480p progressive scan ps2 fighting games

IIRC it’s just 480p native standard, like most PS2 games, e.g. RE4.

The original arcade board also required higher res monitors for use with the game.

Crap SFAC on the PS2 is not Widscreen or even 480p…I want to see how it looked on the PS3 threw HDMI

remember the days when you just put the game in the system and played it

those were the days

i still do that

Yeah, I do, I always played my games through RGB. Which was the best standard. Then came along VGA for my Dreamcast, and now we have HDMI.
But the games I like are 480i, a blurry mess. I want the arcade experience 480p, not some cam version like experience. Most people don’t care how fuzzy the picture is. I wish I was like that.I am one of the few people that like 480p over 480i. It makes we wonder why they even bothered in the first place since nobody gives a s#it how bad the image looks.:confused:

I don’t own that game, but don’t rule the game out of being 480p just because it doeasn’t have an option to turn the game 480p easily, try pressing triangle and X while booting the disc (during the PS2 logo) and a progressive message should appear if the game is 480p, a lot of PS2 games that are 480p are like this.

NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 1: Mark of the Wolves supports 480p.

thanks! I updated the wiki page with this info.

What is SSTK?
I searched for SSTK on this forum and I got one hit! this reply of yours.
Please people, let me know more ps2 games with this option. What about those other playmore fighting collections? 480p as well?

SSTK is short for Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi Kenkakuden, Samurai Shodown 6 in the States.

Thanks, added!
Any more? any body know any more please?

I didin’t want to bump this, but…

can the PS2 run 720p natively? I think the old Xbox could, please correct me if im wrong…


PS3 upscales PS2 2D fighters beautifully. :slight_smile:

i’m playing all my ps2 games in 480p on my ps3. no need to check if its progressive.

Is the lag still there?

Alternately, are you able to just output the plain ol’ original 480i signal yet (which should also eliminate the lag)?

That’s odd; the Japanese version has 480p support, assuming you are talking about the Alpha Collection.

I think he means SF:Anniversary Collection. SFAlpha Anthology even supports 480p in the PAL version, GODLY WOW.

I guess because I have the import HFS2 and SFIII:3s I don’t think of the combined US game “SF: Anniversary Collection.” I have no idea why Capcom didn’t enable 480p for either of those games on PS2.

GGXX Accent Core NTSC-U support 480p :slight_smile:

GGXX Accent Core NTSC-J dont support :frowning:

hope that Accent Core Plus NTSC-J support this mode

Thanks, I updated http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HD_Enhanced_PS2_games if there are any errors or additions, please let me know.