anyone who is even slightly different from you. Yay.

It’s hard to know which race is more racist. But black people don’t get in trouble for being racist like white people do. A black guy can say he hates whites and everybody will laugh or think nothing of it. A white person does the opposite and everyone will villify him. I know from personal experience.

thats because racism that comes from whites has real consequences, whereas, if all of black people were racist, it wouldnt be as big of a deal because of the lack of ability to create a political system to reflect it in the united states.

Racism is equally bad, no matter where it comes from. However systems of racism are not equal.

Where can this black person say this? On the internet. Take your ass outside motherfucker. Lol

I dont think its the basic nature of humanity to be petty or hateful… The truth is, we live in a world of domination, this lies in stark contrast to humanity’s fairly egalitarian, pre-agricultural roots.

many people hate their lives and they take it out on each other. Some latch onto racism, some sexism etc.