Who the hell still plays. I wanna play tommorrow. Its the fucking weekend godamit. People post if you wanna play. Il hit up Johnny Z or RPM just name a time & date

I’m down for some MVC2…name time and place…refine the skills that i never had…SUPERLUU is still on WHIPS!

4 LIFE!!!

how about sunday? how does around 1-2 sound?

Letz do it ponti. Wonder if snapback’s house is free. I wouldn’t mind playing for free :slight_smile:

i’m gonan talk to him tonight and post on here later. but if we do go to his place then it’s only d-pads, we don’t have arcade sticks.

i got stickz

superluu is my fucking hero.

sweet i’ll see if snapback can host us tomorrow.

haha bout time marvel is revived

what is going on…marvel today or bust…post up

Sorry man, Im in victoria right now. The johnny Z here is pretty dope xcept no 1 plays. Yo are u guys still playing or wat. Ponti wats the word. Dun just post then not talk mother Fawker. Beatch Jpeso is a dirty mexican

sorry guys i wasn’t able to make it today. i had a school meeting that i had to go to. maybe next week.

regionals was one word

the skill level of everyone was ASTOUNDING

i got raped by pretty much everyone when i came there

it was ocv by ocv by just random players whom i have never met before

if there is a marvel revival i will definitely be a part of it. i will also start going to tournaments because i wanna play again

cvs2 and third strike is GAY

sooo many magneto resets and sentinel unblockable setups

half life combos? wtf are those? all the combos i saw were full life

we should all go to RPM or JZ sometime and you’ll see the crazy shit i learned.

i can’t believe i also beat sean… that guy’s crazy!!!

trihn i’m sure you’ve all seen killed me and then got eliminated by rotrown

post guys!!!

damn…the level of marvel skill is crazy in the US. Don’t feel bad cause seattle is probably the top area. After I lost horribly to Trinh when he came here, I knew there was no chance i was going to the regionals (not that I was planning, but going 2 and out was not worth work, school and $$). But the mighty ATM spiderTao who always plays it safe, getting OCV’s by random players? That’s sick. Did you play stiltman?? But your right…we need to get marvel back on the map in BC.

well this is basically how it went

i went there, lined up for marvel and got beat by i forget samB? someone i was supposed to play for money… or paris? i forget… someone… and then i wait again, lose again

but yeah, remember, i haven’t touched marvel since trihn came and i played less than ten games of both marvel and cvs2 then… so i sucked ass

and then i played again and won i think and then beat this guy named trace… who was prolly was good as the guys who beat me but i think i started pulling it back together… then, i played and i lost against someone and then i stopped playing and checked out the competition for the other games…

i played this guy named maverick who was this white guy and his magneto was fucking insane… everyone’s magneto was like better than mine lol it was stupid
i got reset like crazy and kept losing cuz mags would guard break me, infinite, reset, into snapback lol it was stupid

so then i had my match with stiltman and i’m thinking… dood, i got raped by samB and they’re about the same level of players… so i was scared, but i think so was he cuz he kept going away and like didn’t wanna play me. so i picked like team scrub or something against him and it was pretty bad, like almost ocv’ed him hahaha, i think it’s just the new rushdown tactics that really got to me. skillwise i am still better than him. stilts of course would blame it on the sticks but whatever, the cabinet we played on was pretty low to the ground… not my fault he didn’t wanna bend his knees though lol

soooo, then i have this match with this guy named N-ken. i forgot who he used but by then i was starting to get my confidence up and played like my usual self when i play locals here. the matches were me winning by substantial amounts but i think it’s prolly cuz he doesn’t rush down but outplays his opponent, the only tactic that i use nowadays and i guess i just outplayed him. anyways, i won that and felt pretty good about myself hahaha

THEN, i played trihn, and that guy’s just a beast. i did wayyy worse than when he played up here but that’s just cuz haha i suck hella now… so i lost 2-0 and i think he took it extra hard on me cuz he still thinks i’m good or something

so i went to the losers… i played psyanid who i thought would take me out and the first match was close but he picks sonson as his anti air so all i did was run away killing his helpers lol
so in the end, all he had was sonson and i had like 1.5 players back and he showed me this cool combo on how to get sonson’s POW super without using a helper and i’m like “yo, check out this cammy combo!!!” and he’s like HELL YEAH
so i went, did crouching LK, LK, FP, then in the air, i did lp,lk,mp,mk cannon drill into super and i’m like… did you like that?
and he looks at me and goes… wtf? did you make that yourself? hahahaha i think he was kinda pissed though lol cuz that combo was just retarded hahahaha

and then my next guy was rodolfo so i just died… that was fucking gay

BUT, i got ocv’d at first cuz i just didn’t know how to play

but near the end of the game, i got lots more wins, and now my storm is hella better
i played maverick for $2 best of 3, and won, then won the rematch so i won $4

i wanted to play sam B but he had to leave

as usual, i got hella better after this tourney. and so will the rest of you…

i dunno, the guys who were beating me in the beginning wasn’t able to do it afterwards.

i even took off two games from trihn afterwards… so next time i go, i’ll do hopefully much better… but it really comes down to the brackets… i had to play trihn in the third round and then ro in the losers… so yeah, if i had easier guys i’d be bomb lol

yeah, that’s more like the atm spidertao i know. I was cracking up when you said:

extra hard?? lol

sounds like you concieded victory there

you may have fared better with kuan or jaymar (by the sounds of it he’s dope). I bet you’ll rather play anyone than rodolfo lol. anyways it sounds like you beat stiltman in the tournament…good stuff.

Damn Tao, I’m gonna have to bite the Cammy combo for my next combo vid :lol:

tao we really need a marvel tourney! a lot of the new faces haven’t played in a BC tourney yet (snapback, chris e and b. rizzle) and i can’t even remember when our last one was.

how’d you place in the marvel tournament? how did chris f and wolfy do?

I didn’t enter Marvel. But Scott/Ponti/Redtide/SuperLuu/Kyle etc. you gotta make sure you go to a Seattle tourney just to see how Marvel is played now.

I watched the matches for the top 5 (Kuan, Mar, Row, Nanoboi, Xecutioner) and I was just so impressed. These guys know the game so well and have ridiculous skill. Everyone else is also just so high level… like Tao said any random player there is really good. Obviously they copy a lot of rushdown from each other but you still have so see it first to comprehend it.

dam this how bout we stop talkin and start playing?? Someone post up a meeting time fuckerz