hey chris i just saw that you placed 2nd in the ST tourney? good job man :slight_smile:

i wanna see all this new shit that tao learned. when do you guys wanna come together to play a couple?

i can stop by jz’s this thursday night if anyone’s willing to go.

hey chris, can me and jay come to your house on wednesday?

he’s gonna bring mvc2 and you can have a new student hahahaha

jay’s already got a background in fighting games and since he’s played it in the past, i’ll bet he’s bomb at learning.

let’s see if we can make him better than JZ jay by the next tourney… who knows, if alex starts playing again 1st place might be up for grabs ESPECIALLY with all this new hype going on… i think the rest of BC just hasn’t been listening when me and you share strats cuz i’m gonna take EVERYONE to a new level. cvs2 what? MVC2 FOR LIFE!!!

BTW, next mvc2 tourney will be hopefully by the end of april… along with the next cv2 tourney. same day so i wanna see all yall fuckers

anyways, as far as the rest of BC goes, JZ is the best place and all but 50 cent games are too expensive. i think we should start with the RPM shit again.

the bulk of what i learned is new mags shit with sentinel unblockable setups. i saw ro do a full life guard break but i kinda forgot how it goes…

does anyone know what scott meant when he’s like “looks like you concieded victory there”

that guy don’t make sense…

Thanks Ponti! :slight_smile:

Yeah Tao you guys come over on Wed. just post what time you’re heading over after school.

can a third guy come along? :slight_smile: 5:30 or so is good for me but i have to leave around 8:30 or so

hey chris, my friend paul from UBC wants to come, his handle is sycho

i think we might be a lil short on tv’s though, it would be cool if koost comes too and we have both cvs2 and marvel going on

but i would rather play marvel

that shit is too bomb

i’ll be at JZ today prolly untill 5
later guys!~!

Sure Ponti come on over on Wed. 5 PM’s a good time. I think I posted my number on the BC thread.

Yeah Tao Sycho can go too.

hey chris, I will be there (your place) tomorrow, too. so I am the one who should bring marvel, right? or someone else is bringing it?

i can bring marvel if you guys want.

5pm sounds good chris, can ya give me directions on how to get to your place? or are we meeting up somewhere first THEN going to your place?

i can’t wait to play you guys again! it’ll be bomb!

Ponti: 438 Seymour (at Pender), buzz code #0026 (press all 5 buttons)

it’s near Waterfront and Granville Skytrain.

err how would i get there via skytrain? cause i won’t be driving tomorrow.

though i’m not 100% sure if i’ll be going, more like 80% sure but something might come up so yeah. but don’t wait up for me if i don’t show up.

Damn… looks like I’ll have to miss this one again. Just too much work to do this week. At first I thought I could get most of it done today and told Tao that I could make it, but that didn’t happen so… yeah. Sorry about this, maybe next week?

Just wanna say nice meetin ya guys. Good job to Chris and JJJ. Chris’s old school Ken is fuckin sweet. Hope to play you guys soon.

Thanks Fritz, and good job on CVS2, the whole Edmonton team. I got a Guile question for you… when you rollcancel the jab SB do you press jab 2x or do you release jab? I can do it either way but you can do it way more consistently so I’m wondering what your method is.

hey chris, me and j are leaving ubc at 5 for your house


get off on granville station and keep walking i think till like pender or something… and find seymour… it’s hella easy just call him when you get off the skytrain… or get off at waterfront and walk for like 3minutes

see you fuckers there!!!

sorry i couldn’t make it today guys… i’m gonna go to jz’s tomorrow night though. so sorry again

NP Ponti but we didn’t have the secret characters. Man that brings back memories of playing at the motel near lesters and the east indian guy thought we were stealing a television.

200 hit Dan customs are what CVS2 is all about.

hit me up

Whoever is down for some mvc2 on dpad with big screen on xbox…holla…
Evt, washington


You have to do the negative edge thing… like press both buttons for the roll, and release the kick button when you would re-push it (if that makes sense). The timing is difficult and i dont see a need for RC lp boom, so i wouldnt bother. Maybe a need for lk flask kick just because it has smaller window to attack if whiffed or blocked. I see it more usefull for say lp blanka ball or sumthin.

i’ll be at jz’s today around 4 or so if anyone wants to play some marvel then GO!!!

GG’s to tao and chris last night. marvel is just krazy and fun though we had to play all the low tiers since my save screwed up…lol BTW, I checked my other memory card and it has the save with all the characters, so we can play some REAL/CHEAP marvel next time… lol