480p progressive scan ps2 fighting games

Can somebody list which ps2 games have a 480p and which do not have this option?
There’s this list on wiki, but I’m sure it is far from incomplete. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HD_Enhanced_PS2_games
To leave out any doubts, I’d like to see which games certainly don’t have this option.
Perhaps we can rebuild this list or even create our own specific fighting games list where we list all fighting games for the ps2 that have a 480p option.
What do you think? Too much to ask for a noob? Actually I was registered here under d123456, but used a companies e-mail address and since I don’t have access to that address anymore I can’t find out what my password is. Well anyway. I’m sure it benefits more people. I mean, why play with fuzzy picture quality (480i) when you can have arcade clear clean crisp picture quality right?
To put this into perspective there are no 480i interlaced arcade systems out there. Yet few ps2 games do have a 480p option. I want to find out what’s what.


That list is more or less the same as the wiki page I linked to.
GGAC is not even on that list.
And I’d like to have games included in a list to clearly state that they definetly do not have a 480p mode.
I can’t get my head around people not caring about picture quality. But that is just my problem.:rofl:
Thanks and if I do ever find more info I’ll let you guys know. Some of you must care about this.

I care in the sense of it alleviating input lag, but I wouldn’t base my fighting game purchases over it. And since you never even mentioned lag, and are more concerned with “image quality” (480p :rofl::looney::rolleyes:) I say don’t be a fool.

so WHAT are you looking for exactly ? hdgames.net list is very accurate. some ps2 games dont have the option to enable 480p but u can do it by holding X and triangle while booting.

Does anyone know if Hokuto no Ken has 480p support? I tried the Triangle/X thing, and it didn’t work.

I remember trying it myself, and didn’t see an option of it in options, so probably not.

Weird, considering it’s an Arc Systems game, but whatever.


hey woof does arcana heart have progressive scan?

Yes, so do KOFXI and SSTK.

excellent. i’m planning on getting it when it comes out in the US :lovin:

Progressive scan was taken out of KOFXI for the US release. We’ll have to wait and see if they do the same with their other releases.

what about ngbc?

That game can be found on linked lists. Yes it has 480p option.
HNK has no 480p option.
I also thought that Arcana Heart has no 480p option!

Please do be sure that that option anti-aliasing is set to off, because it will make the fuzzy 480i signal look even fuzzier.

People keep telling me this, that I am mad

It was taken out of the US release of NGBC as well.

The reason why has to do with the fact that the code for these two games were based off the PAL versions not the Japanese versions. I never understood this choice, but that’s SNK Playmore USA for you.

Ouch, US versions am fail. =/

That’s the price we pay for $14.99 releases I guess.

hey at least my import versions are not useless anymore.

i dont think Arcana Heart has 480p, there was no option for me

the ps3 can upscale these games to 480p.