6/6/09 3rd Strike & SF4 Super Battle Opera Qualifiers @ Denjin Arcade Results!

3s Teams:

1) White Cat: Deadeye/Emphy/Ricky O. (Yang/Urien/Chun-li)
2) Pyrolee-San: 5-Star/Ken-I/Kai (Ken/Makoto/Chun-li)
3) Thriller : Let Blood Run/Vinny/Renic (Urien/Ken/Alex)
4) Dream Crusher: Surewin/Shogo/Tom C. (Dudley/Makoto/Necro)
5) Monkey Wrench: Gootecks/Fubarduck/ComboFiend (Urien/Chun-li/Oro)
5) Brownie: Mike_Z/JR Rodriguez/JayJay (Makoto/Akuma/Ken)
7) Fuck SF4: Bebop/Luka/Makoto Mike (Oro/Alex/Makoto)
7) The Chin Dynasty: Pyrolee/EricxChin/Pherai (Ken/Yun/Akuma)

SF4 Teams:

1)West Coast Rush Kings: ComboFiend/Alex Valle (CV/RY)
2) EDDI: Edma/Ken-I (AK/RU)
3) East Coast: IloveuJoe/Art (SA/DH)
5) R+B: Ricky O./Buktooth (BA/EF)
7) Black $$$: Mike Ross/Keno (HO/BA)
7) Dae & Busta’s: Dae/BustaBust (CH/AB)

Total 3rd Strike Teams: 14
Total SF4 Teams: 30

CONGRATULATIONS to your SBO 2009 Team Qualifying Champions!

Blood, Sweat, and Tears was the best way to describe this event. Matches were down to the wire, No fuckin BULLSHIT!

Thank you all for coming out to the qualifiers, we appreciate it from Denjin Arcade.
Special thanks to Pherai, Bean, and Gootecks for running the SF4 and 3s brackets!
Thank you all!

Had a lot of fun doing commentary for the stream. Thanks to the IRC channels for keeping things mad hype and giving me an audience worth commentating for. I’m mad tired right now, so I’ll post shout outs later.

Congratulations guys. See you all in Japan!

that girl with the camera and the gloves… she was real cute.


I was only able to watch a little of the beggining of this but even in the early rounds there was some awesome matches. Someone give me a shout when the HD VOD’s go up!

Grats to Calipower and Combo!!!

Daps to the stream and to all the peepz involved.

Red statue!


from what i understand edma dumped combofiend for ken eye as a partner. always trust in the fiend amigo!!!

Nice intense finals for sf4, i enjoyed watching it, is there any videos of the 3s finals up yet?


Just finished uploading all the pictures from SF4 SBO Qualifiers, 284 photos in total. You can view them at www.getyourtournament.com


Nice pics, eboNicS!

Thanks, I’m exhausted now. Can’t wait to hear Valle and Combofiend on LO3 tomorrow with djWheat!

You have a strong following now.

Tonight was too insane. Congrats to Combo and Valle, you guys deserve this shit.

good shit to the teams. and lol to all the people talking shit to valle in the 5on5 thread for being a captain and talking more shit about him in the valle vs justin thread. He is still relevant in the scene. the old guys still got it

photo girl was hot

i uploaded all my pictures from the event:

good shit to Shane for incredible video mixing and sitting at the controls for 12+ hours.
denjin staffers and bracket runners.

Good shit Alex and Peter!

Combofiend, very impressive…mad props. I think you were the only one there stopping the EC that day, no offense to anyone else.

Art/Joe good try. Yall were looking too solid, it would have been interesting if the bracket panned out to be you guys playing against team Ed I for 3rd.

Oh and big ups for providing the stream, thanks!