6 way gate?

In trying to decide between the square and octo gates, I wondered to myself if you couldn’t get the advantages of both by making a gate that has the sides of the octo gate but the flat top of the square gate.

Has anyone done this?

What is it with new members and going so crazy over gates. What happened when we all just used the gate that came on the damn stick and stuck with that. I’m going to make a 1-way gate. You can press up and then your stick gets stuck.


a 6 way gate means there are only 6 inputs. a square gate is not 4 way and an octagonal gate is not the only 8 way gate. what you are suggesting is an 8 way hexagonal gate and it’s a dumb idea. Just look at the microswitches of a sanwa and the size of the actuator and imagine how big you have to make the hexagon to be able to hit all directions with the actuator.

I try SO hard not to jump on the 09er hatewagon. But sometimes they just make it so hard. SOOOO HARD.

On a serious note, stick with the square gate. It’ll pay off in spades later.

because they want find an easy way to get better that doesnt include actually playing practicing learning and getting their ass beat

I went square to octo back to square. you get hung up on the angles making you slower (if your a shoto) its just better in general plus if you find yourself somewhere where everyone is going street fighter orgy you can at least play with their square gates

I personally found it difficult to hit standing blocks in times of peril. I have just now dragged my dremel out and notched my square gate on the left and right. High blocks are now easier and it took about 10 minutes.

EDIT: This is what I meant by 6 way gate. I should have been more clear. I did not mean a hexagon with all equal sides.

Way to ruin a perfectly good gate.

i find it better for all things with my octo gate, it is easy to do all the moves, but i have noticed that i play a little slower…so i guess thats the trade. when i used the square gate i did tiger uppercuts and knee’s easier but had a hard time doing tiger shots with it. so with the octo i’m able to do all moves easier, but i play a little slower, but i’m also been using the fight stick for like two weeks…so take it for what it is…

I think you’re a dope but I commend the fact you got a will and a way

I have 3 more square gates sitting next to me. I just got a masters in mechanical engineering so its not like I am coming out of nowhere.

This was pretty much what I had intended to do from the beginning: I liked the feel of the square gate but the defense was a lot easier on the octo due to the tactile sensation you got from the back notch. My notch on one side is just a touch off center, I am going to give it another try.

I’ll take a picture if one comes out really well. :rofl:

spoiled generation

I paid 17 dollars with free shipping for the 3 extra gates. We have all spent 17 dollars in much worse ways.

I’d be interested in seeing your notched gate. Please post pics. There are a lot of haters here, and I thought you were at least a little confused at first, but after you explained it, I know the difficulty you are talking about. Going from down-back to just back and not pressing up-back on accident can be difficult to those new to square gates, especially when you must do it quickly to beat an overhead.

This is like all these people buying 5-6 balltops when they own a single stick. Why buy 3 extra gates? I’ve never had to change the balltop on my stick and the only time I changed gates was when I first got an octo gate. Sticks are meant to be used and played on but it seems like everybody now wants to just play dress-up with them and are forgetting that they are tools to play a game.

And don’t take this as a shot just at you Sprode, this is just something I have been seeing more and more of over the last 5-6 months.

I think the 09ers are actually winning in this thread. :o

If you shorten your throws the gate doesn’t matter. Some people like the octagonal gate better for measuring maximum throw angles since it “locks” in eight different places. Furthermore, I fail to see the logic in a six way gate.

Moreover, i cant wait til’ 2010 then i can comment on every post made by new members by saying constructive things like “10ers lol” and have every retard from 09 and older join me.

I too, have been wondering about such a gate.

Introducing the HYBRID GATE shape:



The bottom half of the gate is borrowed from the octo gate, and the upper half is square.

EDIT: So yah if someone could go fabricate one for my JLF, that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I was going to coin them “One-Os” or if you say it a bit faster… “Wanno’s” >__>